tuesday’s girl: beach bound.
by victoria comment


beach bound | sfgirlbybay

nanette lapore hula hipster.

so in about 10 days i’m heading to maui. A-L-O-H-A! i haven’t had a do-nothing but sit and read and swim in the ocean or the pool kind of vacation in a very long time. too long. i have been working double-duty — i’m wrapping up my book and blogging and all the other admin kind of stuff that comes with it, so it’s time for a break. time to let my brain rest. of course, with a beach vacation comes the requisite bathing suit shopping, which can be traumatic when you’ve been sitting on your blogger butt for a while. but i found a few suits i really like, ones with a bit of a vintage vibe and flattering fit and some fun cover-ups and accessories to pack along. let’s hit the beach, metaphorically speaking anyway, until i can dance around with the sand between my toes for real in a week or so. i wish i could take you with me!

beach bound | sfgirlbybay

non-perishable goods oaxacan embroidered blouse.

beach bound | sfgirlbybay

seafolley boyleg maillot at anthropologie.

beach bound | sfgirlbybay

kerry cassill beach bags.

beach bound | sfgirlbybay

anthropologie’s seafolley dotted boyleg maillot.

beach bound | sfgirlbybay

surfer at sunset; kerry cassill beach umbrellas; and non-perishable goods oaxacan embroidered blouse.

beach bound | sfgirlbybay

j.crew pink striped beach towel; and lemlem Tebteb Split Coverup.

beach bound | sfgirlbybay

arnhem bowerbird kimono.

beach bound | sfgirlbybay

kerry cassill striped towels.

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  1. Wow, how cool! We are also going to Maui on May 15th. So happy you are going before as I know you will find some great spots. Please share them! :)

  2. I hope you enjoy your well earned vacay to these islands! Right there with you on swim suit shopping being traumatic. I live in eternal swim suit season here, blogger butt and all, but the great thing about Hawaii – absolutely NO ONE cares what you look like!

  3. Oh Swoon!!!!!!!!!!!! I love the Oaxacan top and of course the pin-up style halter swimsuits. Lots of sewing bloggers are making versions of that style suit. So cute! Have a lovely time. I found that Janet Evanovich & Stephanie Strohmeyer (Bubbles Yablonski) books are perfect pool side or beach reading… you laugh out loud it’s so funny and feel giddy and silly for being so bold to laugh in public. Makes an enjoyable time even better!

  4. I have that Anthro suit in black and love it! I can seriously eat so many cupcakes and it will keep everything in place. I love those stripey towels, too. Have a great time!!

  5. Just came back. If you’re on the west side, go to Coconut’s Fish Cafe in Kihei! If you’re hot where you’re staying, go to the Kula Botanical Garden and sit by the koi pond. If you feel like shopping, Lahaina, but stop at Leoda’s for pie! Snorkeling, Wailea or Makena. Scary drive? Drive up the northwest “thumb” to the 38.5 mile marker and climb down to the Nakalele Blowhole, then continue east on the CURVY single-lane road to Kahului — etiquette says the car going uphill pulls over… if there’s room. Better yet, pick up the book called *Maui Revealed.* But don’t be seen with it by locals, and when it tells you to disregard “no trespassing signs,” skip that locale. : ) Sunrise on Haleakala really is worth it. But COLD. Aloha!

    (Stop me if you know all this. : )

  6. Check out Paia. Think Cali surf town with a Hawaiian vibe. Not very big but worth a visit. Lots of great shops that I think you’ll like.

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