coffee cart overload.
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diy kitchen coffee cart / sfgirlbybay

so, i’ve kind of gone a little kooky here with my whole coffee cart theme. i ended up finding that the tiny cart was just too tiny to comfortably work the espresso machine, so i opted for this larger, industrial-looking kitchen cart from west elm. it’s great because it’s got four big shelves to hold all the coffee accoutrement, and it’s got wheels (i’m a sucker for wheels!). i did get a bit of a shock when it came completely unassembled, but once i got to it, it was pretty easy to put together. i added all of my coffee making accessories, a bunch of white cups, my new DeLonghi Kmix Espresso Maker, and i think it looks as though i may be ready to set up a coffee shop! chez sfgirlbybay, anyone? latte? cappuccino?

diy kitchen coffee cart / sfgirlbybay

diy kitchen coffee cart / sfgirlbybay

diy kitchen coffee cart / sfgirlbybay

diy kitchen coffee cart / sfgirlbybay

diy kitchen coffee cart / sfgirlbybay

• all photos by victoria smith for sfgirlbybay.

25 responses to “coffee cart overload.”

  1. Your coffee set up is just gorgeous! Would love a tour of the different types of coffee makers you have and your favorites. :)

    • i’ll have to work on that! this delonghi kmix espresso maker is quite easy to use (after i read the instructions, which i hate!) and i’ve been making lattes every morning. saving a lot of $$ too! i do like my little bialetti espresso maker for super quick fixes, and the Chemex is really nice to use when you’re serving guests.

  2. This is so lovely and convenient. I especially love the sugar container, where did you find such amazing beautiful piece?

  3. Where did your white mugs come from? I’ve been looking for similar-size white mugs (10-12 oz at min).

    Lovely coffee cart!

  4. No life without coffee! And now I want a coffee cart, too! So long we only have a coffee shelf but oh, now I’m inspired for bigger things. Just went through your other post on coffee carts, too. Very nice. And I love your photographs. They make your home look very inviting. I guess “Chez SFGIRLBYBAY” could work ;)

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