real art for a fictitious world.
by the jealous curator comment


oh boy, it’s been way too long since i’ve popped into victoria’s beautiful world. well, i’m back… and i’ve brought a few cute boys with me:

real art for a fictitious world | sfgirlbybay

oh. jake ryan of sixteen candles… the only hunk that can totally rock a sweater vest. i think he would love these paintings by mark hall-patch, i mean, just look at the way he’s eyeing up that jean jacket! yes jake, it would go perfectly with your plaid shirt. i love you.

and now, for a slightly different kind of heart throb:

real art for a fictitious world | sfgirlbybay

lloyd dobler. you really can “say anything” – you’re so romantic! ok, how many of you hoped and prayed that a guy would stand under your window with a gigantic boombox above his head? yep, me too. i thought these mixed tape illustrations by kate bingaman-burt would be perfect for a brooding, angsty lloyd. oh, and speaking of music:

real art for a fictitious world | sfgirlbybay

let’s dance!!!! ah, ren mccormack from footloose. oh sure, jake is dreamy and lloyd is a bit mysterious, but ren is a bad boy from out of town that knows how to dance! sign me up! i absolutely love these paintings by dave muller – record spines, drum sets, and disco balls. perfection (just like you, ren xo)

well there you have it. i’m sorry for the big gap between posts, but at least i brought these guys with me! ~ danielle (aka the jealous curator)

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  1. Get your hands off my 80’s boyfriends! Especially Jake Ryan – that boy is all mine! (Wonder whatever happened to Michael Schoeffling. Sigh…) Love this post so much! Thanks for the wonderful trip to Awesome 80’s past!

  2. Lloyd for me – I still wanted him to make me a mix-tape in 2000 when he’d grown up to be Rob in High Fidelity …

  3. Matt Dillon in Rumble Fish, Eric Roberts in King of the Gypsies, James Spader in Pretty in Pink, Mickey Rourke in 9 1/2 Weeks – 80’S Bad Boys.

  4. Aidan Quinn in Reckless! When he and Daryll Hannah dance to Romeo Void’s Never Say Never. Watched that a hundred times…

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