tuesday’s girl: thanksgiving attire.
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tuesday's girl: thanksgiving attire / sfgirlbybay

thanksgiving is almost here! and most of us know that the most stressful thing about thanksgiving is figuring out what to wear so you can eat everything and anything you want and not look too gluttonous doing so. the expando-matic waistband pants? check. oversized sweater? oh yeah. here’s a few other ideas to get through the holiday looking fashionable, but feeling like you’ve got your favorite jammies on. you’re welcome.

what to wear for an all you can eat afternoon: colorblock sweater tunic from j.crew; eribé collector’s scarf in amazon from j.crew; j.crew drapey wool sweatpants in heather gray (so it doesn’t look like you’ve totally given up); dainty but oh-so-comfy tiek’s ballerina pink flats; horn stripe reading glasses from anthropologie; and finally a big old metallic whipstitch tote from anthropolgie for leftovers.

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  1. This is hilarious. I love the clothing descriptions!! Every other blogger posts all these adorable outfits that include leather pants and a blazer….who can eat Thanksgiving in that?! NO ONE! It’s just not conducive to the massive amounts of eating I plan on doing.

    When I think of Thanksgiving, I think of Joey from Friends in Phoebe’s maternity pants, saying they’re his Thanksgiving Day pants…

  2. Love the whole outfit, especially the comfy pants & sweater– though the bag is a must for the rest of the holiday season. It’s such a wonderful thing to have a sense of humor! Thanks& happy holiday.

  3. Tihi, what a funny post! I’m definitely not one to wear sweatpants outside the house, unless I’m going to/from the gym or for a run… This outfit is perfect for lounging and eating around the house, though! I assume you would dress up those pants a bit if you went over to someone’s house for Thanksgiving? How about sequins sweatpants? I just got a cool pair last week and plan to wear them whenever I can. ;-)


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