when in drought.
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when in drought / sfgirlbybay

the design files; handcrafted in virginia.

there’s a drought of historic proportions going on here in california — In fact, 2013 was the driest year the state has seen in 119 years. so, what to do with our house plants? it would be difficult to just allow our plants to dry up and shrivel away, so one thing you can do is recycle indoor water outdoors: what i do to water my plants is keep a bucket in my shower. as the water warms up the bucket collects the water for watering my plants. you can also wash your fruits and vegetables over a bucket and use it to water your plants — voilá, very handy.

when in drought / sfgirlbybay


another wise choice would be to decorate with cacti and succulents, which require very little water at all. plus, they look so great and in so many capacities. from living walls, to living in the odd repurposed container (think: old tins, vintage wooden boxes), succulents are extra hardy, but not extra thirsty. for more tips on conserving water, visit save our water. you can also check out sunset magazine’s guide to plants requiring very little water.

when in drought / sfgirlbybay

melissa green.

when in drought / sfgirlbybay


when in drought / sfgirlbybay


when in drought / sfgirlbybay

happy interiors blog, via llamas valley (above & below).

when in drought / sfgirlbybay

when in drought / sfgirlbybay

sofia byström.

when in drought / sfgirlbybay


when in drought / sfgirlbybay

shop sweet things.

when in drought / sfgirlbybay


when in drought / sfgirlbybay

loose leaf..

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  1. Oh Victoria, thank you so so much for featuring my beloved houseplants on SF Girl by Bay!! I am truly honored!!! Big hug!!!

  2. Thank you so much for this lovely post. I am so pleased that you are aware of this terrible drought we are having and are helping spread the word with all these lovely images and ideas. I live in Carmel Valley and the drought is a very real threat (as it is all over California) because of how dry it is. We’ve had to figure out how to keep our lovely garden alive and any new plants have to be drought tolerant.

  3. Great tips on how to preserve our water–such a scary problem for Californians. I never thought to do anything with the water in the shower as it’s warming up, but now I’m going to try it! I have to admit, though, I love the mellow green tones of succulents. I think they’d be my plant of choice even if they weren’t so easy to take care of.

    Love, Gigi
    Dolce and Gabriella

  4. That’s a great idea with the tub. We use five gallon buckets to catch the A/C evaporator coil condensation runoff, which comes out of pipies on the side of the house.

  5. Use native plants in your garden – they are naturally adapted to our cycles of rain and have withstood millennia of drought/rain cycles.

    Search Pinterest for “California native plants” and see soooooo many beautiful shots of great choices!

  6. So fun to see my Urban Jungle Bloggers buddy Igor’s pictures in this green roundup, Victoria! Also love your tip about saving water in the shower. I wish everyone would do so: it would save tons of water and make the world a little greener too.

  7. Hi Victoria,
    Do you know the name of the pink tree shown in the picture shown above “shop sweet things?” Thank you in advance

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