make mine minimal.
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make mine minimal / sfgirlbybay

hi design.

i’m in one of those moods again — the kind that makes me feel like i’ve got too much darn stuff. it happens to me a lot when i return from a trip away from home. maybe you know how it is — when you pack a small bag of essentials for a weekend away, maybe it reinforces the fact that you really don’t need that much stuff to be happy. so i’m looking at more minimal ways of living today. clear away the clutter and live a little more simply. a mix of mid-century modern neutrals, wood, and a colorful punch from lovely textiles and rugs. here’s a bunch i love.

make mine minimal / sfgirlbybay

maryanne moodie.

make mine minimal / sfgirlbybay


make mine minimal / sfgirlbybay

revelateur studio.

make mine minimal / sfgirlbybay

momo suzuki via elise joseph.

make mine minimal / sfgirlbybay

scout & catalogue.

make mine minimal / sfgirlbybay

Demetrio Zanetti via my unfinished home.

make mine minimal / sfgirlbybay

a cup of jo.

make mine minimal / sfgirlbybay


make mine minimal / sfgirlbybay

standard studio.

make mine minimal / sfgirlbybay

apartment therapy.

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  1. Love all these, thank you Victoria! It’s something my boyfriend and I are constantly thinking and talking about but have yet to actually achieve. Our lack of storage in our small, old apartment means a lot of stuff is out in the open which adds to the “visual” clutter (we’re also freelance photographers who work from home, meaning our office/studio is also our living room.) It really is amazing how little you need. After doing a 2.5 week road trip down the west coast a few weeks ago, it really demonstrated how we could get by with so few things. But that being said… I do love our book collection taking up an entire IKEA Expedit bookcase, among other favourite design-y objects and furniture! Maybe when we move into our next (hopefully larger) apartment will we finally make the leap into minimal, clutter-free living!

  2. Oh, how I feel you. I’m also in one of those “let’s just throw a grenade at the whole thing and start over!” periods, myself. And I LOVE that house in Davis via Cup of Jo–I’ve had it bookmarked for ages! It’s perfect. (Also, congrats on your book–I discovered we have the same lit agent, hooray!)

  3. I love this – such great inspiration – and the Maryanne Moodie wall hanging is gorgeous. Her work has inspired me to try weaving and I’ve bought a mini loom but just not done anything with it yet. Think I’m going to have to dig it out and give it a try!

  4. Really well-curated post. We enjoyed all of the images! As a design firm, we always recommend a more minimal way of living. If that can’t be fully executed, we provide custom closed storage to hide clutter and keep the space as clean as possible.

  5. I’ve been eyeing a piece of cut redwood down the street from my house for a bedside table. Thanks for the motivation in these pics! I’ll get it tonight!

  6. I’ve been struggling with the notion that we have too much stuff, too! I literally got rid of 3 van-fulls of stuff last month, and I still don’t feel like I’ve purged enough. Thanks for these gorgeous photos to help inspire me to get rid of more!

  7. Thank you for the love, Victoria it’s very much appreciated. Do not hesitate to ask us for specific imagery as we constantly shoot new buildings, we may have that image you’re looking for.

    Sincerely, Revelateur Studio.

  8. Hello!! I was wonder if you happen to know where the rug is from that’s pictured in the revelateur studio photo!?

    Thank you!!

  9. hello – where is that awesome dining set from ? It looks like one my parents’ have that is my mother’s pride and joy. Scandinavian style made with teak, I believe?

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