living in pink.
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living in pink | sfgirlbybay

i think this is a case of the ‘glass half full’ — but in this situation we’re talking pink paint. i love the idea of this bedroom being ‘wainscoated’ but just with paint on three quarters of the way up the walls, rather than actual molding. it makes the room feel really light and airy with the solid white above — the light seems to bounce of the upper walls and ceiling almost like the room is glowing. while pretty colorful, it’s still very soft and feminine.

living in pink | sfgirlbybay

living in pink | sfgirlbybay


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  1. I adore this look! The three-quarters paint job, and even that shade of pink, which I wouldn’t have expected to like as a wall color…beautiful.

  2. What about that fabulous carpet (any info on brand or where to purchase)?
    Its a fabulous flat weave take on a Beni Ourain. Never seen anything like it.

    • Dear SFgirlbybay,
      Would you PLEASE email me who made the southwestern rug in the pink bedroom? I noticed that another fan asked and I did not see a reply to her post. Thanks for being an awesome resourse. I love your style.


    • It looks as though 2 rugs may have been sewn together. And I wish I knew the source too. I’m going to keep this idea in mind when I look at Ikea and World Market and Pier 1 rugs

  3. For several years I had a guest room that was painted in this same dusty pink. I loved it, but I have to admit that this wainscoted look is even better. Why do we get such a sense of happy from pink?

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