pin-worthy: alecia @ likes of us.
by traci french comment


pin-worthy: alecia @ likes of us / sfgirlbybay

hello all,

i find that many times pinners overlap…which isn’t such a bad thing. in the case of many of the pinners i follow, i truly believe it’s because i follow a group of folks with nothing short of lovely taste and lucky for me, happen to gel with my aesthetic. i also love when i happen upon a pinner that finds beautiful things i have yet to bump into. such is the case of alecia @ likes of us. there is a huge list of pinning perfection i can’t believe i haven’t had the pleasure of noticing before.

i am happy to say that now after spending a great deal of time on alecia’s boards there is a heck of a lot more overlap. i can’t turn down beautiful, sophisticated items no matter how hard i try.

a few favorites…

pin-worthy: alecia @ likes of us / sfgirlbybay


pin-worthy: alecia @ likes of us / sfgirlbybay


pin-worthy: alecia @ likes of us / sfgirlbybay

home interiors

xo mrs. french

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  1. I love the menu shot! That would look good framed on the wall in the kitchen! Btw, that reminds me of my plan for my new flat: My wall art is going to be enlargement of a selection of the many, many photographs I have taken on my many travels, rather than other people’s shots from Pinterest. I just wish they came readily photoshopped, like on Pinterest… ;-)

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