modernica shell chair giveaway.
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modernica giveaway | sfgirlbybay

PLEASE NOTE: Giveaway has just been opened Internationally. Winner just must cover shipping.

well, this is a bit like a shell game, isn’t it? pick a color, any color. pick a style, any style — and that’s what you could win! modernica is having their huge 25th anniversary sale on june 7th from 9am to 3pm at their Los Angeles Factory, and to celebrate they are giving away a fiberglass shell chair to one lucky winner. you pick any color from their complete rainbow of available colors, and any base you like — from eiffel bases, to rockers – it’s up to you!

The sale will feature Modernica’s standard product line-Fiberglass Shell Chairs, George Nelson Bubble Lamps, Case Study Stainless outdoor furniture, bedroom, and dining furniture and much more from their mid-century modern collections. if you can’t make it in person, shop the modernica websale — 15% off Selected items June 7th-8th with coupon code: factorysale.

modernica giveaway | sfgirlbybay


to enter to win a modernica fiberglass shell chair of your choice, simply:

• head over to modernica and choose your favorite color, style and chair base.

• then pop back here and comment, telling us your favorite fiberglass shell chair to enter to win.

• sorry, this giveaway is for U.S. residents only this time.

PLEASE NOTE: Giveaway has just been opened Internationally. Winner must just cover shipping.

• as always, please be sure and leave a way to contact you, either email, your website, facebook or twitter.

• enter by wednesday june 11th, at midnight (PST). winner will be announced on twitter the following week, so be sure and follow my twitter account.

• woohoo!!

modernica giveaway | sfgirlbybay

• this sponsored giveaway hosted by modernica.

1,157 responses to “modernica shell chair giveaway.”

  1. I love the Fiberglass arm shell rocker in WHITE! It would be perfect for our upcoming baby room, we just found out we are pregnant!!!

  2. The dowel side chair in pink with the maple and zinc base, totally. It’s such a tasty bubblegum color.

  3. I have been wanting the white Eiffel side shell chair with a chrome base for my office for a while now. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  4. whoa! dreams do come true.
    absolutely in love with the red arm shell rocker.
    we could use a rocking little pop o’ color.

  5. This is amazing! We would love the fiberglass arm shell rocker with the white powder coated base. They’re all so gorgeous! Thanks for the chance!

  6. this is a dream chair for me! love this giveaway!

    I’d choose the classic – apparently like everyone else!


  7. I think I’m the most into the “dowel side shell” chairs, in the classic white color.

  8. White Rocker. So Classic! Moving to SF this month and would die to have one in my new place!

  9. arm shell rocker with maple and zinc wire – the sunshine color makes me extremely happy but it is in fierce competition with the pink.

  10. love the FIBERGLASS ARM SHELL ROCKER in WHITE POWDER COATED FRAME. thank you sfgirlbybay & modernica, what a great giveaway!

  11. I love the white arm shell rocker with the maple and black base! Would work in any room in my house!

  12. I love these beautiful chairs, my favorite is the Indigo Fiberglass Arm Shell Rocker with Indigo powder coated frame. Thanks for hosting the giveaway!

  13. The rocker arm shell in white is a classic for a good reason! This would be so great to win! Thanks for the giveaway!

  14. I love the Dowel – side shell chair with walnut black wire base in apple. Great giveaway, thanks!

  15. I love love love the white Arm Shell chair with the dowel swivel base. The white one go with everything. <3

  16. When I was growing up, my Grandmother’s home was covered in these chairs. Everytime I see them, I think of her and the amazing home she and my Grandfather had. Specifically, the H Base – Arm Shell, in Charcoal.

  17. Thank you for indulging my chair fetish, Victoria & Modernica! I sure could use a new desk chair and love the fiberglass shell chair (arm shell dowel base DAX) in the happy, cheery sunflower yellow. Crossing my fingers and even willing to investigate twitter to see if I won! Thank you.

  18. A reason to live in LA is for this sale. The FIBERGLASS ARM SHELL ROCKER
    WHITE POWDER COATED FRAME is in my dreams!

  19. I would choose the the white rocker arm chair with the maple base. I love all of the colors but the white would go with anything…it’s hard for me to stick with one color!

    twitter: @travelingitch

  20. THANKS! I’d love a DOWEL WITH SWIVEL BASE – ARM SHELL, white, maple/zinc wire base. Have a great day!

  21. I’ve always loved the arm shell rocker in jadeite or white. Elephant is also such an essential color. Love this chair paired with a plush throw or sheepskin. Thanks for offering such a fantastic giveaway!

  22. I’m all about the Dowel with Swivel Base – Side Shell in white, with the walnut zinc wire!

  23. mmm, the Rocker Arm Shell in White has been on my wish list for a long time. It’s a classic that will look lovely in any room.

  24. Oh my… what a fun giveaway! I’ve been dreaming of the armed rocker in white with the walnut and black wire base for some time now. :)

  25. These chairs are amazing (and bonus for being seemingly puppy proof!). My favorite is the Fiberglass Arm Shell Rocker Indigo Powder Coated Frame….although I also love the red! :)

  26. I’ve gotta go classic with the Arm Shell Rocker with White Powder Coated Frame and natural legs. timeless. lovely.

  27. Ah, I really love the eiffel arm shell in orange, but the walnut zinc rocker arm shell in white or apple would be great too!

  28. This is huge! I am about to move and have been fawning over these forever but they’re way out of my price range. I’m all about the white rocker – so dreamy!

  29. While I’m a color girl, I think I will just go with the rocker with the maple base in white. This way I can move it around and enjoy it in multiple rooms in my house!

  30. Fiberglass Arm Shell Rocker Orange Powder Coated Frame!!!! So awesome! My dad would LOVE this for his birthday! Thanks for the super awesome giveaway!

  31. What an awesome giveway! Love both the white dowel side shell and white rocker arm shell, with the walnut zinc wire base!

  32. Oh, how awesome it would be to win this giveaway. I would pick the low rod – arm shell in sunflower yellow. :)

  33. I just bought a new house and have been dreaming about having one of these in my living room. And in that dream it is a Rocker-Arm Shell, and it is in charcoal…or maybe baby blue? No Charcoal… or…

  34. Would really love the Arm chair rocker in yellow with the matching powder coated frame! So awesome!

  35. Ooooooh, yes please! It’s hard to choose… I think I’m torn between the rocker arm shell and the dowel side shell… at least I know the color I’d choose – INDIGO! Gorgeous.

  36. The rocker arm chair in sunshine yellow with the metal and walnut base PLEASE!
    I am such a fan :)
    I would live to do a home your with one of these

  37. love the dowel arm shell chair in jadeite. it would look adorable in my tiny apartment! twitter – @mallorydhight

  38. I would absolutely LOVE the dowel arm shell in PINK. it would perfectly match our new pink office/guest bedroom, and it would look gorgeous at my white desk. (which i’m hoping one day will be a little girls bedroom ;) )

  39. I love the Rocker Arm Shell in white…would be perfect in my bedroom! Love your site xx
    alison dot dimmer at gmail

  40. No foolin’! I’m droolin’ for the rocker in white. (I’d rock through the night.) I desire the black wire and walnut wood for my hood.

    Thanks. :)
    Valerie @heyvalerie

  41. One of each, please? Oh, just one? Ok, the baby blue arm shell on the rocker base!

    thanks for hosting!

  42. We just redid our office and have been eyeing these chairs. Would definitely go Eiffel base, and probably white or black. Hard to decide.

  43. The white eiffel arm shell, with chrome base, would make my apartment the happiest place in the world!

  44. I have always loved all these chair and my favorite is the Prince Charles in pink- it is such an unexpected design. Such a fun and happy chair.

    Thank you

  45. I need a new desk chair, and the side shell chair with rolling base is at the top of my wish list. In yellow, please!

  46. Probably because of your beautiful pictures, but I am loving the white rocker. So perfect with that pink pillow!

  47. oolala!

    so many choices! yet, an easy one to make:

    i’m drooling over a dowel with swivel base in cherry blossom —

    i could sit in it & spin
    around & make believe
    i’m a hermit crab
    who has taken up residence
    inside a seashell, free
    to kick my limbs in joy
    over my new abode

    — the chronic daydreamer

  48. Exciting! I’d love the indigo arm shell rocker with black wire and walnut. OR I’d want the military green arm shell rocker with zinc wire and walnut.
    Thank you!

  49. I absolutely am nutty over the Rocker-Arm Shell in apple…how completely fabulous,


  50. this is beyond evil.
    i’ve wanted the white arm rocker for years. with the walnut zinc wire base. damn.
    see. having that mental image, knowing it’s not gonna happen: shame on you.

  51. I loooove the dowel bar stool swivel base side shell with maple stain. Apple color looks so yummy!

  52. I have always dreamed of owning an arm shell rocker (RAR)! My favorite is the natural colored shell with walnut and black wire. LOVE. :)

  53. I love arm shell rocker with the white powder coated frame! how great is this giveaway?!!? these chairs are so amazing.

  54. This is the best giveaway! I just graduated with my masters in interior design and can’t quite afford these chairs just yet. I love that Modernica uses original molds! I love all the colors, but I would probably go with a simple, white arm shell rocker with the walnut and zinc base. Such a classic.

    I’m pregnant and would love to rock my baby in this chair this fall! it would be a lovely addition to our mid-century modern style home.

  56. I’ve always wanted one of these beauties! In particular the White Armshell Rocker, so timeless :)

  57. I love the Side Shell Dowel Base in Chiffon or the Rolling Base Side Shell in Chiffon. Thanks for doing this, I adore your blog!

  58. Well if this isn’t the bomb-diggity! Love the white rocker on light wood base. Thanks for being such a wonderful blogger each and every day <3

  59. The white rocker is always a go-to, so timeless. But the dowel bar swivel stool in chiffon is calling my name today!! Would be such a dream for this interior design college student to win!!


  60. I would love and adore the Eiffel Arm Shell in Ocean!!! I am redoing my living room right now and it would make the room!!!!

  61. ACK! This is an awesome opportunity! I had a white one when my first son was born and in a postnatal surge of crazy hormones RETURNED IT. I have regretted it ever since and can’t even lay eyes on one without shaking my head in disgust at my behavior. And then to see it in PSA MAGENTA with the maple rockers and zinc wire base. Hello pretty girl, here’s hoping we will become fast new friends. My husband will not appreciate you but I will shower you with love and rock my kids on your hot pink magicalness!!! Here’s hoping!

  62. Oooh! I hearty heart heart the white side shell with the dowel legs. (I also die for the arm shell rocker…) Let’s just say I wouldn’t turn down any of these chairs!

  63. I’ve been eying the EIFFEL – SIDE SHELL in Indigo forEVER! I want a whole load of em to sit around my white tulip dining table.

  64. This is so funny because I was just talking about how I wanted some of these for our new place when we move in July. I really like the Dowel Side Shell in White. Thank you so much for this opportunity Victoria (and Modernica). :)

  65. The arm shell rocker in Ocean. Id be happy if it were the only chair in my house!

  66. I love the fiberglass rocker arm shell in white! I’m already picturing it in our living room :) fingers crossed!

  67. Wow and thank you for this Victoria! I have always had my eye on an Arm Chair Dowel with Swivel Base, in the subtle, yet classically elegant Elephant. Good luck everyone!

  68. Omg how cute is the mint rocker ❤️❤️❤️ Perfect amount of modern with avintage twist!

  69. The Dowel Arm Shell chair in white! Such beautiful chairs, its hard to pick just one!

  70. I love love LOVE the Rocker – Arm Shell Chair in white. So sweet and classic, perfect for a nursery 💛

  71. I always think they’re all such lovely options but have to go with the rocker style (with arm rests). Probably have to do classic white with the maple and zinc wire. So pretty!

  72. Nothing would make me happier than to win the Sunflower Yellow arm shell rocker (with zinc wire and walnut) . Is that specific enough?!

  73. This one, yes, definitely – FIBERGLASS ARM SHELL ROCKER / WHITE POWDER COATED FRAME. Our new apartment is desperately lacking chic chairs. I imagine rocking away on this lovely modernica in the evenings… what a dream!

  74. I’m actually planning to go to the sale this weekend, and am hoping to grab a shell chair! I’d go for the arm shell rocker in a jadeite color I think? So hard to choose!!

  75. I adore the rocker arm shell in white with the maple rocking feet. Our mid-century modern home is begging for this chair to adorn its floors!

  76. Hi, I’m totally desparate for a sunflower yellow rocking arm schell chair.
    I live in Montrea, Canada, do you ship to Canada?
    I mean, not for the contest but for buy it if it’s possible…

  77. What a fantastic giveaway–I’ve been coveting these chairs for a long time. I love the arm shell rocker in indigo

  78. The fiberglass arm shell rocker white with white powder coated frame would be PERFECT In my studio!

  79. Rocker Arm Shell in White!!! I’ve wanted this for at least 10 years. Great giveaway!!

  80. Ya’ll me gusta toooo much! I would absolutely adore the Rocker Arm Shell in Jadeite Please with Zinc Wire!

    Thank you!! Love both of yall’s creativity and inspiration!

  81. Rolling Base – Side Shell in Magenta

    Ooo la la love your site and mid-century seating!

  82. I love the rocker arm shell in white with maple legs and black wire! Thanks! @su_Frida

  83. I’d love the Dowel in white with maple/zinc wire legs. Would look dreamy in my bedroom. Love Modernica! On Twitter at @RachelGraham36 :)

  84. the pink is my absolute favorite, but my boyfriend who lives with me might not agree. the white is equally lovely. i love the rocker w/ arm shell.

    twitter: @_stacymichelle

  85. Ohhh, i would pick the indigo arm shell with the orange powder coated rocker base (I hope I said all of those choices correctly). This would be so so so exciting.

  86. I want all of them but for starters I will pick the Arm shell rocker in indigo to go in the playroom.

  87. I love the white rocking chair :) perfect shape. I’d love to rock in it with a fresh cup of coffee in the morning :)

  88. H-base 30″ bar stool – armshell in magenta pleeaaase!
    I would love a bar stool to use in the kitchen! <3

  89. I think I’d probably have to copy you and go with the white armshell rocker. It’s just so classic and goes with everything!

  90. Oh My Gosh!!!!! I really really want this white rocking one. It would be so perfect in my daughter’s room. She is starting Kindergarden in the fall and I want to create a fun reading area in her room. This white rocking chair is perfect with some indigo dip die indigo pillows!!!

  91. Dowel with Swivel Base – Side Shell in white — easiest to mix in with other non-matching chairs :)

  92. Love, love, love the Dowell arm shell in sunflower yellow with the walnut/black wire legs.
    Have always wanted a yellow furniture in the living room :) so happy and sunny.

  93. I’d love to have the white armshell rocker with dowel legs for my new baby’s room!

  94. What a generous giveaway!
    My desk would be so much happier with one of these as it’s partner.

    DOWEL – ARM SHELL (Natural)
    Maple Zinc Wire

  95. Ah, I would positively die to have the the fiberglass arm shell rocker in white! I have been swooning over just such a chair for as long as I can remember.

  96. I’m super digging the low rod arm shell in Indigo. I’ve always loved loved loved molded fiberglass chairs and have never seen it done in the low seating style. Majorly feeling the love in that design.

  97. I absolutely adore the rocker arm shell in white! It will go perfectly in my bedroom! Thank you sfgirlbybay!!!!!

  98. This would be the best birthday surprise for my daughter.
    Thank you, Modernica.

    DOWEL WITH SWIVEL BASE – ARM SHELL in Natural – all of the bases are beautiful.

  99. I’ll always love the shell rocker with the white powder coasted frame. Minimalism at its finest while keeping it playful!

  100. SO hard to choose with the bright colors, but I’d have to go with the white rocker shell! Thank you!!

  101. So hard to decide! Either the white dowel side chair or a white rocker. What a fab giveaway.

  102. I love the rocker side shell blue. Just moved into my first house with no furniture. It would be a lovely addition.

  103. Would love the Rocker – Arm Shell (walnut with zinc wire) in Jadeite to add a pop of color to my gray, white, and black living room! Thanks :)

  104. what a great giveaway! I love the Low Rod – Arm Shell, black base, terra-cotta shell! Fingers crossed, by living room would love this!

  105. Oh surely I have died and gone to heaven with this giveaway.

    I can see my fanny planted in a white Rocker Arm Shell, and it looks good.

  106. I would absolutely choose the “low rod arm shell chair” in either the indigo or white shell with a black base. #crossingmyfingers #ineedadditionalseatinginmylivingroom

  107. ROCKER – ARM SHELL in White….cause I need a place sip some wine and relax after standing on my feet and teaching people how to cook all day!

  108. Dowel with swivel base, arm shell in white…a girl can dream! Graduating design school this summer, let the design dreaming/collecting begin! Thanks SFgirlbybay and Modernica :) :)

  109. If I won, it would be tough to pick a color! I like the dowel- arm shell style the best. But color? Do I go safe with elephant or natural or more color with jadeite or even magenta?
    Here’s hoping I do need to make the tough decision!

  110. What a great giveaway! I love the arm shell rocker with white powder coated frame & maple base. @HenIsANTM

  111. Oh my gosh what a great giveaway! I absolutely love the rocker-arm shell with the walnut and zinc legs. Would look so great in my humble little apartment. <3

    jenniferccuddy @ gmail dot com

  112. I love so many but today my favorite is the Indigo arm shell rocker with walnut base & black wire. Cheers!

  113. how dreamy! love the dowel w/ swivel base arm chair in white…need this to go with my new desk <3

  114. LOVE Modernica! My favorite has always been the Rocker Arm Shell in Indigo — I just moved to SF from BK with my boyfriend and we’ve been looking for the final piece to tie together our new living room. I can’t think of a more perfect, dreamy fit! xx

  115. I’d love the Rocker – Arm Shell with Walnut Zinc wire on Natural shell color.


  116. I was just looking for a new chair to spruce up my home office! I really LOVE the dowel – arm shell in white with the walnut + black wire!!

  117. The Rocker Arm Shell in White is gorgeous! Have been lusting after one for a while now. Would look perfect in my baby girl’s pink & white nursery!!

    Thank you for offering such a fabulous give-away.

  118. These remind me of my mid century youth and I still love the style!
    I would have to choose the Rocker Arm Chair in the Pickle color — would be perfect with my gray decor. Just a little bit modern- just a little bit retro – perfect!

  119. The white fiberglass arm rocker with the white powder coated frame would fit perfectly in our mid-century modern home. Thanks for the chance! Asuaddie at AOL dot com.

  120. The Rocker Arm Shell in natural, with the Walnut Black Wire base, would be utterly perfect in my little 1.5 story mid-century house.

  121. FIBERGLASS ARM SHELL ROCKER WHITE POWDER COATED FRAME with Walnut base wood – it just looks so fun, and white goes with everything.

  122. Hardest decision ever!!! I’m in love with the DOWEL WITH SWIVEL BASE – ARM SHELL with the WALNUT & BLACK WIRE base in WHITE!! although, I’ll probably change my mind tomorrow ;) xo!

  123. YES! My husband and I just moved across the country, leaving most things behind. The White Dowel- Arm Shell with a Walnut with Zinc Wire base would be such a treasure in our new tiny home. Something new and special for our new city. Thank you!

  124. The Rocker Arm Shell Chair…I think I’d go with Charcoal, but wow it’s hard to choose from all those colors!

  125. The H Base – Arm Shell in orange. My dad had one of these in his den during the 70s when I was growing up. Brings back good memories.

  126. I would love to own a sunflower yellow Dowel with swivel base arm chair. Hope I win!!!! Thank you.

  127. This is the giveaway of my dreams! I would basically die for the fiberglass arm shell rocker with the white powder coated frame.

  128. Oooh, so awesome! So hard to choose – but I think the pink side shell with the powder coated Eiffel Tower base! :)

  129. I love the Low Rod Arm Shell in natural with a black base. Thanks so much for this giveaway!

  130. Oh, man!! I would be the fanciest of fancy if I had the fiberglass arm shell rocker with a white, powder coated frame. I think I would be obligated to sit in that chair and drink fine wine and whiskey every night simply because of how high-end it is.

  131. I was just trolling craigslist for one of these for the nursery we’re throwing together for our new baby (due at the end of the month)! I would go with the rocker with arms, but was having trouble seeing all the color choices on my phone. Maybe simple white or ocean, for a pop of color.

  132. Oh my goodness, the indigo arm shell rocker with the walnut legs is the most beautiful thing ever. We just bought an old house that we are renovating and it would be such a wonderful addition!

  133. Have always wanted a rocker, but my first pick now is a while arm shell: dowel with swivel base. These are forever handsome!

    • Eiffel Arm shell chair/ Mustard color with black eiffel base would be the bomb!

  134. I’ve always wanted a rocker, so the rocker arm shell. How does anyone choose a color? They’re all so fabulous! Terracotta, but magenta and ocean are very close seconds.

  135. It’s the fiberglass white rocker for me. I can just imagine myself contently rocking away. Maybe a glass of wine, of course a little nice music in the background. You decide, hey you can make this scene yours if you want.

  136. Fiberglass rocker side shell in magenta = PERFECTION!! AAAAAHH it would look so good in my new apartment!!!

  137. Love love LOVE the dowel arm shell chair with the walnut and zinc wire!! Im torn between the classic white vs. the pop of color with the sunflower yellow!

  138. Love the Fiberglass Shell Chair > Dowel – Arm Shell in Jadeite! swoon city.

    twitter: @dz_g

  139. A prince charles-arm shell-in red, something Audrey Hepburn would be proud of…and everyone should live their life like Audrey Hepburn!

  140. I would kill for a shell arm chair Eiffel base in white. It’s what I want for my new office, which is pink, white, black, wood and gold!

  141. The fiberglass arm shell rocker in the white powder coated frame would be a PERFECT addition to my new sunny studio!!

  142. I have been dreaming with one oh those for a really long time. I am definitely into the Dowel with Swivel Base – Side Shell.

    I have also been following you and your friend designlovefest. You guys are such a great inspiration. Always looking forward to see new photos from you on pinterest.


  143. i love my white rocker and i think it would like to have magenta rocker to hang out with…

  144. I have the perfect spot in my apt for a Dowell – Side Shell in black with a maple and black wire base!

    twitter: @candycat

  145. Would absolutely LOVE the dowel arm shell in white with the natural base! Thank you so much for a wonderful giveaway! Fingers crossed! (:

  146. I’m loving the mint side shell with the Eiffel tower base in chrome. It would look amazing in our new apartment!

  147. Woohoo! The dowel with Swivel Base – Side Shell in white or natural…or chiffon, so hard to decide!

  148. I’m digging the exact one you picked! Fiberglass armchair rocker in whet powder coated frame.

  149. Ahhhh! Perfect timing! I’m in need of a new chair for my studio. Loving the Dowel Arm Shell in White with the maple/black wire base. <3

  150. ohh my gosh, have been lusting after these for years. i love the terracotta color and would love the counter stool, though any of the dowel models are GORGEOUS.

    hannah dot christensen at gmail dot com

  151. I love the Dowel Bar Stool Swivel Base – Arm Shell in the color Sunrise! Would look great in my craft room :)

  152. Life teaches you to follow your instincts and they’re telling me Arm Shell Rocker in Ocean…maple zinc wire. Love love love. My heart goes pitter, patter, … Thank you!

  153. ooh! The Rocker Arm Shell in White, please.. classic!
    mikeygirl at hotmail dot com

  154. The rolling base arm shell in orange is my jam. I’m a shorty and it’s nice to have a stylish adjustable chair that would be at home with a 1960s tanker desk.

  155. How does one even decide with so many retro options…I’d go with Dowel with swivel base arm shell in moss

  156. The dowell-arm shell-pink because my gf will finally promote me to my rightful title of “Amazingly Awesome Boyfriiend”.
    Might get some business cards made up, it’ll be pretty sweet…..oh and she’ll have that rad chair.

  157. Rocker with the Arm Shell Seat with a zinc/maple base in PINK. That’s Mom’s perfect rocker.

  158. i simply MUST have the ROCKER ARM SHELL in MOSS, gracefully perched on a zinc base with walnut rockers.

    speaking of rockers, sfgirlbybay?
    you’re one of them.
    you rock.

  159. all of these just really melt my butter.

    but, if i have to pick one, it would be
    the rolling base/ arm shell in magenta.

  160. Wow thanks for this awesome giveaway! I’ve always loved the white arm shell rockers! Thanks again!

    twitter: styl3within

  161. Like my fellow readers, I can’t narrow it down. But if you’re twisting my arm, I’ll go classic with the white rocker!

  162. I love the FIBERGLASS ARM SHELL ROCKER WHITE POWDER COATED FRAME and walnut base wood since it can go in any room and still make a statement. I honestly love every version of this chair and would be happy with any color/style. Thanks!
    email: Carly(dot)J(dot)Gordon(at)gmail(dot)com

    • I just noticed that you can get the HUF green arm shell chair rocker with maple and black base….might be a game changer!

  163. Oh, I’ve been pining for one of these for so long. Is it boring that I want the classic white rocker? I think it would be a great reading chair (and therefore also a good kitten-cuddling chair!).

  164. We’d love to get one of the armchairs in natural on an Eiffel base to go at the head of our table–we have them without arms along the sides. Or maybe a pink rocker for my daughter’s bedroom. Fun!

  165. I would choose the arm shell rocker in YELLOW!!! So happy and beautiful…I’ve wanted one forever! :)

  166. im a fan of the fiberglass arm shell rocker in white powdwer :)

  167. i would love the rocker arm shell – color good question – i think i would go along with your good taste (too much?) and go with white. thanks for the chance to win.

  168. Love the DOWEL BAR STOOL SWIVEL BASED SIDE SHELL in grass green with walnut black wire! Would look amazing to pull up at my butcher block in my kitchen

  169. Shell Rocker in white, like the one pictured here. Gender neutral for my next baby’s nursery. Creamy white and dreamy. <3

  170. What a wonderful giveaway, thank you. It was not a easy decision to pick one. I think I’d go with the dowel base in walnut and chrome… and the arm shell in white. It reminds me of a chocolate cupcake with white frosting… Mmmmmmm. If may be I’d get it in pink… or magenta… apple? Maybe ocean… Or sunrise… No, Jadite! See, they’re all so wonderful, this is very hard! ;)

  171. Love the white armchair rocker. Would be lovely to rock my first grandchild. June in two weeks!

  172. Rocker – arm shell in white! I’ve been dying for one of these rockers for my nursery!!

  173. I hope it’s my lucky day! Rocker arm shell in white with natural legs please!!! Great giveaway!

  174. The Dowel With swivel base arm shell in either white or black, how lovely it would look in my home! I always hope to come cross an original at a yard or estate sale, but no such luck!

  175. What a great giveaway! I love the white rocker arm shell. It looks so classic, I’d have it for years!

  176. I adore the Dowel with Swivel Base – Arm Shell in white. It’s a modern but timeless piece that would be such a great addition office space. Thanks for the giveaway sfgirlbybay and Modernica!


    is DREAMY!! Where has this chair been my whole life?!!!

  178. Hello! Fiberglass Arm Shell Rocker White Powder Coated Frame with walnut base. Thank you :)

  179. I really like the basic dowel with the swivel base style. I really love the Royal Blue color, especially with walnut legs and black wire. Very iconic. :)

  180. PRINCE CHARLES – ARM SHELL in sunflower yellow would be the best piece of furniture in our home!

  181. Im going to have to say The Rolling Base-Arm Shell, in Sunflower Yellow… of course!!! (Fingers crossed!)

  182. dowel side shell in that very pretty pink 😊
    tweet tweet: @alyssadelatorre
    fingers crossed- thank you!

  183. LOVE LOVE LOVE the rockers! White if i’m being practical, pink or indigo if i’m not!

  184. Prince Charles arm chair in jadeit!! Loving the base, cannot believe I’ve never seen it before!!

  185. …Whoops, forgot to leave contact on my comment. Twitter @Brooklit. “Rocker with arms in white with walnut and zinc base. Fingers crossed!!! Have wanted this chair a while now. xx”

  186. Thanks for an excellent giveaway! I am looking for a chair to complete my living room in my new apartment and these are great!! All of the colors are so lovely.
    I love the Arm Shell Rocker in Oatmeal with walnut and black wire!

  187. In love with the rocker arm shell chair in natural, with the walnut–black wires finish. Soft but modern, and so beautiful.

  188. I would like the Fiberglass Arm Shell Rocker White Powder Coated Frame with Walnut rockers! :) I would love to win, especially because I am getting married soon and it would be a great addition to my new home!

  189. White arm shell rocker with a natural base! We’ve just moved into a new (to us) home without enough furniture…this would be too perfect!

  190. Eiffel Arm Chair in white, loving these at the ends of my table with miss matching wood mid-century chairs flanking the sides! ;)

  191. Love the white arm shell rocker! Just saw this in an Airbnb we stayed at and I need one for myself.

  192. White arm shell dowel with swivel base! Or with a rocker base! Love these chairs, so comfy.

  193. I love love love the grass green side chair in the eiffel tower chrome base. It just makes my heart happy!

  194. Love them all but since i have to choose….


    SO lovely!!

  195. The dowel with swivel base – white arm shell is classic and beautiful. Working on my office space and this would be a perfect addition!

  196. While the White is timeless I have to say I’m drooling over the Fiberglass Arm Shell Rocker in Indigo with the maple legs. What a perfect “just moved to the big city” chair! @noblevictori

  197. The Dowel Arm Shell in Indigo, walnut & black wire base. Our dream desk chair. Great giveaway!

  198. After much hesitation, I pick the black rocker arm shell with walnut black wire base, please!

  199. I’m a minimalist so of course I’d choose the side shell dowel in white. Very simplistic and beautiful. Really all of their chairs are beautiful.

  200. A classic’s a classic…gotta go with the “rocker arm shell” in white with maple and zinc wire base.

  201. The pink armshell rocker with walnut base is what would happen if I ate cotton candy, fell in love on the first day of summer in a floral sundress, guzzled a strawberry lemonade, fell asleep in a hammock, then dreamt I was the world’s most perfect chair.

  202. Absolutely love the Arm Shell Rocker in white!
    I could definitely use a desk chair (so I don’t have to keep stealing my dining table chairs)! *keeping my fingers crossed!*

  203. The Celery rocker-arm shell w/a walnut and black wire base would be so sweet in my new apartment. Love it!

  204. If I could choose I would choose the Arm Shell Rocker in PICKLE! First of all can we talk about the color name?! It’s a classic with a 70’s Hollywood Hills bungalow vibe. Perfection.

    say it three times fast!!! I have already mentally re-aranged everything around it!! :)

  206. I always thought I would go for a brighter color for a shell chair, but I’m really liking the indigo. The base is a tough choice, I prefer the looks of the simple H base, but I think I’d rather sit in the rocker. And the powder coated frame is nice looking!

  207. My studio/office space is in need of a great office chair! I’d love a magenta side shell with rolling base. It would look sooo good!

  208. Magenta dining room chairs..,yes please!! If I won one, then I would have an excuse to buy more. ;)

  209. Love the lines and comfort of these chairs. My favorite would be the dowel arm chair with walnut/black wire in oatmeal.

  210. I love the Maple with Black Dowel with Swivel Base – Arm Shell Chair in White. Simple and practical for both a home office and small space living. Could also be useful for spinning my toddler around in circles, hehe.

    Thanks for the contest!

  211. I’ve been wanting one of these. Thanks for the opportunity!
    I’d love the white dowel side chair with maple black wire legs.

  212. I’ve been seriously coveting one of these chairs for ages: The arm shell rocker in ocean with a zinc and walnut base.

  213. The low rod arm shell in white with the black base. or maybe black and black. My fingers are crossed!

  214. Oh, I know that the rocker arm shell in white would be the smart choice, but I totally would choose the rocker arm shell in PINK if I won!

  215. I would love to own the Arm Shell Rocker in Terracotta with the Walnut -Blackwire Base! emilia(dot)rodriguez(dot)ruiz(at)gmail(dot)com

  216. Rocker – Arm Shell in Natural with walnut and zinc base for sure!
    Also, the Rolling Base – Arm Shell would be perfect in my home office.

  217. My favorite is the rocker arm shell in sunflower yellow with maple zinc wire base. Thanks!

  218. The Fiberglass Side Shell Eiffel with Orange Powder Coated Base.

    Love it – well, I love them all. I’m making my tiny bedroom into a bedroom/sitting room AND craft space, (I better take some before pics!) and this would be perfect.

    Your blog continues to inspire – and comfort me. Love it!!

  219. The Fiberglass Arm Shell Rocker in Indigo Powder Coated Frame would be perfect to rock our baby boy Coltrane in when he arrives in September!

  220. So hard to decide (!), but I really like the dowel with swivel base arm shell in indigo.

  221. Rocker in bright pink please. 2nd choice would be side chair in bright pink. Thank you

  222. I have always wanted an arm rocker with a maple base. For the shell color I would probably choose indigo or moss.

  223. LOVE the Rocker – Arm Shell in white. Would look great in my daughters nursery or our living room. Great giveaway!

  224. What a dream come true! I have wanted one of these since I was a teenager! Thank you for the giveaway. I love the Rocker Arm Shell in indigo with walnut & black wire base. XO

  225. I love the Dowel with Swivel Base – Arm Shell in Sunrise with Maple Black Wire base. :-)

  226. In love with the Arm Shell Rocker White Powder Coated Frame! I’ve been dreaming of owning a chair like this. It would be so lovely in our new home! Thanks as always for your fantastic content!

  227. LOVE the Dowel Arm Shell in Red with the Walnut Legs and Black Wire. Dreamy.
    Thank you for the chance!

  228. I am loving the arm shell rocker in white with the maple wood base! Awesome give-away!!

  229. I love the rocking chair, so comfortable!


  230. I’m a huge fan of the Natural Shell mounted on a Maple Zinc Case Study Dowel Swivel Base. The swivel is key to livening up this color neutral piece. I dream of being able to update the chair with a pillow or throw, whatever is on trend!

  231. I grew up the white arm chair rocker! This is such a wonderful opportunity to get back a little history! Second time around though – CHIFFON arm chair rocker with maple base and black wire! Thank you for sharing!

  232. Talk about paradox of choice…I have narrowed it down to either the red armchair rocker zinc/maple OR the H base armchair in moss…I think :)

  233. White side shell with the dowel base. Classic! I’ve wanted a pair of these for years. This would get me halfway there ;) Muchas Gracias!

  234. The sunflower yellow armchair with the black low rod base would really brighten up my neutral living room! I have a shell armchair with the Eiffel base that I got from Modernica in 2005 and it’s one of the few items that survived Katrina flooding in my home! They’re awesome.

  235. i would LOVE to have the fiberglass shell chair with the swivel dowel base in magenta as my desk chair :)

  236. Oh, my! Love that H base side shell or the rocker (black base/walnut slides) in charcoal! Thanks for the fabulous giveaway!

  237. ohhhhhhhh my super cute white rocker seeks luscious spunky red fiberglass dowel rocker with oak rocker legs yayayyayay !! im not on twitter ;( but can be found on insta laurenleecasale xox

  238. I was just telling my boyfriend I wanted one of these! And to be exact the: FIBERGLASS ARM SHELL ROCKER – WHITE POWDER COATED FRAME <3 This lovely lady would look so great in our apartment!

    Fingers + Toes crossed!
    – Erin @Hunternfox

  239. Love the Arm Shell Rocker in Natural with the Walnut and black wire base! Thank you for such a great opportunity… very fun.

  240. Would love to win the dowel side shell chair in white! So perfect!

    xo, Courtney
    courtneynramsey [at] gmail [dot] com

  241. I LOVE the Prince Charles style! Would look so cute in my new apartment next year!! I can’t pick between red or baby blue for the color, I like both too much!

  242. I would love the charcoal color arm, shell chair with the H base! It would be a timeless color and it would add some masculinity to my feminine room!

  243. Dowel with swivel base, side shell in charcoal looks amazing with the walnut legs and black wire, but to be honest – they all look good. I’m tempted by the more intense colors, too. Good luck folks!

  244. Wow! Hardest decision ever! I’m in love with the Dowel with Swivel Base – Arm Shell with Walnut and black wire legs in just about every color…but today I pick white :)

  245. Love the fiberglass arm shell rocker white powder coated frame. I have some textiles that would look gorgeous draped over it! @littlezeee

  246. It’s hard to resist any of the chair options! But, having to choose, I choose shell rocker in white powder. I can envision it in my space now. hehe
    nancy @missnancywong

  247. <3 !! The DOWEL WITH SWIVEL BASE – ARM SHELL in PINK PINK PINK! I'm in the process of building a home office for myself and having this beauty on a swivel would just make my life an amazing place. <3

  248. Rocker – Arm Shell in ‘natural’ with walnut base and black wire is just dreamy! Thanks:)

  249. Love the Rocker-Arm Shell, in Jadeite with zinc wire and walnut rockers! Would be lovely with my turkish kilim with lots of pinks and greens.

  250. I covet these chairs!! Would go with classic white or pink dowel side shell. So beautiful!

  251. Wow thank you for this opportunity! The rocker arm shell in Indigo according to my little man “is sooo cool” which would go in his room next to his books for use as a reading chair.

  252. My 13 year old daughter would die to have the rocker in Ocean for her room. Perfect spot to read a book!

  253. We lost the purple w/ walnut rockers in a fire but I have to say…loved that chair so much. But I have to say now, My daughter and I both think we’d love the apple shell with walnut rockers. *sigh*

  254. I’m a college student with a love of design who would greatly appreciate the shell rocking chair in apple green with a walnut base, since I would in no other way be able to afford it! Also, I lost a version of it awhile back in a fire and it would be so nice to have it back :)

  255. If I won this my girlfriend would be so thrilled! The rocker in white with natural wood legs all the way!

  256. ❤️the psa magenta fiberglass arm shell chair with the rocker base in maple & zinc!!

  257. What an amazing giveaway!! I love the Fiberglass Rocker – Arm Shell in white with walnut and black wire base. Thanks!

  258. I’ve always wanted to own one of these iconic chairs! I love the red eiffel base one especially!

  259. This could potentially be the #BestGiveawayEverEver I would pick to Dowel Side Shell in pink with the Maple & Black wire base. It’s Modern but sweet & industrial as well – perfect for absolutely anywhere. Sophisticated & playful but a treasure that will always be classic style and something I can hand down to the kiddos (yep, the ones that haven’t even been conceived yet). #crossingfingersandtoes

  260. I so love the white rocker arm chair. I have been coveting them for a long while! It will look great in any room or setting. :)

  261. Love Love Love the simple white dowel-side chair in walnut w/ black wire. Perfect for my desk! Such a great giveaway! Thanks

  262. The fiberglass Shell swivel Armchair in charcoal with the maple dowel legs and black wire would be in my dream dining set.


  264. I like the Fiberglass Arm Shell Rocker White Powder Coated Frame! Classic and cool! Thanks for the opportunity!

  265. I can picture the Dowel with Swivel Base – Arm Shell in White at my desk, and its just so perfect. Really crossing my fingers hard for this one!

  266. I’ve been eyeing the Low Rod Arm Shell chair in natural. I just bought the George Nelson Saucer Lamp for my dinning room. The chair would be another great accent for that room.

  267. I just refinished my desk (I work from home) and designed it with the express purpose of matching it with a modernica chair! I love the classic armless white fiberglass Eiffel with metal legs. The final piece to my project!

  268. Rocker – Arm Shell in Indigo with Walnut Black Wire base. It would look wonderful in our living room!

  269. I really like the Fiberglass Arm Shell Rocker in the Indigo Powder Coated Frame — very cool and modern but also has a ‘conservative’ edge in this deep indigo. Hope I win!

  270. It’s so hard to choose! i wish i was more adventurous, but i love, love the classic rocker arm shell in white with maple and zinc wire!

  271. I’ve wanted the side shell with dowel legs in white or elephant, having seen its classic form in countless blogs and magazines, but hadn’t seen one in person until last night. The threaded grain of these chairs (and the arm shells) gives the chairs what I call “textural integrity” because they’re made the way the original Eames chairs were made. For me, the L-curve of the side shell harks back to the days sitting in a classroom, but the dowel legs in walnut and chrome make sure to give this chair a refined look – a sort of maturity from those days in elementary school. And don’t we want to be reminded of childhood, yet feel all grown-up?

  272. Would love a Dowel-Arm shell in white, with a walnut and black wire base. Thanks for the opportunity.

  273. The white arm shell with swivel, walnut, dowel base and zinc wire covers all of my wants and needs. It’s pretty perfect.

  274. I had no idea they had so many pretty combinations! After much poking around and dreaming, I think I would choose the fiberglass arm chair with rocker base in white. It’s classic look is so perfect, I’m not sure how to improve on it!

  275. (The same as I was rocked to sleep in, 50 years ago by my cutting-edge, interior designer mother!) FIBERGLASS ARM SHELL ROCKER WHITE POWDER COATED FRAME

  276. AH! I love these so much. I’d probably go for the Rocker with Arm Shell in White. But then again, how lovely are sunflower & apple? Would be fun to have an accent piece like that. @emilylaurensapp

  277. The dowel bar stool swivel arm chair in purple would be PERFECT for the office nook I’m building out where our tools currently live in our apartment. LOVE.

  278. woohoo is right! i have been on the fence for a white rocker forever. so as much as i’d love to pick a different color (so many pretty pastels!) i would still have to go with the white arm shell rocker.

  279. LOVE these chairs. My favorte is the Eiffell – Arm Shell in the roya bue color. Absolutely STUNNING. This would go great in my newley deorate boho chic apartment. Fingers crossed!! – Amy <3

  280. What a wonderful giveaway! Thank you!
    I think the white rocker with the maple and zinc bottom is gorgeous!
    Would be wonderful for any room in my house.


  281. Definitely the Rocker – Arm Shell in white! I know exactly where I would put it too!

  282. Rocker Arm Shell in Indigo, with the Walnut and Black Wire Rocker Base.
    This would look so lovely with my white couch, DIY ombre stump side table, and lucite coffee table (I need more seating for my tiny apartment so badly)… And would be perfect in a future baby’s room! Thank you for doing this giveaway!

  283. I think I would go with the shell arm rocker in black- or grass green? I would normally go for the dowel leg side chairs but I just bought the knockoffs off craigslist! Would love to have the real deal.

  284. We just bought a 1930s home and have slowly been adding to it and bringing out all of it’s character. I’ve been documenting some of the character and the rooms on my blog.

    The “Rocker Arm Shell” in pink would be perfect to compliment the fireplace in our main room. We have bought rose colored tile to border the fireplace and that rocker would look perfect in front of it. It would be great in our home!

  285. Definitely the Fiberglass Arm Shell Rocker in Orange with the Orange Powder Coated Frame. Totally in love with the stylish powder coated frame!! What a nice addition to an already inspiring piece.

  286. Tough call, but the grass green arm shell rocker with walnut and zinc is a work of art!

  287. I am a first time home buyer as of today and the Dowel with Swivel Base – Side Shell in Sunrise would be a great starter piece for my new office!

  288. I’m loving the arm shell rocker in indigo! How fabulous would this be in the boys room! :-)

  289. I adore the rocker in white! I love adding pieces that are timeless to my home, this is definitely one of those pieces. I could dream up all kinds of ways to use this rocker!

  290. could the fiberglass rocker arm chair in black be more perfect!!! pretty pretty please with a cherry on top! <3

    tw: @quieroposh

  291. I love the dowel with swivel base arm shell in indigo. Thanks for the international giveaway!

  292. Eiffel Base … any color will do really … aiming for 4-6 in all, each in a different color to offset my fairly neutral overall interiors :} To go with a super industrial wood topped dining table with wrought iron base.

  293. I love the fiberglass arm shell chair in indigo with the walnut and black dowel base!

  294. I’ve panicked and changed my answer at least ten times already. But here it goes:
    Fiberglass Dowel Arm Shell
    Indigo Fiberglass
    Walnut black-wire legs

  295. Would love the Fiberglass Arm Shell Rocker
    In white. Would be perfect in our baby’s (coming in October ) nursery!

  296. Holy cow!!! This giveaway rocks!
    Would love to add the
    Fiberglass Arm Shell Rocker Yellow Powder Coated Frame
    to my new house :-)

  297. The Rolling Base-Arm Shell in any colour! What a spectacular addition to my office that would be…plus I could stop using my kitchen chairs in there!

  298. My favorite is the Dowel Arm Shell with a maple/zinc wire base in white. Thank you!

    jentheriot at gmail dot com

  299. Keeping it simple and classic: white armchair rocker. Would go with any and all furniture I could ever dream of.

  300. I’m going to have to go with the white arm chair with walnut dowel base. So clean and warm at the same time!

  301. Definitely the Rocker – Arm Shell in pink! Perfect for any girl/boy/man or woman. Would be smashing on a persian rug. (hello from Canada!)

  302. PRINCE CHARLES – SIDE SHELL in CHARCOAL! Oh how fabulous! Eventually I’ll collect enough to make a complete dining set!


  304. I love the arm shell rocker in baby blue!

    …or natural….or apple green…or orange….or…

  305. oh how hard to choose! but i think i’d have to pick the dowel arm shell in that gloriously dark indigo!

  306. The white rocker with natural legs! I’ve been looking for one to put in the nursery to welcome and rock our little baby. Such a fun giveaway.

  307. Oh, I have been lusting over one of these for awhile! I definitely would go classic with the dowel with the swivel base arm shell in white!! Thanks for the giveaway!

  308. Oh Boy! So hard to choose but I love the Rocker – arm shell in white. I also love the grass green colour. So fun!

  309. Yay! So excited about this giveaway. I’ve always wanted one of these chairs so thanks for the opportunity to win one. :)
    If I won, I would like the Rocker – Arm Shell with Maple – Zinc Wire base
    Shell color: Natural

  310. I swoon over the arm she’ll rocker in pink! This would be my version if winning the lottery! Thanks for the great giveaway and for offering it internationally – I’d be delighted to pay for shipping home to Canada ( or come collect it in person)! xox

  311. White arm shell rocker in white ! AWESOME giveaway! Thanks!


  312. Rocker – Arm Shell in Pickle for when I have my baby! This would be so cute in a nursery.

  313. The Rocker – Arm Shell in white! It would be perfect for our nursery (baby on the way in August!)

  314. I love the Rocker Arm Shell in Jadeite, with Walnut Zinc -wire!!!!!! Beautiful!!!!!!

  315. Modernica chairs are just elegant yet so versatile, all of them! My favorite, though, has to be the armshell rocker … in white. Thank you, sfgirlbybay!

  316. I would love the Sunflower Yellow DOWEL WITH SWIVEL BASE – SIDE SHELL chair! It would look so perfect at my desk. You can connect me via email at laurenfclevenger at gmail dot com.

  317. I love the Dowel with Swivel Base – Side Shell in natural with Swivel Seat – Maple Black Wire. If love to win! Thanks! I’m @trickyjen on Twiiter :)

  318. I am having a love affair with -The Rocker, Arm Shell, Indigo, Walnut, Zinc Wire. It would totally “rockin” against my “rainy sky” gray wall with my ombre pink cashmere throw. Perfect to rock away a sleepy Seattle day with a mug full of joe…

  319. It’s gotta be the dowel with swivel base arm shell, walnut and zinc wire base, color white for me! Fingers crossed!!

  320. The Prince Charles, arm shell in Chiffon. I like that mix because it’s a little traditional and a little modern.

  321. BEST::GIVEAWAY::EVER. I’ll opt in for the jadeite rocker (arm shell). :)

  322. I’ve had my eye on the indigo arm shell rocker for a while…would love to see it in my new home!

  323. Dowel with swivel base and maple black wire in orange: that would be a dream! Thanks for opening the giveaway internationally! And thanks for the daily inspiration!

  324. So nice to open the comp up to us international peeps, thank you kindly!

    I love them all but I will make my first choice the Low Rod (black wire) Arm Shell in White, pretty please :)

  325. I am a junior high, private school teacher and am in love with the idea of sitting in front of class on a dowel bar stool swivel base – arm shell in Elephant with maple base!

  326. I Love the Dowel Arm chair in the Elephant color!!! The fiberglass and wood legs are Great together!!!! :)

  327. I love the dowel arm shell chair in magenta! It’s just the pop of color I need in my studio. Beautiful!

  328. I would love the rocker arm shell with the black wire and white shell!!! Thanks for hosting this!

  329. yay for the international giveaway option – let’s bring some style to berlin! I love the fiberglass arm shell rocker in indigo powder coated frame.

  330. The white is where its at! You can brighten it up with fun pops of color with pillows and throws!

  331. I love the rocker with arm shell! In sunflower yellow with walnut base with zinc wire! Thank you!

  332. The rocker is wonderful in indigo. I think it looks best with the walnut legs and black wire.

  333. I’m in love with the Rocker Side Shell in white with zinc/walnut base. Timeless and classic.

  334. OMG I’ve been trying to figure out a way to steal my boyfriend’s coworker’s Modernica for months now! I’ve got to win one so I don’t have to go to jail for grand theft chair! I’d kill for the white arm shell rocker!

  335. I don’t even have to go to the website. How long, how long have I been lusting after the rocker in indigo with a black wire base and maple runners? Sigh. Sigh. What a great giveaway–thanks!

  336. Oh, what an amazing giveaway! My pick would be, without a doubt, the white arm shell rocker with a walnut/black wire base. SO gorgeous.

  337. Where do I even begin? There are endless combos and everything Modernica has is beautiful. I’ve been drooling over their products for years! I think the rocker arm shell is one of my favorites, in chiffon with a walnut base, or maybe magenta with a walnut base (I’m sure my husband would disagree on that last one!) I would love to put this in a corner and make a reading nook.
    mschumaker at gmail
    Thanks for doing such a great giveaway!

  338. I’ve been dreaming of the white Fiberglass Shell Rocker with black metal legs on walnut for a nursery! Or bedroom. Or living room. Or any room at all because it’s SO GORGEOUS.

  339. White arm shell rocker, with maple/zinc base, definitely. While I love (LOVE) the magenta, the white is what I need for my bedroom!

  340. The arm shell rocker in Ocean with maple runners and zinc wire legs — just the modern touch to spruce up our log home!!

  341. Hmm. It was hard to pick just one color! I definitely would love the Side Shell with the Dowel Swivel Base. I narrowed down the color to Orange (gotta love that rusty red-orange), with Jadeite a very close second!

    amaliachimera on facebook

  342. I would love the arm shell chair in charcoal on the swivel dowel bar stool base! Surely sitting in that beautiful chair at work would increase my productivity.

  343. Thanks so much, modernica and sfgirl! This is awesome. Choosing would be so hard…but I know I’d go for the walnut and wire rocker base, with either a mint, pink, or white fiberglass arm chair.

  344. Just moved from Amsterdam to San Francisco to start a new life with my husband and guitar. I can see myself sitting in the { Dowel With Swivel Base – Side Shell in Charcoal } and write a song everyday…. Sigh.

  345. I dig the Rocker-Arm Shell in Jadeite with Walnut black wire base. Please and thank you.

  346. My husband and I were just dreaming about starting a collection of these chairs for our new dining room! I’d start with an dowel side chair in Charcoal…

  347. I love the white arm shell rocker with the white powder coat base. Can’t get enough of bright white furnishings!

    @meselker on twitter

  348. I have the reproduction Dowel Side in black at my dinner table but a real life actual Modernica Fiberglass Arm Shell Rocker in Orange (Walnut/Zinc Base) would be incredible for my bedroom. Reading by the window would be made that much better. The orange will make sure it gets the attention it deserves too.

  349. Loveeee the Fiberglass Arm Shell Rocker in white. So cute because you can dress it up with different coloured pillows and throws! This would fit perfectly in my office :)

  350. I absolutely LOVE the Fiberglass Arm Shell Rocker White Powder Coated Frame. Simple and perfect.

  351. I’m pretty smitten with Indigo, but my favorite is the white rocker arm shell with maple and zinc wire. This gem is a classic that I’d love to change up with a blanket or pillows as the seasons change. Perfect spot to read or sip a morning cup of coffee.

  352. But what if I want a set of 8? But if I really only get one, I’ll go with the Arm Shell Rocker. Pickle shell, zinc and maple base. Those Eameses knew what they were doing. Still gorgeous.

  353. Rocker – Arm Shell in Baby Blue with Walnut and black wire base. I am expecting my surprise baby later this week, and I would love this to nurse in….as well as just to gaze at him from!

  354. Oh please, I want a pink arm shell rocker with the walnut black wire.
    cross fingers…

  355. LOVE the fiberglass arm shell rocker with white powder coated frame and maple legs! Fingers crossed!!

  356. An arm rocker with a maple base and jadeite shell, so perfectly beachy vintage. Although the indigo blue is also really pretty!