women & whiskies: a bar cart giveaway.
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women & whiskies: a bar cart giveaway / sfgirlbybay

just in time for holiday celebrations, Women & Whiskies and i have a lovely cocktail recipe for you to toast to this season! you’re going to love this Boulevardier, using Wild Turkey Rare Breed whiskey. So sophisticated and pretty! one of the best things about partnering with the awesome gals from Women & Whiskies is learning new cocktail recipes, getting educated on various kinds of whiskies, and the real plus? it also feels super cool to walk up to a bartender and know what the heck I want to order and how to order it.

i also think you’re really going to be over the moon for this giveaway, too. because the stylish folks at DwellStudio are giving away their Connaught Bar Cart to one lucky reader! if you’ve not been fortunate enough to stumble upon DwellStudio before, it’s a design house for fashion-forward modern furnishings with stunning homewares and furniture collections, like this bar cart we’ll be giving away (valued at $1,476)!

women & whiskies: a bar cart giveaway / sfgirlbybay

women & whiskies: a bar cart giveaway / sfgirlbybay

women & whiskies: a bar cart giveaway / sfgirlbybay

here’s a few notes on the Boulevardier cocktail you might like to know:

• it’s a delicious aperitif — it’s like a Negroni but with whiskey instead of gin. Anything with Campari is great for the holidays because of the beautiful red color — so perfect to serve before thanksgiving dinner!

• There have been some misperceptions about Wild Turkey in the past so it’s great to know that Wild Turkey uses only NON-GMO, USA-grown grains — and no shortcuts when it comes to ingredients! If any, very few American Whiskey brands can claim this. Wild Turkey use #4 char on their new American Oak barrels — the deepest (and most expensive) char that gives the whiskey incredible depth in flavor. Master Distiller Jimmy Russell is the longest-tenured active spirits distiller in the world! So yeah, he pretty much knows what he’s doing. He just celebrated his 60th year at Wild Turkey.

• And finally, Wild Turkey Rare Breed in particular is A blend of 6-, 8-, and 12-year old bourbons. It is a “barrel-proof bourbon” meaning no water is added after distilling and aging to dilute the flavor. It’s weighing in at 112.8 proof — they aren’t messing around!

women & whiskies: a bar cart giveaway / sfgirlbybay

women & whiskies: a bar cart giveaway / sfgirlbybay


to enter to win a the beautiful connaught bar cart from bar cart from DwellStudio, simply:

• comment below, and tell us what you love about whiskey cocktails.

• follow Women & Whiskies on instagram.

• please comment by monday, november 17th, 12pm PST.

• as always, be sure to leave a way to reach you via twitter, facebook, email or your website.

• sorry, but this time the giveaway is for U.S. residents only.

• we’ll announce a winner selected by random number generator on my twitter account later in the week of november 17th, so be sure and follow along.

women & whiskies: a bar cart giveaway / sfgirlbybay

women & whiskies: a bar cart giveaway / sfgirlbybay

women & whiskies: a bar cart giveaway / sfgirlbybay

women & whiskies: a bar cart giveaway / sfgirlbybay

• all photography by cindy loughridge for sfgirlbybay.

This post made possible in partnership with women & whiskies but all opinions and thoughts are my own. thanks for the supporting the brands that make sfgirlbybay possible.

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  1. Whiskey cocktails remind me of my grandfathers house- sitting outside at sunset while kids play!

  2. I have always been a whiskey girl. I feel like it is a step up from the “drink all the vodka sodas you can” college mentality.

    Followed Women & Whiskies on ig!

  3. Whiskey is substantial and complex. It’s refreshing in the summer and warming in the winter. Whether it’s a Manhattan or a hot toddy, whiskey cocktails always seem to fit the mood.

  4. Whiskey drinks are the best because they’re made to savor. They’re good for serving up right around dusk and sipping into the evening, paired well with languid conversations.

  5. Love a good whisky cocktail-so much flavor and warmth. Have you tried the Leather & Lace at Dirty Habit in SF? I could totally go for one now…and is 10:30am….questionable.

  6. Whiskey drinks are always my go-to because I think they tend to have so much more interesting complexity and character than, say, vodka.

    I’ve followed on instagram and will be waiting with bated breath. :)

    xx- Kate

  7. I love whiskey cocktails because it soothes your soul with every sip. Nothing beats a hot toddy during the holidays on a cold winter night!

  8. Whiskey is all the rustic romance of a campfire, but in your mouth.
    So excited to try this cocktail. I adore Campari!

  9. My father always made the family Manhattans on the holiday’s. I affectionately remember the first times I was allowed to drink these whiskey martinis and my family would be a bit tipsy playing scrabble on Thanksgiving! I never won. My mother always earned that honor. To this day I order Manhattans as my winter cocktail – grandpa style.

  10. A whiskey cocktail is the perfect fall drink to me. It doesn’t get much better than curling up on the couch on a chilly night with an old fashioned in hand.

  11. Whiskey makes me feel like a badass. I especially love a good whiskey cocktail in fall — there is something warm and rustic about it.

  12. Whiskey drinks remind me of my husband and the Old Fashioned cocktails that he would make for me when we were first dating. I bought him a bottle of Bulleit and a pair of Frye boots for our first Christmas together and he still talks about how it was one of the best gifts I could have given him. :)

  13. I love whiskey cocktails because there is no shortage of possibilities. Whiskey can play a supporting role, letting other flavors refresh and delight your senses; whiskey can also carry the show, providing a bold, warm palate. Whiskey is like the perfect little black dress: dressed up or down, dripping in accessories of worn simply — what’s most important is how it makes you feel like the star.

  14. Whiskey. With roots in the UK and Ireland, and a tradition here in the US as well, there’s a strong history associated with this spirit. Whiskey has that complex and warming scent and flavor, an while that makes me think it is best drank neat, it pleasingly pairs well with a whole host of other flavors. I also love the healing properties of whiskey when drank with tea, honey, and lemon—it reminds me that with this kind of powerful medicine, a little goes a long way.

  15. I love whisky and whisky cocktails. They are total tomboy chic. Besides being tasty, they’re so sophisticated. I especially love the super smokey whiskey a. Like sipping a campfire!
    Thanks for the opportunity!

  16. Whiskey is smooth and you only have to add a touch of sugar and bitters for the perfect old fashioned – my favorite cocktail.

  17. Whiskey is a comforting, loving beverage. It’s like a soft blanket, a warm hug, or a crackling fire. It is best enjoyed with friends, curled up on the couch, chatting the night away. And what better way to serve the tasty beverage than on a beautiful bar cart.

  18. Honestly nothing is more awesome than a bunch of rad girls getting together to hangout and share a real drink (keep the vodka cranberries at the college bars please).

  19. My grandma drank Jack Daniels, on the rocks, with a twist in a red wine glass everyday. Whiskey reminds me of her. And she would totally love that bar cart. Cheers!

  20. Wow! What a beautiful giveaway! I’m a lover of all liqueurs but there is certainly something special about whiskey. I’m a scotch girl myself because of its smoky aspect but man-o-man do I love some Campari! That Boulevardier looks amazing!

  21. My first drink was whiskey, my dad put it on my gums when I was 5 after I lost a tooth. I’ve been hooked since. ;)

  22. Whiskey, in my opinion, is the most versitile liqour. You can enjoy it’s complexity by drinking it strait, or enjoy the endless amounts of cocktails that could be made with it at the center of the mix. A good drink to keep you warm on a cool night around a fire, or to keep you refreshed during a lunch on a hot summer day. The perfect drink.

  23. I love whiskey cocktails in the fall and winter. They help add that special warmth and coziness to cooler evenings. Plus, it’s a good drink to share with my dad, which is always fun. :)

  24. I love whiskey because it reminds me of my daddy. Growing up we would all sit around in the living room every night talking while he sat in HIS chair and drank whiskey and water. Such sweet memories of him.

  25. What I love about whiskey cocktails is how you can mix them up to suit any season or palate. I wasted a lot of time worrying that I didn’t like whiskey because I didn’t like Manhattans. Lo and behold there was so much to love when I sampled different co-stars!

  26. Whiskey cocktails are my go to, especially during the fall and winter seasons. I usually start the evening with a well stirred manhattan (I prefer a rye matched with vermouth di torino or antica). To end my evening I stick to neat with a twist of lemon.

  27. Nothing beats the warmth or sophistication of a good whiskey cocktail. The Boulevardier looks like the perfect way to cope with the extra harsh, extra early cold weather that’s hitting in Chicago this week!

  28. I drink whiskey because it makes me feel like the sophisticated, young lady I am. I love making whiskey cocktails for my friends around the holidays and on hot summer nights.

  29. Whiskey cocktails are my favorite kind of cocktails. It makes me feel badass and sophisticated all at the same time. Also, I’m OBSESSED with that bar cart.
    Followed womenandwhiskies on IG! (@catherineblubaugh)

  30. I love whiskey because genetics – both of my grandfathers preferred it (one liked it on the rocks, the other in the form of a whiskey sour, or scotch sour). Which is also a testament to its versatility. I like it both ways, and Boulevardiers are lovely as well.

  31. I think this might be the best giveaway to date! I love that whiskey is tasty/classy enough to stand on its own, but also versatile in lots of cocktails :)

  32. Love that they combine the whiskey I love neat but in a more elegant and feminine option for happy hour! I prefer whiskey especially in the winter where it just gently warms you up but doesn’t contain the same sort of punch that a liquor like vodka has. It’s also great for not wanting to appear too immature or overly girly — I like mixed drinks that don’t seem to blare that I don’t know my alcohol or just want whatever’s fruity/easy/cheap.

  33. When my husband and I were dating, high-end cocktail bars were our favorite dates- and it was on those dates that I learned to love whiskey!

  34. Love whiskey cocktails because… er, I love whiskey! And they are great for any season, and great to show off with bitters! This bar cart is so gorgeous. I am a cocktail enthusiast and I would love to win :)

  35. Drinking whiskey isn’t just for the boys anymore. Drinking it makes me feel like a powerhouse – like I can be whoever I’d like to be, even for a night, even if the person I feel like being is myself. I like the references to Don Draper that some other commenters have made because it’s a nice reminder of how far we’ve come since Don ran the show – we aren’t in the background anymore, answering phones. No, we’re commanding the room now, closing the deal, we’re anything we want to be, and whiskey can remind us all of that.

    ***followed @womenandwhiskies****

  36. Whiskey is my favorite spirit and therefore love spirit-forward whiskey cocktails. The best whiskey cocktails highlight the whiskey with minimal additives. A perfect manhattan is the best after a long day :) I love how smooth they are.

  37. Drinking whiskey is like putting on my big-girl pants. I feel like I own the crowd. I’m sophisticated. I’m classy. Basically, drinking whiskey makes me even more awesome than I already am. And this bar cart is equally awesome!

    Following @womenandwhiskies on IG (from @L.Skeezy)

  38. What’s not to love? Whiskey is evocative, mysterious, and good for what ails ya! I’ll take a whiskey cocktail over a beer or glass of wine any day. Especially if it arrives courtesy of that lovely lovely bar cart. Oh myyyy!

  39. I started a quest to try all of the “old rich men” cocktails a year ago. I’m a fan of an old fashioned, of course, but lately have been coming back to a Kentucky Mule – a Moscow Mule variation using whiskey rather than vodka. Such a refreshing icy smooth drink!
    That bar car is awesome! Thanks for the opportunity.

  40. This is the perfect weather for a whiskey cocktail. I met my husband over a whiskey cocktail, so of course it’s my favorite.

  41. I love making hot toddy’s with whiskey to stay warm on freezing days!
    twitter: @DysautonomiaC
    instagram: @cjg221

  42. Whiskey cocktails have such a deep, rich, warmth to them, making them perfect for late nights in front of the fireplace! That bar cart is stunning and just like one my grandparents have! I’ve been following Women & Whiskies for a while and I’d love to win! (@hemogoblins)

  43. I love whiskey because there’s nothing better than a manhattan when the weather starts to get cold!

  44. What I love about whisk(e)y cocktails is the ability to surprise the palate. It’s not so much of a blank slate like vodka (yeech) or gin (which I also love), but plays in its own unique way in a drink.

    Also, nothing disarms a man like a woman who orders a good whisky with a wee splash of water.

  45. I love the flavor of a smoky single malt Scotch whiskey, and it is the best cure for a belly ache. The smell of Whiskey is nostalgic for me. I loved smelling my grandma’s nightly bourbon on the rocks, and the smell brings me right back to sitting on her lap at a young age. I must mention she’ll be 102 years old in December, so maybe whiskey is good for your health too!

  46. I’m so in love with this bar cart, I’ve been searching for one for months. This has been a favorite, but it is WAY outside my price range. So lovely. Can’t wait to try this cocktail.

  47. This bar cart is beyond perfection! As for Boulevardiers, always a go to in the winter when a Negroni just doesn’t seem appropriate. @goaskaliceagain (insta)

  48. This may sound a little silly, but I love whiskey cocktails because they’re crowd-pleasers! My macho friends continue to feel macho (it’s whiskey) and my delicately-palated friends are still drinking a cocktail.

  49. I love when the fall weather becomes cool and having a whiskey cocktails that warms me from head to toe!

  50. In the words of Mark Twain: “Too much of anything is bad, but too much good whiskey is barely enough.”
    Wild Turkey, you dirty bird. Gobble gobble <3

  51. I like whiskey cocktails because they let you create a drink with more richness, flavor and warmth – whiskey goes with lemon, lime, a lot of sweetness or a little, without ever sacrificing taste.

    And on the topic of women and whiskey, maybe our gal Carrie Bradshaw knows best… ““I’d much rather be someone’s shot of whiskey than everyone’s cup of tea.”

  52. I love a good whiskey sour – the combo of whiskey, citrus, and a frothy egg white is unbeatable. I would love to display my beverages on this cart!

  53. Love whiskey cocktails- a Moscow Mule is my favorite. There are a few whiskey distilleries in Detroit and a ton of craft cocktail bars and lounges. I find whiskey mixes with other components really well. A lot of my friends think they can’t drink whiskey but they just haven’t had a successfully crafted whiskey cocktail yet! I’ll have to have them try this one.

  54. I love kicking back at the end of a long day with some good jazz and a nice, strong whisky cocktail. It’s the best way to wind down.

  55. Whiskey warms the soul and really feels cozy on a cold and foggy San Francisco night. Drinking whiskey a sign of maturity as it is meant to be savored and enjoyed not overly mixed or taken as a shot. It is refined, elegant, and classy.

  56. i recently coached a bartender through making me a Boulevardier! they are my absolute favorite. i love ordering whiskey cocktails in general because they’re strong and great for sipping! plus, they just make you feel gooooood!!!

  57. My sister introduced me to whiskey when I turned 21. I have been a whiskey lover ever since. I love the warmth and comfort whiskey offers. I definitely enjoy a great whiskey cocktail at fun gatherings with friends and family!

  58. I love whiskey cocktails like the Manhattan and Boulevardier (I’d make both with Rittenhouse Rye) because of the way the flavors evolve from sip to sip. These are not one-note drinks!

  59. There’s a perfect whiskey drink for absolutely any occasion.

    I love enjoying a Sazerac in the summer in New Orleans or a Manhattan in the fall in, well, Manhattan!

    Twitter: @lilstigler
    Instagram: @guidetobees

  60. I like Whisky because it’s a little unexpected, and it always impresses my man friends when a lady orders one!

  61. I love a bourbon by the fire on a clear winter’s night in Phoenix, my hometown. We can sit outside here all winter, even at night, so that means a lot of bourbon. Not a bad thing, for sure.

  62. Whiskey – Warms the soul on cold winter nights. I enjoy it mostly because it’s a leisurely drink, meant to be savored and enjoyed, just like life.

  63. Whiskey cocktails are so warming, and yet so sophisticated! I’ve got several in rotation for holiday entertaining! Plus they remind me of my childhood–the adults always drank whiskey sours at family events.
    The bar cart is beautiful. Thanks for the opportunity.
    Please email.

  64. WoW what a beautiful cart! What’s not to love about whiskey cocktails??!! My husband is a whiskey straight on the rocks kind of guy and I’m a whiskey sour girl :)

  65. Whiskey cocktails are always perfect- there are endless variations based on the type of whiskey you use and the accompaniments. They are suited to every season: when you have fresh produce you can use it (meyer lemon sours, anyone?), or you can take a classic cocktail and dress it up with specialty sodas. My favorite is a whiskey ginger made with Bulleit and my favorite gingerale ever, Blenheim’s. If you’ve never tried it, order some now. Careful, it’s spicy! Lately we’ve been crushing on the Old Fashioned.

    My absolute favorite thing about whiskey cocktails? It means you get to drink more whiskey (which is important for someone who usually drinks it neat, like me)!

  66. I’m not quite up to drinking whiskey (well, scotch) straight, so I like whiskey cocktails that mean I can enjoy the smoky spiciness without quite the same burn :)

    (@skygazing on twitter)

  67. This Bar Cart is too gorgeous! Whiskey cocktails are not only delicious but since it’s a versatile spirit the possibilities are endless! @lizabshire

  68. I have taken to drinking whiskey(over vodka cocktails) after having my two boys. It was a good transition into adulthood and it calls for you to take some time to savor not only your cocktail, but life in general. That bar cart is ridiculously awesome and I would love to have it in our home.

  69. What I love about whiskey cocktails if that they make me feel like I am on holiday even if I having a drink on my own porch!

  70. Whiskey cocktails Make Chicago Winters bearable!
    That Bar Cart would be the perfect addition to my home!

    (Please email)

  71. My favorite thing about whisky cocktails is that my boyfriend makes them for me all the time! He’s a big whisky guy & he’s definitely shown me how to appreciate it more than I used to. Having a personal bartender isn’t bad either :) Love that bar cart!! (followed on IG: @lanak)

  72. There is nothing more classically sexy and with delicate bravado than a Manhattan. I tend to order mine with Knob Creek. I have always preferred a whisky cocktail to something made with the traditionally feminine vodka. Recently I became friends with a Scotch drinker and a whole new world has opened up. Here’s to Women & Whiskies!

  73. i love the variety of flavors among whiskeys, and the warmth and character they bring to a drink. there aren’t too many other spirits i actually want to taste the flavor of through the drink.
    instagram: @stacymrutherford
    twitter: @stacymruth

  74. I love how ordering a whiskey cocktail makes me feel confident (rather than indecisive) and grown-up, with just a bit of an edge. (Plus, they remind me of my grandmother – her drink was Jack on the rocks with a twist!)
    twitter: @KatieLu

  75. I love whiskey cocktails because they can be subtle and complex at the same time. With so many varieties and different drink variations every night canbe a whiskey night.

    Instagram: kristaelizbeth
    Email: krstmoores@gmail.com

  76. I love whiskey since it can go in a sweet, sour, or bitter cocktail. A whiskey cocktails makes you feel refined and sophisticated or fun depending on what glass you use!


  77. I love whiskey cocktails because they are warm and cozy. I had a rye cocktail with walnut bitters recently which was delicious! The bar cart is beautiful.

    Twitter: travelingitch

  78. I love whiskey cocktails! They always look and smell as wonderful as they taste–a total sensory experience!

  79. I am always in the mood for a rye Manhattan! Nothing warms you from the inside quite like whiskey!

  80. Lovely post. I would love to incorporate that cart into my space, and fill it up with whiskey! My favorite thing about whiskey cocktails (minus the flavor!) is seeing a man’s suprised/intrigued expression when I order it! :)

    Instagram: @rachelestradaart
    Website: rachel-estrada.com

  81. Whiskey cocktails remind me of Hemingway; straightforward, brooding, and the object of my hearts desire.

  82. I love that whiskey is good on ice, alone, warmed in cider, or mixed in soda. It’s the most flavorful liquor alone and the easiest way to make a drink taste like it took complicated effort to make ;)


  83. I love that whiskey can be such a unisex libation. My man loves whiskey in his flask & I love to sip on a homemade Whiskey Sour. However served it brings a little heat, and a whole lot of fun!

  84. I love how whiskey warms you up on a cold night – whiskey cocktails are my favorite winter drink! On warmer days/nights – I love to drink whiskey with ginger ale or ginger beer.

  85. Whiskey used to mean Scotch to me,
    Til a handsome man who’s name’s Gary,
    Introduced me to delights from Kentucky,
    Mix with vermouth, bitters and cherry,
    And you’ll not find a happier girl than me.

  86. I love watching my husband and his friends enjoy a nice whiskey cocktail or just on the ice. I Prefer the pouring and mixing aspect to a whiskey drink. My fingers are crossed, this bar cart is gorgeous!

  87. I love the versatility of whiskey – great on it’s own or mixed into a delicious cocktail. Whiskey ginger has long been a favorite but I love trying new cocktails to appreciate the complexity and different flavors.

    Also just love the bar cart – I’ve been looking for the perfect one!

  88. I have only recently started enjoying Whiskey, unfortunately when I was a teen, I got highly intoxicated on Whiskey and was just put off by it for over a decade. Over the last two years, I am really loving Irish Whiskey, and I agree with ginger is the best. Love this cart, would look lovely in my dining room.

  89. Whiskey cocktails are the embodiment of the modern woman with the sophistication yesteryear…whiskey is timeless, complex, refreshing, and comforting.Whiskey is soothing and adventurous.

  90. Loving whiskey cocktails is like adoring salted caramel. You get the best of both worlds —a smooth, sweet foundation combo’ed with a snappy and sharp finish. And, I can’t deny that I love that it warms my bones! ;)

  91. Drinking whiskey is such a big girl drink! I don’t feel like a teeny bopper ordering drinks at the bar. Plus, they’re soothing and warm in the winter :)

  92. I love how simple or complex whisk(e)y drinks can be. I love that they can find a home in all seasons and at any occasion. Personally, I favor American Whiskey. Neat, please!

  93. A whiskey cocktail is the perfect pairing to a fresh blanket of snow. Period. The only thing that could improve this pairing would be if the cocktail was mixed on top of this crazy beautiful cart.

  94. I love how whiskey brings darkness/depth to fruity cocktails, such a nice balancing point. Thanks for the giveaway, that’s a beautiful cart and so gorgeous in the polished nickel.

  95. whiskey cocktails remind me of my best friends and I playing darts at our favorite bar in Nashville. Great nights with some great ladies!

  96. Beautiful bar cart! I love the versatility of whiskey cocktails. They can be dark and complex or simple and sweet. I’m a KY girl, so I’d just as soon be sipping straight bourbon.

  97. Whiskey cocktails remind me of the sophisticated & very adult pre-dinner drinks my parents enjoyed when I was a kid. Now that I’m all growed up, I love their warmth, depth of flavor, and flexibility/adaptability to so many moods/tastes/seasons.

  98. ‘Cause a whiskey manhattan is how every weekend begins with my true love……..oh, and nothing better than sipping whiskey by the fire!

  99. Whiskey cocktails work both by day and by night, in the heat and in the cold. They don’t require stocking many ingredients to make, and they bring extra authenticity to conversations.

  100. Whiskey definitely reminds me of staying up late in the 70’s and watching my parents entertain.
    It was – and is becoming all over again – one of those quintessential Canadian cocktails.
    Oh, and if this is only an American contest, I’m in the U.S. now :-)!

  101. I love making whiskey cocktails and garnishing the finished product. They are always very eye catching with unique glasses and beautiful colors. On top of that they are delicious!

  102. Old fashions and Manhattans…whiskey always reminds me of my mom. Lovely bar cart. Beautiful styling.

  103. This is so southern of me…..but whisky cocktails are a sure fire way to get the party started! :) Love this beautiful bar cart!

  104. My beloved older friend Katharine drank Wild Turkey and Canadian Club ginger ale every day at “cocktail hour” until she died at the age of 92. One of my favorites is Campari, so the mixing of the two sounds heavenly and memorable.

  105. Love the color, warmth, and sophistication of a whiskey cocktail… This bar cart is to die for!

  106. I usually go for a good whiskey and enjoy it neat, but cannot turn down a well-done Manhattan. There is something comforting and relaxing about the whole ritual. Also, whiskey and ginger is a delicious way to use up a less than perfect whiskey :-)

  107. I love the classic & distinguished vibe it adds to a drink. Always makes me feel like I just stepped up my game, no matter the venue or occasion!

  108. I like that even the most timid whistle when saying WHISKEY.
    I like that WHISKEY adds a burnt umber patina to all concoctions.
    I like that your giveaway is in time for my birthday!!
    Thank you Victoria and Dwell Studio.
    Wild Turkeys await :)

  109. Beautiful cart! Gin in the summer & whiskey in the Fall.
    I’m a negroni lover so can’t wait to try this cocktail.
    (talullah2 on IG)

  110. What is there NOT to love about whiskey cocktails? It’s the best booze there is, and if im not drinking it straight, I LOVE a good whiskey sour. This cocktail here looks pretty tasty too.. I think I’ll have to try it!

    Please let me win this bar cart! I’ve been looking for one for ao long but all the good ones are out of my budget. This one is PERFECT! Plus my birthday is Thursday nov 13 so this would be a perfect present!

    I’m @stephisawes0me on instagram!

  111. I love whiskey because it’s always been a part of my family. It takes me back to my Grandma’s table laughing and making memories. And it’s delicious :)

  112. I am a big fan of whiskey cocktails. When hosting parties, I love to make different flavored simple syrups and create a drink station for self serve cocktails.

  113. Whiskey is my go-to alcohol for making cocktails, either classics or messing around to get a nice seasonal drink. Berries in the spring and summer, apples in the fall, citrus and spices in the winter. Whiskey is the best!

  114. i just love the whiskey, the booziness of a whiskey cocktail is always SO good after a long day!

  115. I love making delicious cocktails with whiskey. To me, whiskey tastes like campfire, fall, and inspiration.

  116. There’s so much to love about women and whiskies….their website and instagram is so beautifully curated. Whiskey will always be my go-to for any drink at really anytime. From pickelbacks to whiskey sours, I really don’t think i could do without it.


  117. I love whiskey because it is such a versatile liquor for all seasons; however, no matter the mixture, all whiskey cocktails require some time to sit and sip slowly- the perfect way to think alone or have a great talk with friends

  118. Uhmm, this is ridiculously A-mazaing! I am definitely a whisky girl. My gramps & I always shared our traditional Christmas old fashion while we watched all the craziness of our family! Lol) We were the only ones that loved that drink. He is not with me this year, but I will have a drink (or 2) for him this year! xx

  119. I enjoyed a couple whiskey smashes over the weekend. They were delicious! I love that whiskey goes so well with citrus. :)

  120. I am in love with this bar cart and recipe! With the holidays coming it’s always nice to have a new drink to try and/or serve at holiday parties! I like whiskey especially this time of year because it really fills you with a warm feeling while you drink it. My fiancé is and I love trying new cocktails and we have been lookin for an affordable bar cart just like this to display our growing bar collection. Thanks so much for sharing! Following both accounts on IG & Twitter! Mmancz@gmail.com – Cheers!!

  121. We toasted with a Manhattan and a Rob Roy on our way back down the aisle at our wedding! We’re total whiskey lovers!!

  122. If what you drink says something about who you are, whiskey is for women who know what they want and aren’t afraid to say. It’s memorable from the first sip and usually a sign of a good night to come.

  123. There is nothing better than drinking a hot toddy while putting up holiday decorations and wrapping presents!

  124. Whiskey cocktails make me think of hours of good conversation over candlelight… there isn’t much better than that in my estimation.

  125. Whiskey cocktails will always remind me of my father. He passed away when I was 20 years old. Thirteen years later, I still have the last whiskey bottle he bought :-)

  126. Love the sophistication of a whiskey drink. It’s definitely not just for men.

    @jordantroublefi –on twitter

  127. I love that whiskey is so versatile, from a refreshing whiskey sour on a hot day to a warming apple cider and whiskey by the fire in the winter. Yum! @audreypeterson

  128. I have worked at one of the country’s better known whiskey bars (www.clydecommon.com) for the past five years and I have developed a strong appreciation for the craft of distilling, aging, and creating cocktails from whiskey. I owe a lot to the spirit and would love to have this beautiful cart to display the finest bottles from my collection.

  129. When I was an exchange student in Argentina 25 years ago, I was introduced to Johnnie Walker. It’s the national drink. And I quickly learned to love it like very one else there. But I eventually gave it up exchange for wine. Now that my husband has chosen the sidecar as his current favorite cocktail, I am thinking I may join him on occasion with a festive apéro of my own. This Boulevardier looks perfect!

  130. Whiskey always reminds me of my best friend from college. I find whiskey cocktails to be more unique than vodka or rum. Plus I always feel like a badass when I order a whiskey drink, it’s so unexpected for women :)



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  135. I am a Southern girl; bourbon is my JAM. Fall is especially delightful for jack + ginger or jack + coke because it reminds me of football games and tailgating!

  136. The warmth of whiskey stealing down my throat, preferably from a crisp Old Fashioned with light orange notes – in front of a fire on a cold, wintery night!

  137. Whiskey has a history and also has so much depth in its flavor which makes it ideal for cocktails!

  138. I love a hot toddy, especially in fall and winter! (not that it’s really cold enough for them yet in CA). Whiskey has such a complex flavor on its own, a simple cocktail like that is perfect for it.

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  144. I love the way whiskey can make its way into drinks of all seasons; summer or winter you’ll find me with a whiskey cocktail!
    Twitter: @MeganKosinski

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  147. My sister and i have whiskey every year to celebrate the holidays and every year we come up with a new recipe. every year we ask ourselves if we really need a “new” recipe but it ends up being the most fun as some of those recipes are ridiculous, but fun to try!

  148. My now husband and I started drinking whiskey on Christmas morning in our coffee years ago, listening to The Band, when we first started dating. It’s since become a tradition, and we spike our coffee or make hot toddies for breakfast every year now. We have since become more regular whiskey drinkers, but it makes me warm and fuzzy to think back to those first days.

  149. I love whiskey paired with some type of bitter, it just tastes like a cold winter night! I’ve been following women and whiskey on instagram for a while now!! Can’t wait to try those recipes!

  150. What isn’t to love!? I am continually impressed with the uniqueness of each new whiskey I try; it makes the spirit as a whole so versatile and gives you limitless options in the way you use it! As a base in a classic cocktail or an aromatic spritz on top – whiskies are always a great addition to any recipe. Here is a yummy recipe one of my favorite bartenders created called the Brother’s Quarrel; it’s my go-to if I want something truly out of the ordinary. Otherwise, I just pair my favorite bourbon with Cynar, an artichoke liqueur you MUST try.

    -Hope you enjoy!

    Brother’s Quarrel:
    1.5 oz bourbon
    .5 oz St. Germain
    .5 oz Canton Ginger liqueur
    .25 oz pineapple juice
    Shake with ice and pour in a rocks glass then add 1-2 sprays of Laphroaig scotch whisky (You can use a tiny travel spray bottle or atomizer)
    Finish with a flamed lemon peel.

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    “Gimme whiskey or gimme whiskie, but either way: gimme.”
    – a poem by a famous poet.

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    @womenandwhiskies already followed :)

    Twitter: @amymarie415

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    Tuff to beat a makers mark, honey, ginger and lemon this time of year up here in the rose city….best enjoyed while watching the Giants win the Series!
    Such an amazing cart, just needs some inventory of hooch and great barware dancing on the top.
    Instagram: nic_corbett

  162. Whiskey is the best because it is ubiquitous across classes. Upscale or low brow everyone loves it.

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    I love whiskey because it always reminds me of good times with my friends and husband since we all love trying new types and mixtures together. Also Johnny Cash because for some reason it always seems to be playing in the background while we are drinking it. :)

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    I love Whiskey because it makes you feel mature when you’re feeling naive, classic when you’re feeling nostalgic, masculine when you don’t want to a girly-girl, wealthy when you’ve got a mailbox full of bills and warm on a chilly winter day!

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  171. I like a good whiskey cocktail because it feels more sophisticated than a fruity pink drink. The pink flowers on the cart are gorgeous. A neon sugary kiddie cocktail? Not so much.
    kirbycolby at gmail dot com

  172. The warmth of a whiskey especially during the cold months is the best, it goes well with most mixers and a good whiskey tastes great by itself!

  173. Whiskey adds flavor to the cocktails; it’s not just an alcohol to be hidden amongst the mixers. When you order a vodka cocktail, you expect the bartender to cover up the flavor of vodka but when you order a whiskey cocktail, you expect the bartender to enhance it. (can be reached by email)

  174. There is no other drink that exudes class besides whiskey. I love the instant respect I receive from men when I order a single malt whiskey on the rocks.

    That bar cart is the perfect way to display my crystal decanter and selection of whiskies, I’ve been searching for the perfect cart forever. Dwell Studio you are pure genius!!!


  175. The thing I love most about whiskey cocktails is their broad appeal. I love to experiment with fresh, seasonal ingredients for my drinks and I am really inspired by whiskey’s versatility.
    I follow on Instagram as @joanielovestchotchkes
    adriannebraun @ yahoo.com

  176. Whiskey is amazing because you can find it all over the world in many different cultures- whiskey soda is the drink of choice in Thailand, my second home : )

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    Love whiskey drinks and this bar!

  180. Sipping on whiskey cocktails reminds me of living in Italy, where you can take your time to enjoy a drink. For some reason not being rushed made each sip sweeter. Love whiskey cocktails and this bar!

  181. My stylish cousin ordered a whisky sour, double cherries for me on my twenty- first birthday. It’s still my favorite drink.

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    Email lilylimin.alt at gmail.com

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    Instagram is eseduhx