the kitchen is open.
by victoria comment


the kitchen is open / sfgirlbybay

this is my idea of an efficient, open kitchen — great glass doors with a view into the living room, creating the illusion of much more space and dividing the two rooms in quite a clever way. i’m seeing an awful lot of interesting uses for paned glass windows as dividers lately and this is one look i really like. imagine if these windows were walls — you’d feel so boxed in. instead the glass creates a lovely open space to visit with your guests as you cook. bon appetit!

the kitchen is open / sfgirlbybay

the kitchen is open / sfgirlbybay

the kitchen is open / sfgirlbybay

• all photography courtesy of alvhem.

8 responses to “the kitchen is open.”

  1. oh so beautiful…. I’m trying to convince our landlord to update ours. Boy, the kitchens in SF can be really scary. :) But this one is just a dream….

  2. The design is wonderful, even though its simple but still attractive. I really like it, especially the sliding glass doors. It totally matches the surroundings of the house and the kitchen.

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