serendipitous pins.
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serendipitious pins / sfgirlbybay

arro home, via the design files; aust amelung lighting via yellow trace; and plant hunting.

do you ever notice that you’ve got quite a rather common color theme going on in your pinterest pins? all of a sudden you realize you may have absentmindedly pinned a very clear color scheme. that happened for me today when i looked up and noticed it looked like a slice of summery watermelon up there on my computer monitor. i love it when that happens — feels quite serendipitous, or maybe just reflects your mood. these pins were staring back at me today, and i felt compelled to share their summery beauty.

serendipitious pins / sfgirlbybay

st. germain grapefruit margarita via the baking bird.

serendipitious pins / sfgirlbybay

kelly brown’s studio via decor8.

serendipitious pins / sfgirlbybay

round jelly planters; cactus via bxxlght; designlovefest’s studio chairs, via sfgirlbybay.

serendipitious pins / sfgirlbybay

flamingo vintage glasses from frances lane event rental studio.

serendipitious pins / sfgirlbybay

robson rak architects; watermelon seed pillow sheila couture; banana leaf tree, via paper and stitch.

5 responses to “serendipitous pins.”

  1. You really are feeling these colors–the pictures of SF yesterday were in the same scheme :)
    It’s not just my Pinterest pins…my whole LIFE is in an unintentional color scheme. My Pinterest is full of black, navy, grey, and white. So are my clothes. So is my bedroom. So are all my designs. I guess we all gravitate toward certain things…what can you do, right?

    Love, Gigi
    Dolce and Gabriella

  2. My theme for this year has been mint and pale peach, absolutely love this colour combo and is currently reflected in my website livery. I even have a pair of Dr Martens boots that are mint coloured with pink laces, so I was immediately drawn to this post. I am currently redecorating my bathroom in this very colour scheme. I also have a pin board on Pinterest dedicated to mint and teal. I find the colours fresh and invigorating but also subtle and quite feminine, which is an unusual trend for me.

    Thanks for sharing.

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