paradise is here: a giveaway from skinny laminx!
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paradise is here / sfgirlbybay

Skinny laMinx is bringing the tropical feeling into our homes with the newest plant-inspired fabrics from designer Heather Moore. heather, a self-taught illustrator & designer started Skinny laMinx as a bit of a hobby in 2006, and has brought Skinny laMinx to stores from Noordhoek to New York City to their own shop in Cape Town and online. My favorite part was taking a peek at some of the inspiration behind the new line on instagram and their blog.

plus, Skinny laMinx is kindly offering one of our readers three cushion covers from their new collection!

paradise is here / sfgirlbybay

to enter to win three cushion covers of your choice, simply:

• visit the skinny laminx etsy online shop, and choose your  favorite print.

• comment below, and share your favorite Skinny laMinx print with us.

• please comment by monday, july 21st, 12pm PST.

• as always, be sure to leave a way to reach you via twitter, facebook, email or your website.

• yay! this giveaway is worldwide!

• we’ll announce a winner on my twitter account the week of july 28th, so be sure and follow along.

paradise is here / sfgirlbybay

paradise is here / sfgirlbybay

paradise is here / sfgirlbybay

paradise is here / sfgirlbybay

paradise is here / sfgirlbybay

paradise is here / sfgirlbybay

paradise is here / sfgirlbybay

paradise is here / sfgirlbybay

paradise is here / sfgirlbybay

202 responses to “paradise is here: a giveaway from skinny laminx!”

  1. Wow, all the prints are sooo exceptional ! Do we really have to choose ONE ?!
    bah… ok,ok, let it be Tall :)
    thank you !!!

  2. I’ve been a longtime fan of Skinny Laminx and have never been able to choose a favorite! If I have to, though, I’ll go with Flower Fields.

  3. I am salivating over the ZigZag print in Tarmac! And the Fronds pattern in Brazil. I think I see some reupholstery in my future!

  4. I already own several Skinny La Minx pillow covers — and my pup has been shown napping on them via Instagram — but if forced to pick, I love the big, graphic, Tall Pincushion.

  5. i love fronds, and herds has been a fave for years! fingers crossed on this one, i’ve been a fan of skinnylaminx for ages!

  6. Wow, happy to know this brand by now! The ZigZag – Geometric – Paradise Tarmac is truly lovely ♡ *keep my fingers and toes crossed*

  7. Oh my lanta, all of their prints are so beautiful! I’d absolutely love to win the Zig Zag patterened one!

  8. heather moore’s fabrics are truly classics. they are right there with marimekko and orla kiely for her use of simple graphics and amazing colour palettes. my first love was her namesake orla fabric but i love so many!

  9. Absolutely LOVE the Pincushion pattern — it reminds me of home (Australia), also home to gorgeous pincushion proteas.

  10. My couch would love me forever!! I feel so inspired by the “Paradise is here” collection! My favorite would have to be the zig zag geometric paradise in Tarmac! Mixing these new prints in combo with all of the crazy plants I keep in my family room would = total paradise.

  11. Wow, seriously loving the new prints! My cousin used to always send me Skinny Laminx tea towels for christmas but I’ve been out of touch with the brand for a while as work and study took over. Thanks for the reminder! My favourite is the Orla range – but please don’t make me choose a colour! The pink, yellow and grey combo is incredible!

  12. Well in all fairness, I can’t pick just one so here’s a list of some of my faves (that should go with my new home *cough cough*):
    – Bowls, Solid Oral , Pebble, Minimal Geometric

    Don’t make me choose ;)

  13. Oh, so hard to say…but since I must, I will go with Airborne. Heather is a fabulous designer who is single-handedly responsible for my insanely large tea-towel collection.

  14. I am so happy to discover skinnylaminx!!! I love how fun and fresh each pattern is. The oomph factor that the Rough Diamond oozes, the cutie Eep, the prettiness of the Wild Flowers or the cute little Duikers..ohh I Love them all :)

  15. Love the Fronds (from the Paradise)! It allows me to dream of bungalows on the sunny beach, as I sit here by my workdesk and look out of my window at the cloudy nordic sky.

  16. So hard to pick a favourite but I think I am leaning towards the cloudbirds or the woodpile. They are all lovely though!
    Thanks for a great giveaway!

  17. Wow–I am so glad to dscover Skinny Laminx! I had so much fun looking through the Etsy shop. The prints are gorgeous and the quality looks fantastic! Thanks so much for the giveaway; like the others, I find it hard to choose! My favorite, if I have to choose, is Pincushion, but I also love Tall Pincushion and Solid Orla. I am keeping my fingers crossed….

  18. The new prints are fantastic! Love the punch and energy of ‘Fronds’ in Brazil green. Thanks for a great giveaway, Skinny Laminx and sfgirlbybay.

  19. My absolute favourite? Bowls in persimmon.
    But I’m also in love with fronds in brazil and zigzag in tarmac and cloudbirds in granny smith and woodpile in pollen and flower field in penny black and and and…!!!

  20. I’m such a long time fan of skinnylaminx! It’s so hard to pick just one fav, but I do love the new Japanese-esk Airbourne print (Strelizia) and the classic Duikers (black).

  21. So hard to choose ’cause the whole collection is fab, but I really love Palmetto. Thanks for this fun giveaway!

  22. Fronds and Palmetto has me pining for summer breezes, sunshine and a good pina colada! (It IS winter here in the Southern Hemisphere, after all!), Flower firelds is a very close runner up – and I’d almost be hard pressed to choose between the two (I like “pollen” too, but I didn’t see any cushions in that print). A very groovy store!

  23. Tough Decision-so many gorgeous designs. I have choosen the Palmetto cushion covers-they would look great with my sofa and curtains.

  24. I am torn between the black and white design or the yellow pattern….Both are wonderful, the yellow for my patio and the black and white, for my sunroom….

  25. My fave is : Decorative Cushion Cover – Pillow Cover – ZigZag – Geometric – Paradise – Brazil – Pine Nut – Screen printed – 20×20. Love it
    Twitter: @judethomas21

  26. I like the fronds print the best. All of them are so wonderfully colorful though, it was a tough choice.

  27. My favorite is the home again – giclee print. It would be a good display to the dining room. I want to have it :) :)

  28. I have always loved Skinny LaMinx prints and choosing a favorite is nearly impossible. But I love the colts fabric – a great animal and a great pattern, especially on those pillows.

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