real art for a fictitious world.
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real art for moonrise kingdom | sfgirlbybay

suzy bishop and sam shakusky {the main characters from wes anderson’s moonrise kingdom} are deeply in love, and about to set out on an epic adventure. they are twelve, they know who they are, and they know what they want. i wonder if they want art? i hope so because i’m going to give them some! let’s start with suzy. she loves books almost as much as she loves sam, so i think this work would be perfect for her to covet:

real art for moonrise kingdom | sfgirlbybay

collages, of magical women, on found book covers! this is the gorgeous work of american artist hollie chastain, and i’m sure that suzy would make some room in her yellow suitcase for them. that way she could carry them, and her stolen library books, with her on every adventure.

and now, sam. clearly an artist himself, i’m sure he’d appreciate these paintings:

real art for moonrise kingdom | sfgirlbybay

ahhhh. beachy, dreamy, memories from days past. these lovely paintings are by portland based artist lisa golightly. hm. i wonder if sam’s plein air work at the beach might be heavily influenced by lisa’s portfolio? let’s hope so.

and, you can’t have a wild, pre-teen, parent-free, romantic adventure without a tent or two, right?

real art for moonrise kingdom | sfgirlbybay

oh. busted. but before they were apprehended by suzy’s parents, and the rest of the town, they spent a perfect night in that little yellow tent together. kirsten sims is a painter from south africa, and along with many other pretty things, she paints really lovely tents. magical, starry landscapes and tiny tents. yep. perfect for suzy and sam.

and finally, to make sure this outdoorsy love story is complete, we’re going to need some very romantic trees:

real art for moonrise kingdom | sfgirlbybay

sigh. so much love. sam and suzy love each other very much, and i love these stunning paintings by american artist casey roberts┬ávery much. i can totally see sam carving their initials into one of these gorgeous trees… a lovely way to remember their wedding day * spoiler alert. yes. they are twelve year olds that got married at a church in the woods.┬ásee:

real art for moonrise kingdom | sfgirlbybay

yes! they like it! phew. i’ll leave you with all of that pre-teen love. see you very soon with more real art for a fictitious world ~ danielle (aka the jealous curator)


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  1. I love that you are as obsessed with Wes Anderson’s movies as much as I am. This series is my favorite, and this one’s the best one yet!

  2. Suzy’s is so spot on. This is one of my favorite series. I have been eyeing some pieces of Hollie Chastain’s on etsy for a while, think I just need to finally get one.

  3. I love Wes Anderson, just rewatched all his movies in preparation for The Grand Budapest. Moonrise Kingdom is tied with Darjeeling Limited and Royal Tenenbaums as my favorites. Also check out the short film hotel chevalier if you haven’t, it’s a prequel to Darjeeling Limited.

  4. I really like Lisa Golightly’s work. The Wes Anderson characters are so great! I just loved the Grand Budapest Hotel. Thank you for introducing me to the work of other artists too!

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