bright & airy in l.a.
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This light Los Angeles home evokes the fresh feeling I want in my own space. Homepolish designer Haley Weidenbaum describes, “The Venice sun and the ocean air permeate the home and instill a relaxing, carefree vibe… In approaching the design, I felt strongly that incorporating natural materials and motifs in the interior would make the transition from the rustic exterior seamless and free-flowing. Reclaimed wood, leather, shells from the beach, and petrified wood made for wall decor. I wanted pops of color to be subtle so as to complement their surroundings rather than be the star of the show. To achieve this, I chose somewhat muted colors such as shades and tones of blue, green, and red. For a dash of elegance, I included metallic accents.”

Have you heard of Homepolish? We previously featured a lovely blue hue home. this company provides you with a personal interior designer available at every budget, making the process of creating your dream space simple, fun and accessible!










• Designer: Haley Weidenbaum for Homepolish
• Photographs by Tessa Neustadt

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  1. i love seeing how people style “real” homes. it’s always amazing to gawk at homes with 20 foot ceilings, chandeliers galore, floor to ceiling windows, and great architecture…but i love seeing how people make virtually ANY space stylish…even if they don’t have millions of dollars to invest in real estate :)

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