pass the salt, please.
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falksalt | sfgirlbybay

so, before we go any further, i have to confess i’m a salt addict. my mother never tires of telling me to lighten up on the salt, but my dad actually used to salt my baby food (it was the ’60’s so cut him some slack), therefore it’s a hard habit to break. now i try to ingest at least healthy salts. when i was in rome with bri and jen, we found these amazing flavored natural cypress salts from sweden in a tiny gourmet market in Campo de Fiori. i bought a few of them but my stash is running low — and as much as i love this salt, i also love the pretty packaging! so i did a little searching and i found them shop online — falksalt. i know i’m not a cooking blog, but when i love it and it’s pretty i think it’s my duty to share! this time around i got black, rosemary and citron flavored salt — which is so amazing on fish, or asparagus with chopped eggs.

asparagus + eggs recipe | sfgirlbybay

recipe: simply poach asapargus for 4 minutes (or until tender to the bite) in boiling water in a shallow pan. transfer to plate and add shaved parmesan reggiano, chopped hardboiled egg, drizzle some olive oil over the entire plate and add a few sprinkles of the citron flavored salt.

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  1. I’m so glad that you added this cooking to your blog. I’m ordering the salt today and going to get asparagus to have for dinner. Thanks and please continue the cooking hints. We all love decorating and cooking.

  2. Oooh! It’s not lunch yet but I could eat this right now. You certainly don’t need to be a food blog to share life’s pleasures! :) This is one of my favourite ways to eat the spring spears (with olive oil or melted butter), mmm! Lemon always adds an interesting note and I admit to love my salt too! I’m no sweet tooth but give me salty and savoury and I’m all over it. Those containers are pretty with a little retro vibe. I might do a little visit on their site!

  3. Fellow salt addict right here! Doesn’t it just make everything better? We are all about Jacobsen around here. And the fact that he is one of the sweetest guys I’ve ever met, makes me love it all the more!

  4. Simple perfection and exactly what I needed to add to my asparagus repertoire! Thrilled with the recipe and cooking content and tonight, it’s what’s for dinner! More please! :)

  5. I love salt. The best to use is pink Himalayan salt, it is packed with essential nutrients. And it doesn’t taste as “salty” as other salts… That makes no sense. Its a pretty colour as well.. Win!

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