one cart + three ways.
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one cart + three ways / sfgirlbybay

i love anything on wheels (you may already know that about me). give me a rolling utility cart and i’m over the moon — they’re so functional and have so many uses. so when Target invited me to choose a piece from their room essentials line and style it up three ways, i knew it had to be what they call their chrome microwave kitchen cart — oh, but it’s so much more. it can be utilized as an extra chopping island and kitchen supply caddy; you could totally use it in a studio to store art and craft supplies; a sewing room — well you get my drift. i decided a few things i’d like to use it for was a bar cart — they always look sophisticated and fabulous; a bath cart — i’m always looking for spots to stash guest towels and stylish bath accessories; and lastly, an herb cart — roll this cart in front of a sunny spot and you can grow indoor herb plants to your heart’s desire. allow me to show you what i mean.


one cart + three ways / sfgirlbybay

one cart + three ways / sfgirlbybay


one cart + three ways / sfgirlbybay

one cart + three ways / sfgirlbybay

one cart + three ways / sfgirlbybay


one cart + three ways / sfgirlbybay

one cart + three ways / sfgirlbybay

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  1. I was leaning towards a beverage cart for our small living room, but your herb cart idea just sealed the deal. Now, I just need some of those fab terracotta pots! <3

  2. Love this cart but it’s not available online or in stores, at least that is what the Target site is telling me. Dang!

  3. Where did you find the frame for the Santa Barbara print? I just bought the beauty but haven’t found a frame/mat that works yet. Love your taste!

  4. Great cart styling! Quick question, what is the tree like herb with white flower on the right hand side of the herb trolley? And is it tasty??

      • Really thyme? I’ve never seen it with a thick stem like that. It looks like a mini tree. Is it a particular type/how do you get the stem like that?

        Sorry too many questions!!

  5. Ohhhh, be still my c(he)art! Love your styling tips with that bad boy. I have had this cart since college and it has been a total lifesaver… but considering it’s getting a bit vintage, it’s in need of some restyling – I see some herbs in it’s future!
    Thanks girl,

    I love how you were able to transform this cart for three very different uses!
    So awesome!

  7. oh how fun! you did a great job, obvi as expected. target is really stepping up their game these days, and i’m enjoying the bloggers they’re partnering with (you, design sponge…). way fun!

    • thanks amanda! it’s fun to partner up when the challenge is something i think readers will like, and i’ll enjoy styling. this was a blast to shoot, and i thought you guys would find useful. so glad you liked it. :)

  8. Hi Victoria!! My name is Meg and I’ve been a fan of your blog for such a long time, and I adore this post. :) You are actually one of my inspirations to start my own blog! So far it’s not all that fantastic, but I was wondering how you managed to style your blog. I really like how it’s simple, but elegant. Would you mind giving me some tips on how to achieve a look like yours or tell me how you made your blog? I would really appreciate it.
    If not, I hope you’re having a wonderful summer :)

  9. I have that exact cart. I use it in my kitchen to hold my microwave and some other assorted kitchen tools.

  10. I love this form of sponsorship! Such a fun way for us to engage in what you do. Just wanted to tell you it’s a breath of fresh air in blog land. Nice.

    • hi cait, the bottle is a french handblown glass bottle from the fle market, and the plant was a foraged find from the flower market. i’m not sure what it is, sorry!

      • After a little searching around, I think I figured out what the bottle is. It’s a Demi John handblown wine bottle. Did you find it at a flea market in the SF area?

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