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me makeover / sfgirlbybay

i’ve been practicing some pretty big changes lately, and the payoff is beginning to show. nothing happens overnight, but slow and steady? perhaps it does win the race. i’m working on a ‘me makeover’ but trying to be realistic about it. Today, I’m partnering with Jawbone to bring you a bit of a personal story and some new goals i’m working towards. jawbone invited me to try out their UP System and this opportunity came at a time when i’ve been taking my health issues pretty seriously, so i jumped on it. i’ve recently gone to see a naturopath and got some really inspiring advice on how to take better care of myself. when you work as much as i do and don’t get up from your desk, well it kinda begins to show. you get blogger’s butt, or in my case, blogger’s gut and it ain’t pretty. it’s a result of aging too, right? where all of a sudden you’re like ‘what the heck is this, and where did it come from?’ my waistline can be seen from outer space without looking that hard. time to step it up here — and frankly, quite a bit.

me makeover / sfgirlbybay

I need to eat better — which i’ve been practicing: no sugar, way less if no carbs at all, lightening up on the dairy big time. and more exercise — even if that means just riding my bike to the corner store for groceries, or walking a little further, i’m doing that. by wearing the jawbone UP24 band and using the app i’m hoping to move more, lose weight, sleep better, and eat healthier — and track it all easily. do you find when you track your food intact and exercise you do more of it? i’m a little OCD as it is, so tracking is right up my alley and holds me accountable, plus i can see real and tangible results. the jawbone up system gets to know you personally — tracking your activity, diet and sleep. and then it shows you how to make simple adjustments that, over time, add up to an all-new you. it teaches you how your day, night and food affect each other, so it’s super customized to each individual.

me makeover / sfgirlbybay

i’ll be checking back in with you guys in a month or so — so guess what? you’re holding me accountable, too — another reason i agreed to wear the jawbone up24 band. wanna join me? i’d love it if we could do this together! pats on the back, and a few ‘woot, woots’ would go a long way as well! here’s to all of us succeeding in living just a little bit better!

me makeover / sfgirlbybay

• this post is in partnership with Jawbone, but all opinions and thoughts are my own. thanks for supporting the sponsors who make possible fresh sfgirlbybay content everyday.

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  1. I have been thinking about getting a fitness tracker as I have been having all the same issues…why are they all not so attractive…why is there no form in the function? Tori Burch came out with a case for one that is pretty fancy but not really my style so I don’t why more cannot be made that look like jewelry as opposed to some kind of “live strong” armband (which I did not get into either but at least the proceeds went to a good cause). The “Misfit” seems to be the nicest looking although it almost looks likes one of those anti-nausea bands meets a sportswatch but does not have all the tracking capacities of the fitbit or the Up or the Nike whatever it is called.

    There was a funny piece that David Sedaris wrote in the New Yorker about his experience with a tracker:

    Looking forward to hearing about your progress!

  2. Where are you tracking your progress? Are you using anything like MyFitnessPal? I’ve been looking for new tracker since my fitbit died. I like the looks of the UP.

    • I use MFP, I find it sooo helpful. Usually I know what I’m going to be having for lunch and dinner so I enter it all in the morning so I know how much wiggle room I have for the day and it helps me refrain from over snacking! It can also be a good motivator to do some exercise when you can see how many calories you can ‘gain’ from it.

  3. oh yeah, this is a good idea! I need to finish losing the baby weight – i’ve had ten pounds left to lose for MONTHS! time to get into gear!!!! Also a good reminder, we don’t have to wait for new years resolutions to start taking care of ourselves :-)

  4. I’m experiencing the “turned 50, wow what’s this” change and it’s been eye opening. B12 injections have helped immensely, as has the practice of eating clean, although letting go of alcohol is a bummer (good tequila shaken with fresh lime and ice is my go to gotta have a drink cheat). Thanks for sharing.

  5. I just got myself a jawbone as well and I have to say, it is motivating! I found myself running in place for ten minutes one evening because I hadn’t reached my step goal for the day after a particularly long day of staring at a computer screen. I’ve struggled with healthy eating, balanced sleep and exercise for a long time, but as a fellow OCD lady, I find tracking my progress visually totally satisfying. Good luck!

  6. Oh, Good for you! I, too, am on a me makeover. Just starting out and seem to be on the same path as you in regards to less sugar and carbs and more exercise. I have a fitbit already. I do find that when I wear it I am more likely to walk more and try hard to boost my numbers. I’ll be curious to hear how the jawbone does for you and how you do in general. Keep it up!

  7. Hooray for you! Wishing you all kinds of healthiness! From my seated position in front of my computer. Haha! I guess I’d better get outside for a walk right about now!

  8. I love my UP band! It so motivates me to get my steps in, and I absolutely love the sleep tracker. In fact I just got a little reminder about what time I’m supposed to go to bed tonight to hit my goals! :) best of luck, I think you’ll really like it!

  9. Good for you to consult a naturopath.

    Have you tried weight training? A great way to build muscle and seriously rev up your metabolism. And, it helps your balance. I swear by BodyPump classes.

    Also, consider a standing desk: sitting for long periods is now the “new smoking”.

  10. I went out and bought the Up24 today! Thanks for the great idea- I am always looking for new ways to motivate myself. I have tried some other tracking apps but this one seems to do lots of cool things. Hope it works for both of us

  11. Great post Victoria! More than anything – energy is what we all need.. after that coping with everything seems so much easier… I find that even if I can’t do a full workout in the morning, even a 5 minute tabata-style workout helps immensely.

    Best of luck, love your blog, you have such a great eye!

  12. Good for you! I’ve been meaning to do this too. My post-50 body is changing fast — especially bewildering because I still feel 35 inside!! By the way, I love these images and wondered if you would produce a poster/print of that last one? The petals are so pretty and the quote is absolutely how I feel about so many things in life. I would love to have that hanging on my wall! Pretty please???

  13. Victoria! When I’m trying to lose weight, tracking everything that I take in and then also expend (exercise) is the ticket! Seriously… dieting is a science, and keeping track allows you to manage the equation in your favor. At the beginning of your journey, and if you’ve been choosing all the right things, don’t be surprised if you lose 4 -7 pounds in the first week! It’s those encouraging beginnings that keep me motivated. Good luck, and here’s to good health (which is the most important part – and the key reason for our efforts!)!!!

  14. You can do it! Slow and steady is the perfect way. It creates life changes that last. I was diagnosed with type two diabetes about three years ago and I had to make changes! now 100 pounds lighter and 1000 pounds more at peace. I am one happy girl. But, it is always a daily yes to health. I will always be working at it and that is OK! Proud of you for sharing this with your readers.

  15. You can do it Victoria! I think the key is lots of little changes that you can stick with. I use a Fitbit and it definitely motivates me to squeeze in a few more steps per day. I like that the Jawbone is less fitness-y looking though.

  16. Boy do I hear you on the Bloggers Bum, not to mention the rapidly expanding waistline that’s appeared from nowhere, getting old is a pain when it involves suddenly purchasing a new wardrobe! Sounds like you’ve found an awesome way to combat it though, I can’t wait to hear how you go with this. It’s certainly something I’d be interested in trying, particularly as it covers sleep and food, two areas I’m terrible at! Good luck with it, but I’ve got a feeling you’ve got this :)

  17. Hello I’ve just got myself a up today and I’m really excited to see how it all goes as I’m training at the gym 6 days a week and having to write everything down now it should all be longed onto the up I’ve been reading people’s stories and I’m inspired even more now

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