a nook, a makeover, and some beautiful paint.
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a nook, a makeover, and some beautiful paint / sfgirlbybay

i’ve been living in my little cottage for almost two years now, and i’ve always been a little conflicted about the small nook off my main bedroom. i put a dresser in there and hung my coat from an old mannequin (which i love), but it never really had any real oomph! then, the folks at colorhouse asked me if i might like to try out their new mercantile color collection — a brand new collaboration with rejuvenation, and i took this as a sign it was time for a little nook makeover. i’d been pinning images i liked of ‘half-baked’ walls, and i even did a post on it. i like the way a two-toned wall draws your eye in and adds a little something extra to a room, so i decided to try this approach with my paint makeover.

a nook, a makeover, and some beautiful paint / sfgirlbybay

a nook, a makeover, and some beautiful paint / sfgirlbybay

the nook has bead board on the lower half, so i selected two pale colors from the mercantile color collection — chalk no. 5 for the top of the walls, and flint no. 1 for the base. i wanted two-toned, but i didn’t want it to be too overpowering in the small space, or end up looking too choppy. the other idea i had was to hang one of wide eyed legless’ DIY copper clothing hangers in the corner — they’re functional but look so beautiful, and i thought the copper would really enhance the gray tones in the paint. and it does — the copper and these shades of gray look so serene and pretty together, i couldn’t be more pleased. now the nook is more of the focal point in the bedroom, rather than an afterthought. i hung all my prettiest vintage wear and added my mid-century modern bench to create the perfect dressing area, and it serves to remind me to get a little fancy now and then!

a nook, a makeover, and some beautiful paint / sfgirlbybay

a nook, a makeover, and some beautiful paint / sfgirlbybay

a nook, a makeover, and some beautiful paint / sfgirlbybay

i’m going to be hosting an event at rejuvenation in berkeley next thursday evening, july 24th from 6 to 8pm — and you’re invited. i’ll be introducing the new mercantile color collection, and asking you if you’d like to join me, to bring along some photos (even on your phone, or tablet) of problem rooms you’d like a little color guidance on. come to the event, enjoy some wine and snacks, and let’s brainstorm on paint ideas for your home. i’d love to see you there! if you’ve never visited, rejuvenation is the general store for home improvement projects that add real value to your home, with classic American-crafted, vintage-inspired lighting, home wares and hardware.

a nook, a makeover, and some beautiful paint / sfgirlbybay

a nook, a makeover, and some beautiful paint / sfgirlbybay

From artist-crafted color to hand-crafted lighting, colorhouse and rejuvenation both create products whose quality, authenticity, and sustainability reflect the spirit of their shared birthplace: Portland, Oregon. With a shared focus on sustainability and beauty, Rejuvenation is a perfect partner for this classic color palette. colorhouse has created an exclusive palette of 36 interior hues for rejuvenation and the mercantile color collection will be available for color sampling through small 8 oz. Colorspot real paint samples and fandecks in rejuvenation stores in stores in Portland, Seattle, Los Angeles and Berkeley. I hope to see you at the berkeley store next thursday!

• this post in partnership with colorhouse. thanks for supporting the great brands that sfgirlbybay recommends.

36 responses to “a nook, a makeover, and some beautiful paint.”

  1. I LOVE that clothing rack! How did you get the copper to have such a lovely weathered finish? Copper from the hardware store looks so shiny and new (which is pretty in its own right, but I love metal with a patina…)

    The idea of a two-toned wall is gorgeous. I’m currently lusting after ones with not-so-perfect paint jobs, like this one from Pinterest with a rough dividing line: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/33284484718357190/

    Love, Gigi

    • thanks gigi! i think the copper patinas naturally when the oils from your hands gets on it. it just looked like that after handling it a bit. :)

      love that yellow wall!

  2. Man I’ve been loving two-toned walls lately, and this subtle version is great. White + grey + copper + all those pretty dresses…..beautiful!

  3. I remember when you first posted the BEFORE nook and I thought it was so lovely. Sorry, but
    I still think the BEFORE was better………..IMHO. ;)

  4. such a great transformation! i love the addition of the bench in this space as well – our designer at red has used similar benches. a perfect addition to the spot + a great use of the space!

  5. Oh my gosh, Victoria! This turned out GREAT! That corner is so much warmer than before. Congrats!

  6. I’ve rarely comment, yet felt moved to applaud your “new” nook! I adore the copper hanger, &I’m not one who cares for copper, despite it’s popularity lately. It works so beautifully in your nook, along w/ your soft new wall colors. Maybe I just haven’t seen copper against the correct colors? I’m definitely going to try this DIY.
    Your space before was equally lovely, yet I completely understand the desire for change. What a great, inspiring space to start your day(& end it too)! =^_^*=

  7. It looks beautiful. I wish I had a nook in my bedroom :) Our laundry area is just a nook at the end of the hallway so maybe I can think of a way to spruce that up.

  8. As a painter I’m always interested in learning how people hang artworks, in frames or not, how they correspond to the whole image. And I like the way you have your art hanged :) Very beautiful place!

  9. Love this look! The copper is both industrial (in a cool way) and delicate, the way you’ve got it hanging by….what is that? Is it fishing line? Anyway, I love it. I look to Rejuvenation’s catalogue for the best light fixtures so it’s great to be introduced to this paint line. Thanks!

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