the great divide.
by victoria comment


the great divide | sfgirbybay

pietro russo’s diamond-shaped divider.

this is one of the more genius and well-designed room dividers i’ve ever seen. the library diamond-shaped Design by Pietro Russo is simply stunning. it sent me on a hunt for other great divides — glass room dividers are also quite beautiful — i’d be quite happy in any one of these glass houses.

the great divide | sfgirbybay

david karp’s house via t magazine.

the great divide | sfgirbybay

kitchen dining room, photographed by Heidi Lerkenfeldt.

the great divide | sfgirbybay

Mogeen Salon & Hairschool by Dirk van Berkel, via retail design blog.

the great divide | sfgirbybay

Pernille Vest photography for elle decoration.

the great divide | sfgirbybay

milk magazine, photographed by Louise Desrosiers.

10 responses to “the great divide.”

  1. wow. i love the open yet divided feel to all of those rooms. Can I please live in that bedroom? It would feel like an enormous greenhouse!

  2. that first divider is stunning. don’t think i would want to put anything on it though as just like it as a piece of art.
    also love the industrial doors…….i want these in my next home !!! :)

  3. that divider is insane. my brother is a welder so i’m adding that to my inspiration folder of stuff i want him to make me one day (or teach me to make myself…).

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