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hello all, it’s me, mrs. french. i have a blog called bliss.

i am thinking many of you have bumped into me from time to time on pinterest. i have been a loyal fan since the beginning and have managed to build quite a following. back in the olden days of pinterest i found myself surrounded by many of my favorite bloggers, artists…folks i had been thrilled to know through the wide world of blogging. then it grew and grew. last i heard there were nearly 100 million users! this seems overwhelming to many, however, when i logon i still find myself surrounded by my favorites. pinterest, to me, is only as good as the folks you follow. the users that turn your pinterest dashboard into an endless source of inspiration.

i am going to pop in every other week to share some of the most pin-worthy users on pinterest…out of the millions and millions i follow a thousand or so, the very best in my opinion and i am so happy to be sharing a few of them with you.

blueberry modern is a recent favorite of mine. crazy how my first pin-worthy pick is almost a complete mystery to me…i know that he or she has a beautiful tumbr site, but beyond that he or she is anonymous in the best way. in a world of look-at-me social media it’s sometimes refreshing to bump into an individual that simply puts items out there to inspire…expecting nothing in return. blueberry modern’s boards are a breath of fresh air in a chaotic space, with perfect pops of indigo that i can’t seem to get enough of.

pin-worthy: blueberry modern | sfgirlbybay

each board is lovely, however, i do have a few favorites:

pin-worthy: blueberry modern | sfgirlbybay


pin-worthy: blueberry modern | sfgirlbybay


pin-worthy: blueberry modern | sfgirlbybay

fashion black and white

have a nice tuesday and see you in a couple of weeks…

xo mrs. french

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