indian summer bar cart + a giveaway.
by victoria comment


indian summer bar cart + a giveaway / sfgirlbybay

i know it’s monday morning, but is it too early for a cocktail? well, perhaps, but i’m mixing one up for you today that i think you’re going to be looking forward to drinking one evening very soon. bartender extraordinaire, the lovely lucia from women & whiskies shared with me this very refreshing, summer cocktail — the honeyed old fashioned. made with Glen Grant 16 year old single malt whisky and a simple syrup you easily mix up from honey and hot water, this cocktail tastes like it might be much more complicated to make than it really is. it’s a snap! fall may be just around the corner, but our indian summer lingers, so what better way to enjoy these last lazy days of warmth and sunshine than sharing a light and delicious whiskey cocktail with friends?


indian summer bar cart + a giveaway / sfgirlbybay

and to add a little celebration to the women & whiskies cocktail hour, i’m going to be giving away a lovely little Japanese cocktail set to one lucky winner from umami mart to get your bar cart in gear — a fancy set of 4 yarai rocks glasses; a Yarai mixing glass; a pretty gold-plated trident bar spoon, 2 gold-plated jiggers, a hawthorne strainer and a mesh strainer, all from our friends at Umami Mart.

indian summer bar cart + a giveaway / sfgirlbybay

i thought the pretty rattan cottage bar cart from serena & lily would help me create the perfect indian summer bar cart paired with the pretty japanese bar set from umami mart. so summery and simply elegant together!

indian summer bar cart + a giveaway / sfgirlbybay


to enter to win a the entire bar set from umami mart, simply:

• comment below, and tell us what you love about whiskey cocktails.

• follow women & whiskies on instagram.

• please comment by monday, september 15th, 12pm PST.

• as always, be sure to leave a way to reach you via twitter, facebook, email or your website.

• yay! this giveaway is available worldwide!

• we’ll announce a winner selected by random number generator on my twitter account later in the week of september 15th, so be sure and follow along.

indian summer bar cart + a giveaway / sfgirlbybay

indian summer bar cart + a giveaway / sfgirlbybay

indian summer bar cart + a giveaway / sfgirlbybay

indian summer bar cart + a giveaway / sfgirlbybay

• all photography by cindy loughridge for sfgirlbybay.

This post made possible in partnership with a women & whiskies but all opinions and thoughts are my own. thanks for the supporting the brands that make sfgirlbybay possible.

168 responses to “indian summer bar cart + a giveaway.”

  1. Whiskey is my go to drink of choice! I love mixing up different cocktails and anything with whiskey is ok with me!

  2. I love Umami Mart and the Japanese cocktail set. Would make a great gift for my boyfriend, the budding mixologist.

  3. This set is GORGEOUS! I’m having one of those Mondays and could really go for an old fashioned right about now! I love whiskey cocktails because they are warm and cozy and always put a smile on my face. Love the burn!

    twitter: @travelingitch

  4. i love everything about whiskey! i’d love to go to one of women & whiskies events! the drink i’d make with beautiful things from umami mart would be a trinidad sour—whiskey, red wine, lemon, maple syrup and bitters! YUM!

  5. Oh my god, I’ve been drooling over these gold-colored pieces! I have gold flatware, so these would be perfect!
    I love whiskey cocktails, especially with homemade ginger beer!

  6. What a beautiful set! my husband and I just moved in to a beautiful old apartment in Brooklyn, and are planning to set up a bar cart space, so this would be perfect!
    Just followed W&W on IG, and am excited to see what they post.
    I love drinking whiskey cocktails because of how nuanced the flavors can be, and how fun that is to play with! But I also love the history and the science of distillation and cocktail development over the years. so fascinating!

  7. A whiskey cocktail can be almost anything you want it to be. For me, it’s an excellent dessert, replacing slightly unhealthier options like, say, a pint of uncontrolled ice cream eating, or a chocolate bar that disappears a little too fast. Give me a manhattan and a book instead.

  8. I love whiskey cocktails, as I tend to sip them slowly for maximum enjoyment, they just remind me of sitting down with a good book and relaxing.

  9. I love whiskey for it is warm-cozy and burning at the same time…like a good lover. challenge and hugs in the same golden glass.

  10. Ohooh, gorgeous.
    What I love about whiskey is that it has just the right amount of toughness for when you’re feeling like a badass, and can instantly change to a girly softness when mixed right.
    Would love to get my hands on this set :)


  11. What I love most about whiskey cocktails is the process of putting them together, even if its making something simple, theres something so nice about the process.

  12. i love whiskey cocktails because there are so many ways to put together an amazing cocktail based on what you’re in the mood for. personally, i’m always in the mood for an old fashioned :)

  13. Soooo much gorgeousness. What’s not to love about whiskey cocktails? Personally, I love the warmth of whiskey – Wild Turkey is my winter drink. :) I’ve followed on Instagram. Thanks for the opportunity!

  14. If I had to pick one drink over all other options it would be whiskey. It’s a standard at our home and puts all the other drinks into the corner.

  15. whisk(e)y is awesome because it suits all moods and seasons. winter? yes! pour a dram and curl up under a blanket. summer? yes! mix up a cocktail with lots of ice and get out on the deck!

  16. I’m still learning to love whiskey–my boyfriend is an aficionado, and I love it when we can make cocktails for two! I love the richness of whiskey cocktails: there’s a depth and a luxuriousness that you just don’t find in a vodka cocktail. I’d certainly be inclined to make a lot more with a pretty new bar cart set up!

  17. My husband and I just started putting together our first bar cart! We loved Bri Emery’s bar cart post recently and are definitely planning in adapting her ideas to include more whiskeys, since we are both obsessed! We attend whiskey tasting parties all the time, and I’m really excited to try out this honey simple syrup with a few of my favorites :) thanks and have a great week!

  18. I love a good Old Fashion or Manhattan made with a solid whiskey! Would love the get the deluxe bar set… but in GOLD!! For now I’ll have to settle in purchasing everything individually :)

  19. Mmm love a good whiskey cocktail! They’re best when it starts to get cool outside – will warm you up immediately. Would love to win this fabulous set.

  20. Whisk(e)y is so versatile. Great in the summer/spring and warming in the fall/winter months.Ginger Beer, Maple Syrup, Bitters, Apple Cider, Infusions…the possibilities are endless moving into holiday season. I have a great bar table at home and I’m always looking for new bar tools to assist in my cocktail blogging. Cheers!
    Instagram: @foodietails
    Twitter: @foodietails

  21. “For relaxing times, make it Suntory time” – Lost in Translation
    What I love most about whiskey is the diversity of flavors, I am always discovering something new. Currently favoring Japanese whiskey – but looking forward to making the Honeyed Old Fashion, possibly with this beautiful cocktail set!


  22. What I love about whiskey is all the different and complex flavors! There really is a whisk(e)y for everyone which makes the range for cocktails so broad. There’s nothing like a great Mint Julep for summer, a strong Sazerac in the winter and a classic Whiskey Sour (with egg white!) for all the days in between.

    This giveaway is gorgeous!

    – Crystal

    twitter/instagram: @negroclash

  23. I’d love to win this for my bday today! :)

    Even though i’ve moved on to be more of a gin girl I’ll always hold a special place in my heart for my favorite – makers and ginger. That drink started me off as a spry 21 old bar goer :)


  24. I’m a Southerner by birth, and my heart truly belongs to whiskey. Bourbon is the backbone of my home bar and I love to create seasonal cocktails with it all year long- juleps and sours in the spring/summer, manhattans and old fashioneds as fall sets in…. or just neat, or with one perfect ice cube. When I found women&whiskies, I felt a kinship with you ladies immediately! I want to come to your next event!!

  25. Love all the pictures, great styling!
    I like to drink scotch and do tastings with girlfriends and at dinner parties. It’s a easy way to get a good vibe going, and who doesn’t like the warming effects whiskey brings as the fall sets in?

  26. I have never tried a whiskey cocktail, just whiskey by itself which I didn’t like.. maybe I would like a cocktail! I am an instagram follower (kellywcu)

  27. I’m just starting to get into whiskey cocktails but think the umami mart set is gorgeous!

    IG: @sfbrowneyes

  28. To me, whiskey cocktails represent a luxury…a little getaway to a better time. It always seems like a treat, whether mixed for a summer escape or straight/neat in the winder for a sense of comfort. I love the little cart you picked out…seems like a little exotic bar.

  29. I love whiskey cocktails because they remind me of touring the Glen Livet distillery in Scotland. Nostalgia!


  30. I actually don’t drink alcohol – so mocktails and the like are more my speed. What an incredible table though! It would look awesome in almost any setting! :)
    (Contact via blog www(dot)seaweedandraine(dot)com )

  31. I just recently became a whiskey drinker and I love whiskey with a drop of sweet syrup, bitters and sometimes even with a sprig of mint. I’d love to win this beautiful bar setup!

    I follow on Instagram! (my handle is kylamarilyn)

  32. Oh gosh, it would be super exciting to win this! I am a huge cocktail nerd but don’t have any fancy cocktail gear :) I started following Women & Whiskies on Instagram a while back when you mentioned them on the blog and have been enjoying it. Thanks also for the awesome cocktail recipe!

  33. I love how whiskey is warm and sophisticated. My favorite way to drink it is neat, but in a cocktail it’s amazing with some honey and ginger beer :)

  34. I love the rich taste of Whiskeys. They are are so complex and yet can be a refreshingly light option. Whisky is my go to drink of choice.


  35. I love whiskey cocktails because they remind me of warm summer nights hanging out with my dad. Plus, they add a serious touch of badassery to your beverage.

  36. I recently discovered whiskey and fell in love. I love the warmth of this beverage and enjoy a bubble bath and an old fashioned cocktail the most.

    My twitter is @samantharsolis

  37. I love whiskey cocktails because I only drink gin in the summer and when I start drinking whiskey it must be autumn and that’s my favorite season. I love bourbon and rye cocktails in fall. Winter you’ll find me sipping scotch neat.

  38. I love whiskeys’ way of drawing you closer to the fire in winter, the best kind of nights. Whiskey cocktails just make it more fun! ;) As would that Japanese bar set, how incredible to put in my first home. x

  39. I love whiskey cocktails because they can be such a great contrast of masculine and feminine- i feel like a tough lady drinking an old fashioned in a fancy glass!

  40. In the summertime, I love to make mint juleps. It takes a little work (to crush the ice), but it’s so worth it!

  41. I love the pure flavors of a whiskey cocktail. Not fru-fru, not sugary. You know you’re having a cocktail.

  42. Whiskey…the perfect beginning to the perfect autumn cocktail. Oh, and that lovely bar set. If only every season was the whiskey season!

  43. I’m thinking about a cocktail set for a long time and this is perfect for my bar cart too! I often prefer latin cocktals as a mojito or sangria, but a refreshing whiskey drink is fabulous to take alone or in a good company.
    Beatiful photography, Victoria. I’m in love with your style.

  44. Whiskey is multifaceted, reflecting its origins. Whichever one you choose, they all deliver a cocoon of warmth; like a peat fire in a glass.

  45. They have a beautiful IG account :) The only whiskey drink I go for is a whiskey sour, but my boyfriend considers himself a connoisseur. We just started our own bar cart at home and that beautiful set from Umami Mart (I love their IG too!!) would look great on it!

  46. I just love how elegant whiskey cocktails make me feel and the certain deliciousness they add to the moment. They are so versatile and can make any gathering an instant hit.
    Twitter: @lattesandphotos

  47. Followed! I only got into whiskey in the last 2 years and now I find myself getting excited when the weather gets colder. Coming home from work and sharing a 2-finger, neat (him) and on-the-rocks with splash of grapefruit (me) glass with my boyfriend is so cozy in the fall (and also feels so Mad Men-esque)!

  48. I like that whiskey cocktails are slow sippers. The taste can slowly evolve as the drink waters down some. I like the warm rustic sort of taste whiskey brings to cocktails which is a great switch to all the overly sweetness most cocktails are. My fiancé and I just love exploring new tastes from different preparations, blends and mixes.

  49. Following on instagram. I love that you let the drink sit for some time and take small sips to let the flavor linger.

  50. I love the depth and heat of a whisky cocktail, it’s comforting in winter and heavenly in summer

    following on instagram: katieo2500

  51. I love the versatility of whiskey & the way it lends itself to any cocktail situation – from a simple flask on a backcountry camping trip to a sophisticated peaty scotch in a rocks glass to a light summery fruit smash! twitter: ptire

  52. I love how you can make a whiskey cocktail mean whatever you want it to. A bit of me time, ready to go out, catch up with friends, perfect end to the evening or the start of a great one. Then you just have to decide what outfit your cocktail will go best with..

  53. 1- Women starts with W,
    2- Whiskey starts with W,
    3- Whee starts with W,
    and that’s life with the three!

  54. Delighted to be following W&W on Instagram and Facebook. I am also a member of the LA Scotch Club, as scotch is my drink of choice. Whiskey cocktails pack complexity, bite, sophistication and grit. Like some of my favorite women.

  55. I love whiskey because it reminds me of my dad – he introduced me to it and whenever I go home, he has some new unopened bottle he kept so we can try it together :)

  56. Oh my!! that cocktail set is adorable! I love how people think I’m a badass when I say I like whiskey {lol} definitely going to try out this recipe tonight! Thanks :)

  57. My favorite thing is how the flavor of whiskey shines through in cocktails, unlike say vodka or rum, which I’m terrible at distinguishing once they’re mixed in a drink.

  58. Lovely! We all deserve this one- however, Gals I’ve had the worst summer in XX years, so I hope I win this cheerful bar set. I will give up men now…

  59. Wow, those cocktail accessories are beautiful! And as always you have just gorgeous styling. I actually don’t like whiskey or bourbon AT ALL—but I love every other kind of cocktails! My favorites combine ginger beer with fruity juices, and I love a good Caipirinha and Pimm’s Cup. Yum! If I win, please contact me through twitter @jadeandfern . Thanks!

  60. The gold, the etched glassware – what a beautiful classic bar set! Perfect for mixing up a whiskey cocktail of course. Whiskey straight up – hard to go wrong. Mixed – just don’t make it too sweet. It just makes you want to dress up and have a night of it – in a classy, dapper kinda way

  61. I enjoy the nuances of whiskey – was recently in Scotland and visited a distillery, and it’s amazing all the components that go into Scotch!

  62. i love that whiskey cocktails are so versatile – they can range from light to heavy, fruity to bitter, depending on the mixers. yum!

  63. I love a good swig of a whiskey cocktail (but am still building up to being able to do it like a champ) because, holy of all holies, that initial taste bud kick and buzz… perfect. Thanks for offering up this giveaway!

  64. Whiskey is my favorite spirit! It is the most versatile yet, somehow, not as approachable as others. You can have it in the Spring and Summer with fresh fruits, Fall with apple and spices, and Winter warmed up in a Toddy. And least we forget, the ever faithful Old Fashioned (with Bourbon!) which is my go to. Cheers!

  65. I <3 whiskey! A great whiskey cocktail is a little sweet, a little sour, a smooth finish. Whiskey sours (made from scratch, of course) are my drink of choice always! P.S. I'm @Stephisawes0me on twitter :)

  66. whiskey cocktails is awesome because I can experiment with it and share the end result with my drinking buddies

  67. Whiskey is such a classic, it’s warm and comforting. I’ll definitely be trying the recipe above.
    Twitter: @AlissaPalStill
    Facebook: Alissa Palmer-Still

  68. I really can’t stand the taste of malt, which is why I hate beer and soon had to settle for something different. Whiskey is my favourite because it’s smoother than vodka and it goes so well with so many different combinations, too!
    Twitter: @missvankuchen

  69. I followed on instagram! This is such a great giveaway. I love a whiskey cocktail because there is something so old-fashioned and gentlemanly about it. At the same time, there’s something so K-A cowboy about it and when I drink or see a woman drinking a whiskey cocktail she gets major points for not ordering a vodka cran ^~

    My blog is here! and I can be reached there, or by email at girlandherpearl at gmail dot com.

    Thanks again for this great giveaway! XO

  70. Great giveaway! I love good whiskey and I love mixing up different cocktails and anything with whiskey is ok with me!
    Thanks xoxo

  71. Whiskey is my all time favorite liquor, it has such a smooth delicious taste. This set is absolutely beautiful! Thanks for a great giveaway!

    – Genevieve

  72. Wowww! Could these pics be more gorgeous! That flower arrangement!!!

    Please include me in the draw; love following your work via Pinterest!

  73. This barware set is absolutely beautiful! I have recently purchased a bar cart but yet to have the perfect barware to go with it. I love whiskey cocktails and creating new combinations to make new drinks. Whiskey cocktails are classy, sophisticated, and can have endless possibilities.

    Thanks for such a great giveaway!

  74. seriously everything that’s on my wishlist for my new bar space that i’m pulling together for my apartment! **fingers doubly crossed**

    ps. what’s not to love about a whiskey cocktail?!

  75. I love whiskey (and bourbon!) for a multitude of reasons; the simplicity of enjoying it neat and on the rocks or the endless possibilities of mixing a cocktail. There is a certain sense of pride I’ve adopted in my love for whiskey, especially when it comes to crafting a good old fashioned from scratch for myself. There are few things that can beat a really good whiskey… except maybe the priceless look on the face of the guy next to me when I order one (why do they find it so surprising that a classy lady enjoys an equally classy drink?)

  76. Whisky cocktails are best enjoyed with friends over a long, lazy evening! What a generous offering, thanks so much.

  77. I love a good whiskey cocktail. There are so many different undertones and flavor notes that there are unlimited possibilities. The slow warmth of a whiskey drink is unbeatable, too. If you ever go to the Portland area there is an amazing place called The Whiskey Library, just amazing! This set is fantastic as well.
    xx. LP

  78. Spring: Mint Julep
    Summer: Whiskey Smash
    Fall: Weylin
    Winter: New Orleans
    Everyday: Old Fashioned


  79. I love Women & Whiskies! Was already following them on Instagram. :) I’m a bourbon girl, and I love bourbon-based cocktails for that oaky, smooth flavor. Manhattans are my go-to cocktail!

  80. There’s something about a good cocktail, especially one made with whiskey. Whiskey cocktails can make me feel warm and cozy and enjoying the rest of day!

    my twitter: @MissEharaCloset
    my IG: @miss_ehara

  81. Having just spent the summer in Edinburgh, whisky is definitely top of my list for adding into cocktails – I just had one last night with whisky, ginger, and honey.

  82. There is nothing better than a delicious Manhattan, on a long winter night! A nice whisky will always leave this strong and powerful taste AND feeling for me!
    Thanks for this lovely giveaway!

  83. Whiskey and honey is the best combo! I love how warm I feel after sipping a whiskey cocktail. Perfect for these early fall evenings in Indiana.

  84. I love how versatile whiskey is in a cocktail, and how limitless the options are. It’d be difficult to try them all, but that doesn’t mean I won’t try!