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Join GREAT.LY with sfgirlbybay

I wanted to share with you a new endeavor I’m collaborating in — an amazing new online market place i’m hoping some of you might have an interest in joining. It’s perfect idea for creative people who make beautiful things, and those who love to share beautiful things — bloggers like me. GREAT.LY is where tastemakers curate their own shops and do all of the selling, so that the makers only have to worry about doing what they truly love doing — making and creating!

As someone who spends my days searching the world for beautiful things to write about, i’ve very often dreamed of having my own shop to share those finds, so GREAT.LY aims to make this a win-win situation! Makers make and Tastemakers sell and together we all earn. Buyers get one, clean, curated, non-cluttered market place filled with amazing products from all over the world brought to them by the tastemakers that they already follow. GREAT.LY is launching May with approximately 50 tastemakers boutiques, and so I wanted to give you a quick peek at a few of the people I’ll be collaborating with — we’re all seeking great makers to work with:

Join GREAT.LY with sfgirlbybay

So, I’ll be curating a GREAT.LY boutique, too and my plan is to fill it with lots of unique and handmade home decor accessories and artwork. so, that’s where you come in. We are looking for makers to set up their studios on GREAT.LY. home decor accessories, Art, design objects, jewelry, linens, high-end food — essentially anything beautiful and unique that you would want in your home! if you’d like to apply as a maker, you can fill out this form. we’re all hoping to be able to find some wonderful creative makers to work with on GREAT.LY. should you have any questions, you can send our lovely founder, Sarah Bryden-Brown, a note at

i hope you’ll join us! happy making!

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    • I know – there’s a lot going on out there on the internet in respect to ‘tastemakers’! I wouldn’t necessarily have chosen that as my title, but I do love rounding up great finds for you, and it this regard I’m primarily focusing my shop on bespoke, handmade and unique items made by people I’ve long admired. Things I’d want in my own home.

  1. So wonderful! Oh dear: I attempted to fill in the form, but I’m in the Netherlands so I don’t live in a ‘State’. Now I’m not able to complete it… What can I do?

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