8 easy workspaces.
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house doctor.

i love having a home office. it’s nice to have a spot where i can hang inspirational photos, keep my endless stacks of decor and design magazines, and know that when i’m in this space i’m here to work and get things done! i like all of these spaces because i think they’re fairly simple to DIY and affordable to achieve. ikea desks dressed up with a pretty vintage chair, or a makeshift desk set on two sawhorses — easy and cost efficient. i love the long work table under the windows above because it’s something you could build very easily and because it’s not just a desk for your laptop, it’s an accessible worktable too for spreading out larger projects, or perhaps even a sewing machine. here’s a few more ideas i like.

workspaces | sfgirlbybay

great closet makeover with built in desk, via alvhem.

workspaces | sfgirlbybay

amazing CUSTOM MADE copper light fixture, via daniella witte.

workspaces | sfgirlbybay

the IKEA GÄLLÖ shelf via hus & hem.

workspaces | sfgirlbybay

great makeshift desk using plywood and sawhorse legs, via daniella witte.

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sweet little closet turned office, via trendenser.

workspaces | sfgirlbybay

IKEA VIKA LILLEBY desk and cork trivets used as mini bulletin boards.

workspaces | sfgirlbybay

simple white scandinavian desk with a mix of vintage file cabinets, via stadshem.

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  1. I like simplicity, so I adore fresh modern and functional white Scandinavian desk (last photo).
    I like to have an organized home office . A place for everything and everything in its place!

  2. If you’re up for it, I’d love to see these ideas but with the additional constraints of a monitor and a keyboard tray (or even tougher, a 3rd item: a fax/printer). I feel like with a laptop, anywhere can be a desk, but those two additional items mean much more commitment (and potential ugliness) :) I might have to adapt the ikea armoire / closet idea above…

  3. I love these and in particular #6. I like that you can close the door and separate it from the rest of your house. It’s all white, quite minimal and very light. I’d be one very happy blogger with an office like this one ;-)

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