the magic of anna bond.
by victoria comment


anna bond | sfgirlbybay

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i’m not sure what makes us all delight so in the illustration and design work of anna bond — the genius behind rifle paper co. but i suspect it’s just all that charm, wit and whimsy she manages to put into everything she creates. take these prints for example. last night i attended an book signing at rare device and i happened upon one of anna bond’s new prints — this one so sentimentally about san francisco’s chinatown. i posted this photo to instagram, and it kinda blew up within a matter of minutes — everyone wanting to know where to find the print.

anna bond | sfgirlbybay

so i thought i’d better show you, and tell you can get them at rare device online, as well as anna’s rifle paper co. online shop and retailers everywhere. so everyone can calm down, because if you read through the instagram comments — it became quite a thing there for a moment last night. a frenzy to find the elusive print! but i thought i should share with you that these prints come in various cities around the world, too — like amsterdam, london, L.A. and New York. so there’s a print for almost everyone! and not just lovely prints — investigate anna’s entire line of paper goods, tech tools and home wares from the rifle paper co. collections. all of them as equally charming as the next.

anna bond | sfgirlbybay

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  1. What a wonderful coincidence!
    I have just saw some of her works at this pop up shop in Jakarta yesterday and completely in awe when I check on her web later on. Gorgeous gorgeous work indeed and so glad that some of her stuff are now available here.

  2. Haha, Victoria I love how you’re telling everyone to calm down! :) That print was included in the 2014 “America” calendar, right? I had her World Cities one last year (with some of the images you posted above) and I loved it so much. I’m holding onto it still because I “plan” on cutting out a few of my favourite scenes and framing them so I can repurpose these beautiful illustrations!

  3. I am rightfully obsessed with Anna and Rifle. I’ve been just sitting on my hands waiting for a San Diego print. Hoping she’s not grouping us with LA – “it’s all so-cal right?!” No. It’s not. PLEASE Anna!

  4. I love Rifle Paper & the creative guru that is Anna! What a nice showcase of her prints! Such a unique perspective and vision on the world. Her art elevates the every day, which is what I like best! The same way you do too through your pictures, Victoria! 👍😉. Happy Saturday!!!!

  5. These are SO lovely. I’ve seen her work all over the place for quite some time, and rightfully so. I love the retro design and the great colors!

  6. I saw the fury on your instagram feed and I’m not sure if it’s an East Coast / West Coast thing but over here on the East Coast, I think just about everybody and their mama knows of Rifle Paper and the lovely Anna Bond. It’s good to see the west side of the country getting into the loop!

    • oh, anna is quite popular here on the west coast, too. maybe the prints are new, or that particular one, but it was indeed a fury to find them! :)

  7. For the first time, after having worked at Cath Kidston in London & attending the debut of Rifle Paper Co at NSS, I see the strong connection in their aesthetic. Can’t believe it took this long, but it was the words ‘home wares’ that made the link clear. A compliment to both of them.

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