pin-worthy: megan gilroy
by traci french comment


pin-worthy: megan gilroy / sfgirlbybay

we all have them. the friends that are just the right amount of cool. the friends that are put together. the friends with the just right home. i imagine megan gilroy to be this type of friend. her pinboards are pretty much just the right amount of everything. often times i look to pinterest for inspiration of all types: home interiors, fashion, art, photography…etc. megan gilroy’s pinterest boards inspire me in all of these ways and more. pin-worthy seems like an understatement in this case.

my favorites:

pin-worthy: megan gilroy / sfgirlbybay


pin-worthy: megan gilroy / sfgirlbybay


pin-worthy: megan gilroy / sfgirlbybay


see you in a couple of weeks friends.

xo mrs. french

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  1. Talk about consistency. These images have such a strong common undertone. I love when my fave bloggers share/ make recommendations, Victoria! Thanks for introducing us to these boards!

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