pin-worthy: greg sczebel.
by traci french comment


pin-worthy: greg sczebel / sfgirlbybay

all the cool kids follow greg sczebel. is this true? i have no idea but it seems that way…greg scezebel’s boards are incredibly beautiful, perfectly masculine and yes, cool. i can’t think of a better guy to profile as my first male pin-worthy pinner.

i do consider many of my favorite pinners similar to myself…we pin the same things or they pin items that i can’t believe i didn’t find first. then i have favorites like greg…favorites that tap into sides of me i have yet to discover, yet when i do, i am so happy i did.

take the time to stop in for a visit..

my favorites:

pin-worthy: greg sczebel / sfgirlbybay


pin-worthy: greg sczebel / sfgirlbybay


pin-worthy: greg sczebel / sfgirlbybay


until next time…

xo mrs. french 

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  1. Thank you for this, I love it!! My favorite board is “Businessclass”… is there anything better then a well designed restaurant and hotel?!

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