reset your life: recap + downloadable PDF.
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reset your life series | sfgirlbybay

clockwise, left to right: jen gotch; miranda jones; and maia mcdonald.

for the past couple of weeks, i’ve been running an interview series in partnership with Smartwater that shares the secrets of successful women and how their paths to greatness might inspire your own. we’ve chatted with miranda jones of galanter & jones, jen gotch of and rue magazine creative director maia mcdonald smith, all of whom abandoned traditional careers in pursuit of doing what they love. all three women voiced very thoughtful responses during our Q+As, and your enthusiasm has been overwhelmingly positive.

reset your life series | sfgirlbybay

i gather there are a lot of you with a yen to change your paths, so i thought i’d recap what these women had to say and provide everyone with a PDF of their insights to keep handy when you’re in need of a little extra motivation. Reset Your Life PDF – i hope you find it useful and inspiring!


one of the best things about putting these posts together is sharing these women’s stories with you and all the feedback i’ve heard from you. while i’ve known all these women for a while, i didn’t know how they changed careers, so i’ve learned a great deal, and gained a lot of inspiration for keeping my own career on track, and also a lot of practical steps to take when it comes to taking new career risks and planning ahead for the future. i hope you have, too. thanks so much again to jen gotch of, maia mcdonald smith of rue magazine, and miranda jones of galanter & jones for generously contributing to this series!

reset your life series | sfgirlbybay

• photography by christina winkelmann and cindy loughridge.

this story is brought to you by vapor-distilled smartwater, who found unique inspiration for their water by looking up to the sky. we hope the change in perspective this piece offers will help inspire you.

9 responses to “reset your life: recap + downloadable PDF.”

  1. I have really enjoyed reading these interviews! So inspiring!!!! It is so important to do what we love! It’s our true calling… but it is also so important to be practical when pursuing our dreams – Thank you for sharing how they did just that.
    XO! Girl Nesting

  2. I am really loving this series, Victoria! Such beautiful hearts in these ladies. Thanks so much for sharing their stories with us!

  3. I really found this so inspiring! Especially in San Francisco, we have such a fun palette to work off of! Everything is so creative, and interested in other’s creativity!

  4. This is great – thanks for the PDF, and of course for each of the actual interviews. It’s so good to know that it’s possible, even when it seems like a ridiculous thought at the very beginning.

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