keeping it clean.
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• this post is brought to you by dyson. The new dyson DC65 cleans better than any other vacuum across carpets and hard floors.

dyson | sfgirlbybay

i think one of the questions i get asked most often, is how i can possibly have so much white around my house with a cute, but dirty dog like lucy living here. my beacon of my sanity has become my dyson ball — a vacuum cleaner with twice the suction of any other vacuum, so it cleans up after all the dog hair and dirt lucy drags in each day. i used to have another vacuum which i honestly cursed at like a sailor every time i had to use it, which was a lot. so when dyson offered to send me out their DC65 and i jumped at the chance to try something better. i can say without a doubt the new The new dyson DC65 cleans better than any other vacuum across carpets and hard floors.

dyson | sfgirlbybay

dyson | sfgirlbybay

if you’ve seen my cottage, you’ll know i have white flokati rugs, white sheepskins and all white bedding. crazy, right? but it’s all become so much easier to maintain because of all the accessories the dyson comes with — different attachments, and an Instant release hose and wand without awkward fiddly parts to assemble make it really simple to vacuum up every shred of hair and dirt and get into tiny spaces. i can even reach my george nelson bubble lamp, which can collect a lot of dust hanging way up there. it also doesn’t require bags and the filters are washable so there’s no extra costs for replacements. if you’ve got pets or kids who like to make a mess, i can’t say enough great things about the dyson — life changing!

dyson | sfgirlbybay

• this post is brought to you by dyson. The new dyson DC65 cleans better than any other vacuum across carpets and hard floors.

• photos of my home by cindy loughridge.

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  1. I have had my Dyson since 2007 and love it! It works as great today as it it did when I first got it. I vaccuum my home 3 times a week, so it gets a lot of use. Love it!

  2. I’ve always wanted a Dyson, but the COST!!! D:
    I’ve have hardwood & tile floors, some area rugs and three cats…who are at the moment shedding profusely!!! I’ve got an ancient Kenmore canister vacumn & a 3 year old Dirt Devil upright. The Dirt Devil has basically quit picking anything up. I’ve had it apart and everything is in place, good suction and all the belts are working, it’s just decided to not work on carpets anymore (it NEVER worked on hardwood)…so, old Kenmore to the rescue! I may have to go over the same spot 20 times but at least it picks up…

    I so, sooo want a Dyson. Do you promise me (pinky swear & cross your heart!) that it works well on hardwood?!

    • i pinky swear it’s awesome. i have bought several vacuums, all that disappointed me, so i feel like the investment is worth it. like anything, instead of a lot of inexpensive things, but one good classic.

      • thanks for the pinkie swear…
        I’m still on the fence because of the exorbitant price and I like to be able to try things out before I purchase in that price point. But, my only other working option is my grandmother’s Hoover upright that will LITERALLY pick up an 8×10 area rug and eat it if it’s not nailed down to the floor really well!! (it also pulls down drapes and eats, well, anything it gets near!) I generally don’t see the cats for hours after I haul that beast out! :D

  3. I have three animals and I am a clean freak by some standards. I LOVE my Dyson. It gives me piece of mind as far as how clean my floors are. It is awesome!

  4. Nothing against Dyson, I think that they are an interesting company and really care about design.
    I am only writing this as a comparison if anyone is thinking of getting a vacuum cleaner.
    I had one and returned it. I bought an Electrolux and I love it. I have hardwood floors & rugs.
    no pets. To be fair my mom has a Dyson and swears it is the best vacuum she has ever owned. But, I do LOVE their hand blowers that are in airport bathrooms & some restaurants.

  5. Hi Victoria,

    Would you mind sharing where you purchased your sheepskin? It’s exactly the color I’ve been looking for.

    I love your home and your blog!

    Thank you,

  6. How can your testimony be believed when they’ve paid you? What would have said if it didn’t work well? In my experience Nilfisk is better, and unlike a Dyson the dirt and dust is not loose when you empty it, so much better for allergy sufferers.

    • It can be believed because I wouldn’t offer a good review if it weren’t true – they only paid me to do an honest review after using it for a few weeks. I didn’t have to review it if it didn’t work well — that’s always my choice. I had another very expensive vacuum and it was wretched. I’ve tried several with no luck and Lucy sheds ridiculously so it’s frustrating. I’ve used the Dyson several times and it’s been easy and really powerful, so I’m super happy with it. It doesn’t hurt my lower back either, like some vacuums I’ve used.

      Also honestly, I am offered many opportunities to review products, and if I don’t think the product would benefit the readers, I don’t do them. And that happens much more frequently than the partnerships I accept. Sponsored post allow me to share new content with you every single day, a few times a day for free. I could not write for you everyday without sponsorships I believe in.

      • Thanks for such a direct response to a very direct question, Victoria. Excellent that you’ve found it to be such a great product, and better yet, that you’re so selective.

      • You’re so welcome, Christina. I like to keep an open dialogue about these posts and to let people know why I do them, so thanks for asking.

        And the only other thing I would say is — look how clean my floors are! I used the vacuum the day before we shot! So, proof is kinda right there in the photographs – I probably should have showed you guys Lucy when she’s filthy. Have a look. ;)

        Thanks again for reading, and for giving me an opportunity to clarify.

  7. Just balance things out – we have a Dyson and I hate it. My boyfriend had it before we got together 5 years ago and maybe it’s just old or maybe it’s just the wrong model but it’s seriously the worst vacuum I’ve ever had. It barely lifts cat hair off of the floor/furniture and it was incredibly expensive. It also always gets my hair trapped around the nozzle and then we have to take it apart and cut all the hair off.

    I would never buy one again. The worst part is that it was so expensive that my boyfriend doesn’t want to get a new one. Ugh.

    I realize of course that I’m in the minority on this (with the exception of one other friend who also hates her Dyson).

    • so sorry to hear that, Della. this one picks up hair really, really well. perhaps you should reach out to their customer service – maybe they can help.

  8. My husband purchased a Dyson a few years back before we were married. He always researches products and reviews thoroughly before making a purchase. In my experience this is a really good vacuum! Its by far the best that i have ever owned. Thank you Victoria for sharing photos of your lovely home.

  9. I love Lucy & now she is famous as a model for Dyson!
    However, I love my Miele. When I moved into a new apt. w/ wall-to-wall carpet (ugh), I shopped around & loved the lightness & quiet of the Miele – the most expensive vacuum I’ve ever owned, but worth it.

  10. Can you use this vacuum cleaner over your flokati rugs? I always worry about messing mine up with my vacuum cleaner.

  11. Hi. Could you tell me where the white leather pouf is from and is it a larger sized pouf than most? It is beautiful!

  12. Hi Victoria,

    You just gave me a coffee table solution for my home! Where is your table from?
    I have an 18 month old, who topples easily and corners are not his friend. I have been searching for the perfect ottoman, but your set-up with the pouf would be much better. It would work as a play table and coffee table, which would be a major space saver for my small living room space. Thanks for the inspiration! ; )

  13. I’ve had a Dyson for at least 5 years. It not only provides great cleaning and moves easily, it doesn’t fall apart. I’ve always had problems with vacuums becoming disabled in some way. Not the Dyson. It’s as study as the day I bought it.

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