art: a beautiful giveaway.
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art: a beautiful giveaway / sfgirlbybay

i’ve long admired the artwork of husband & wife painters, kai samuels-davis and clare elsaesser, so i’m very excited about this giveaway. clare and kai have invited me to giveaway three 16 x 20 prints from both of their etsy shops, so six prints total! we’ll select three winners each to receive a art print from both clare’s collection, and kai’s collection (or two prints each to three separate winners). their work really compliments each other’s, so i love the idea of pairing their work to display on your walls.

art: a beautiful giveaway / sfgirlbybay

Clare and Kai are also offering sfgirlbybay readers a special coupon code for 15% off both their shops the week of December 2 through 7, with the code SFGIRL15.

art: a beautiful giveaway / sfgirlbybay


to enter to win 1 of the 3 giveaway packages: one print each from Kai samuels-davis and Clare elsaesser, simply:

• visit clare and kai’s etsy shops and comment here sharing your favorite prints from their shops.

• comment below telling us what art prints you love!

• please comment by tuesday, december 9th, 12pm PST.

• as always, be sure to leave a way to reach you via twitter, facebook, email or your website.

• yay! this time the giveaway is international, so everyone can enter!

• we’ll announce a winner selected by random on my twitter account later that week after december 9th, so be sure and follow along.

clare and kai share their work in progress and newly finished paintings on social, too — so on instagram follow @kaisamuelsdavis and @clareelsaesser, and over on facebook follow kai samuels-davis and clare elsaesser to keep up to date with their beautiful work.

art: a beautiful giveaway / sfgirlbybay

art: a beautiful giveaway / sfgirlbybay

art: a beautiful giveaway / sfgirlbybay

233 responses to “art: a beautiful giveaway.”

  1. Clare’s print named “Three” has been on my favorites list for a while but there are so many of per pieces that I love.

  2. I really like Kai’s “A Quiet Place” print and Clare’s “Happiness”. Lovely giveaway! @lauraklenda

  3. I have to agree with Maggie. I love both Sweet Dreams and November by Clair, and Wave on Still Water by Kai. The sleeping couples sets are particularly lovely, with a nice emotional pull to them. They remind me of Vuillard’s In Bed. And the wave painting has the feeling of a cold winter day to it that just seems right at this time of year.

  4. Those are gorgeous. I love Clare’s “Married to the Sea,” “Summer Girl,” and “Endless Blue” and Kai’s “Wave on Still Water,” “Rising Clouds,” and “After the Sunset.”

  5. All are such beautiful paintings. I love Claire’s “Swirl” and Kai’s “Rising Clouds”. We just purchased our first house in Oakland and when we move in every wall will be bare, so these these would be a great way to start the collection.

  6. I love Clare’s “So Much” and “Abstract Three”. Such beautiful colors!!

    Kai’s “The Decision” and “Above” are great!

    What a cool giveaway! :)

  7. Clare is my absolute favorite. I am in love with “Married to the Sea”, “So Much”, and “New Growth”. Kai’s “The Decision” and “New Beginning are great too.

  8. This is an amazing giveaway. Nothing beats the gift of art. From Claire, I love Desert, Endless Blue, So Much, and The Divide. From Kai, I love Above and The Beginning.

    twitter: travelingitch

  9. I’ve seen Claire’s work around the web and have admired her work. Now to see her partner’s, too is wonderful. I like his “Rising Clouds” and her “From the Garden.” Thank you for a lovely giveaway!

  10. It’s so hard to choose because they are all great but I really love Lava Rocks by Clare and Wave on Still Water by Kai.

  11. Beautiful artwork! I love Claire’s “Pillow Land” & Kai’s “Empty Vessels”. Love the color placement and technique in both! So talented!

  12. Kai’s “the Decision” and Claire’s “Head over Heels” are wonderful. So tough to choose though!

  13. So many good ones (Passing Storm, Married to the Sea, Friendship!) but I have always loved Swirl by Clare – the yellow and and navy and pale pink work perfectly together. I like the Forgotten I by Kai as well.

  14. I love Clare’s work! One of my favorites is My Home is the Sea. Kai’s Wave on still water is beautiful!

  15. How lovely! I was just admiring both of their work this morning. Funny how that happens. Love Undo, Favorite Place, Asleep and Married to the Sea by Clare, Unknown New Beginning and Above by Kai.

  16. Thank you so much for introducing me to these artists! It’s very hard to choose a favorite but here goes. I love Clare’s Swirl and Oh, Cecily. I love how those capture a quick moment in a day and are faceless – it could be any woman we see. My favorites of Kai’s would be The Vessel II and So Long as Nothing Changes. Those are really intriguing and would make a nice pair.

    twitter @dizzycaitlin

  17. I love ‘The Wait’ from Clare, and from Kai, I love ‘The Separation’. They both are so talented! I love their work:) Thank you for the giveaway.

  18. My favorite from Clare is “Oh Cecily”. My favorite from Kai is “In Every Mind”. Thank you for featuring such lovely and affordable artists!

  19. I love the giveaway. I sometimes visit Clare’s shop just to watch her art. After today’s visit I noticed some additions to the collection and I do like Red Ribbon
    , it has this Bloomsbury/Virginia Woolf /preraphaelitan girls feel to it mixed with impressionistic mood and the line just a tad resembling Olga Boznanska’s paintings.
    I didn’t know Clare has got a talented husband – I like Kai’s the Decision, I like the way he showed her hesitation.

  20. oh boy! What a lovely giveaway.
    My favorites are:
    Rose Queen by Clare
    Rising Clouds by Kai

  21. From Kai’s work i love his portraits but i would choose for ‘wave on still water’. I would love to hang this above my bed. What a peaceful reminder of what’s out there.

  22. I love love Clare’s work…I have one and it is my favorite and am loving Undertow! she is amazing. SO wonderful to discover Kai…after the sunset is amazing!

  23. I love this art! was just looking for something I LOVE to ask as a nice Christmas present and these are perfect!

    From Clare, I love:
    At Sunset . horiztonal / landscape giclee print

    From Kaisa
    After the Storm, Giclee art print of original oil painting

  24. OH MY!!! Ok….how to choose!!?? By Clare…really loving happiness. And from Kai…New Beginning.

    Much love from Canada!!:)

  25. Happiness by her and The Decision by him. What a lovely couple. That you for the coupon! Kisses & Happy Holidays All

  26. Married to the sea, A sunset, Undertow, are my faves of Clare and Above, The fragile,wave on still water and rising clouds are my faves of Kai ! Lovely works!

  27. It was so tough to choose! They both make such beautiful paintings. In the end, I kept going back to Clare’s “Happiness”. I really did feel like how happiness should be. And Kai’s “Wave on Still Water” really caught me. I loved the imagery.

  28. Oh my – I’ve loved Married to the Sea forever. And undertow! I also adore The Beginning and New Beginning. What a great giveaway!

  29. wow. very hard to choose just two. but for today, i will go with “the forgotten” by kai and “wildflowers” by clare.

  30. I really love all the art work. Swirl is so pretty and Decision is thought provoking. LOVE IT ALL!!

  31. Love both these artists! Clare’s “Swirl” print and Kai’s “Rising Clouds” have been on my faves list for months now–would be so thrilled to have these in my home.

  32. Claire has been on my wish list for almost a year now, I am obsessed with her work and find it super difficult to pick just one! I love her theme of water and would probably have to choose the “endless blue”

    Portraits are some of my favourite pieces of art so I obviously love Kai’s work as well. The Separation and The Appearance are two of my favourites.

    Art give-aways are the best :)

  33. I love this work. Kai’s The Vessel II and Clare’s Married to the Sea really resonate with me for different reasons. What a talented pair.

  34. Kai: after the storm, or Bodega Bay at sunset.. my old stomping grounds warmed my heart :)
    Clare: all of the sea prints! Married to the sea or My Home is the Sea or Dark Seas… I love them all, and have also had my eye on… shoot I can’t find it now, but there is one with a green background with a dark haired gal changing her shirt.

  35. one of my favorite’s of Claire’s is Married to the Sea, and setting sun over russian river needs to be made into a print!

  36. I follow them both on Etsy and Instagram – all of their work is amazing, but if I have to pick absolute favorites I’d say Kai’s “The Beginning”, and Clare’s “So Much”. ♥

  37. Love Island Sunset by clare and and Bodega Bay Sunset (one of our favorite places to visit!) by kai!

  38. Clare’s “Swirl” and Kai’s “The Unknown” are my favourites, although everything is absolutely beautiful!

  39. I have long been TREMENDOUS fans of these two. It blows my mind that they’re married – such talent under one roof! My walls are screaming for Claire’s “Flower Child” and Kai’s “So Long As Nothing Changes III” !

  40. Clare’s “Red Ribbon” and Kai’s “The Unknown” are two of my favorites. I’ve admired their work for a while!

  41. Great giveaway! My favourites from Clare are ‘married to the sea’, ‘the red ribbon’ and ‘never empty handed’. From Kai I particularly love ‘a new beginning’ ‘the beginning’ and ‘wave on still water’. The walls of my new place are so empty, they are crying out for art!

  42. I absolutely love Clare’s “Gone Wild”. It’s so beautiful and strange. Kai’s “Rising Clouds” is really lovely as well. Thanks for doing this great giveaway!

  43. Oh I would pick Clare’s Asleep paired with Kai’s The Fragile – I think. But I would stare at them for a while first before my final decision.

  44. Married to the Sea and The Sea is My Home are my favorites. Already have 3 prints by Claire and they are all just beautiful!

  45. I have had Clare on my wish list for a while. I love Waves and Married to the Sea. My sister loves Untertow. So, I will definitely be Christmas shopping.
    I also love After the Sunset, After the Storm and Waves on Stillwater by Kai.

  46. I have been a huge fan of Clare’s for years! I already have the “Happiness” print hanging in my living room, and I would love to add “Married to the Sea” to my collection. :)

  47. I adore “Married to the Sea” by Clare & Kai’s “So Long as Nothing Changes.”
    Thank you so much for sharing these, I love finding great artists!!

  48. What an amazing giveaway! Thanks for introducing me to these amazing artists!

    Dark sea and married to the sea are gorgeous! To the night is fab too!

    Rising Clouds, Above, wave on still water are lovely.

  49. Hi
    I love ‘Married to the Sea’, ‘Distant Island’ and ‘Desert’ by Clare
    ‘The Seperation’, ‘What was left’ and ‘New begininning’ by Kai.

  50. I have been wanting to start an art collection lately so this would be such a good jump start!!!

    From Clare, I love ‘underpinning’ and from Kai, I love ‘above’

  51. I really like Swirl, Married to the Sea, Everywhere, Dark Seas, Dress, Underpinning, From Nothing, Wave on Still Water, In Every Mind, The Disappearing Boy, Above… Picking just one print from each artist is going to be a challenge for the contest winner ;)

  52. These are gorgeous! Kai’s The Unconscious and Clare’s Passing Storm are two of my favorites. Of course, they are all great pieces.

  53. I love love love Claire’s Happiness print! AndI have actually not seen Kai’s work before today and I love it all!!! Great giveaway :)

  54. I love the beautiful artwork of Kai Samuels-Davis and Clare Elsaesser. Thank you so much for introducing us all to their works. I am mesmerized by the unique talent of each artist. Their styles and muted colors are serene and soothing. I especially love Kai’s, “So Long as Nothing Changes 1” ~ it represents nurturing to me. One of the most important and basic things in life. And Clare’s, Underpinning . giclee art print is simply breathtaking and calming all at the same time. I would feel so privileged if by chance you chose me to receive some of their works. Thank you for this lovely post. XO ~ Dana

  55. Oooh, so many.. Desert, Succulent, Bird in Hand and Underpinning would be my contendrs by Claire, and as for Kai,, I’d go for the Disapearing boy, definitely.
    Great giveaway! x

  56. love their work,
    Coast, Unclasped, Married to the Sea from Claire
    The separation, Wave on Still water from Kai

  57. Beautiful works.
    My favorite are “Dress Up”,”Swirl”,by Claire and “Above”, “Rising Clouds” by Kai

  58. Ok, so this is definitely the best give-away ever! I’ve been a fan of Clare’s art for a while now and I agree that they would look stunning next to Kai’s beautiful pictures. So about my favorites (unfortunately Etsy auto-translates into German on my computer so I can only give you the stupid German translations…): I think my favorite from Clare’s shop is “Sog. Giclee”. And my favorite from Kai would be “Anfang”.

  59. Beautiful work, from both artists!
    ‘The Fragile’ portrait, by Kai, is a stunning piece. A great match from Clare would be the above picture (second last), with the red and black dotted skirt.. so intriguing, especially together.
    Please, what is the title of it?
    But, if one must keep to the available prints in her Etsy shop, I would go for the serene ‘Abstract Two’, discovered amongst her lovely maids in water.
    Thank you so much for this opportunity.. hopes are up, to inspire my young daughter <3

  60. What a great giveaway! I love love love Clare’s work – Happiness, So Much, so hard to narrow it down! Thanks for the chance to win!

  61. I love this one – After the Storm, Giclee by Kai and this one and Distant Island by Claire…growing up by the ocean these both call to me. Love that they are affordable as well. Etsy rocks!

  62. I love Claire Elsaesser’s “Undertow,” and I’m torn between Kai Samuels Davis’ “New Beginnings” and “Wave on Still Water”…they’re so beautiful!

  63. I love The Bottle Empty and The Bottle Half Full by Kai – all of his ‘vessel’ images are great, just as powerful as his portrait work!
    I also love ‘Everywhere’ by Claire. I love this giveaway.

  64. I really love Clare’s “Swirl”, “Red ribbon” and “Married to the sea”, and Kai’s “The disappearing boy” and “Above”.

  65. My favorite Clare print is “Undo” – reminds me so much of my daughter. Love “Above” and “Above the Field” from Kai’s selection.

  66. Love New Beginning and Undertow. Told myself I wasn’t going to spend anything else this week, but that might be changing…

  67. How timely of a giveaway. I have been looking for a print to put up in my daughter’s room… something not typically childish. “Bird In Hand” (Claire) and “Rising Clouds” (Kai) would be just the thing. Thanks Victoria, as always.

  68. Clare’s work “Waves” really spoke to me. I love everything about it.
    Kai’s work “Above the Field” can be abstract but can see much more, love this too.

    Thanks for the giveaway.

  69. I love this duo! I already have “My Home is the Sea” hanging over my clawfoot bathtub, and “Ring of Roses” in my office.

    From Clare, I would adore a print of “Esther”.

    From Kai, I would love one of his “Vessel II” prints.

  70. Oh my goodness, Victoria, what a wonderful giveaway. Thank you for shining the spotlight on Clare and Kai’s work – they are incredible artists!

    My fave pieces:
    Kai – “In Every Mind” with “The Found” coming in a close second.
    Clare – “Married to the Sea”

    PS – I gave birth this month and my little boy’s name is also Kai!

  71. Thanks for the great giveaway! Some of my favourites: the vessel ||, and ‘the unknown’ by kai is also beautiful! I would combine ‘the vessel ||’ with ‘underpinning’ (by Clare).

  72. What a wonderful giveway! I really love So Much by Clare, ex aequo with The Unknown and New Beginning by Kai.

  73. love clare’s “waves” print, and kai’s “vessel II” print. have been coveting these artists for a long time!!

  74. “Married to the Sea” by Clare and “The Beginning” are both such lovely prints. Thank you for this!

  75. I love “Above” and “Rising Cloud” from Kai, and “My Home is the Sea,” “Happiness,” “Desert” and “Swing” by Clare… I couldn’t pick just one! haha

  76. Clare’s “From Nothing” is so lovely. Also “Trouble in Paradise”. I absolutely love Kais “Rising Cloud” and “Above the Field”.

  77. I’ve been in love with Clare’s work for years, but i didn’t know Kai’s, and it’s also amazing!! Clare’s “portrait in yellow” and Kai’s “in every mind” are my favourites

  78. Thank you for that coupon! I have long admired Clare’s shop.
    My favorite of Clare’s is swirl, I love that pop of yellow.
    And Kai, I love the decision for the amazing way movement is captured.
    Amazing couple!

  79. I’ve long loved Clare’s Married To The Sea image, and Kai’s ocean pieces are marvelous!

  80. My favourite Clare Elsaesser painting is ‘Married to the sea’, as for the Kai Samuels Davis paintings… I’m having trouble choosing : I’ve pinned a few of his paintings over time, I just looove his style and technique. I love ‘Of Bristle and Bone’… to name just one.

  81. I’m a huggggge fan of Clare’s work, but I’m loving KSD now too! “The Forgotten I” image is great.

  82. I love Clare’s “From Below” or “Asleep”, and Kai’s “Wave Over Still Water”

  83. Love this giveaway. Feeling very connected to The Forgotten I by Kai and Quicksand by Clare. Thanks!

  84. Clare’s Undertow and Kai’s Rising Clouds! I have been watching the work of these artists the last few years and really like their style’s!

  85. I’ve had Clare’s So Much bookmarked to my etsy favorites for over a year now! I love Kai’s The Beginning. Beautiful.

  86. I’ve loved both of these guys for awhile but didn’t realize they were married!
    I’ve had my eye on Kai’s The Separation. The woman looks like someone I know and it’s just beautiful.
    I love Clare’s Honeymoon painting forever.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  87. I love “Above the Field” by Kai and “Northern River” by Clare. I had no idea they were married!

  88. Their work is stunning! I just adore Claire’s ‘Married to the Sea’ (the colors!) and Kai’s ‘So Long As Nothing Changes I’ (those gorgeous brushstrokes!)
    Thank you.

  89. Such beautiful images. I love Kai’s “In every mind” and Clare’s “Head over Heels” is gorgeous.

  90. Great giveaway!
    i already knew of Clare, so i have more favorites from her, especially the flower girls, like «so much», «never empty handed» and also «married to the sea». As for Kai, i like «after the sunset» and «above the field»

  91. Long time fan of Clare’s – I love November. Kai’s work is new to me – and mesmerizing! I love Disappearing Boy. Fingers crossed!

  92. I LOVE The Beginning by Kai, it’s gorgeous. Wish I could have the oil painting. Also really enjoy So Much by Clare.

    Conner (@actualconner)

  93. I have admired Clare’s work for some time now, especially her night series with the sleeping couples. I love the one titled November. I’m newer to Kai’s work but find it equally as stunning. Kai’s painting So Long as Nothing Changes II in particular.

  94. It would be tricky to decide but I LOVE:
    Clare’s – Never empty handed & Undertow
    Kai’s – The Vessel II & Above

  95. I think “The Forgotten I” by Kai is just stunning. The disheveled beauty of the woman is honestly captivating to me, and the rather simple colors incorporated in it are painted in such a striking and bold manner that their vibrancy jump out and really make a statement. I also think Clare’s “Red Ribbon” is compelling. I really admire its beauty and ambiguity. Ha I know it probably sounds like I’m writing an essay, but I just really want to win these prints! I would be thrilled to hang pieces from such an awesome duo in my newly renovated living room :)

    Twitter: @rad_raddish

  96. I’m in love with Clare’s “Dress” and “Disguise” paintings as well as Kai’s “The Vessel II”

  97. Wow. I love both of their work. So layered and beautiful. My faves:

    clare: swirl, favorite place, undertow
    kai: the gray divide, the disappearing boy, the beginning, what was left, so long as nothing changes

  98. Yay! I love Clare’s work and have been eyeing the Married to the Sea piece to hang on my walls. & I love Kai’s So Long As Nothing Changes III print. Thanks for this giveaway! :)

  99. Oh, these are so lovely! I really like Clare’s Wildflowers print, and Kai’s Empty Vessels. I think they’d look great next to each other.

  100. My favorite painting is Claire’s “the distant island” as I am from Greece this painting reminds me the end of the Greek summer the nostalgia of the hot sun in my skin and the taste of salt in my mouth
    The light is so warm in this painting!!!!

  101. I love Passing Storm by Clare and I can’t decide between Wave on Still Water or The Decision by Kai. So lovely!

  102. Hello,

    I love Clare’s work and just discovered Kai’s thanks to you !
    My favorite print by Clare is “Desert” and and I love “Wave on Still Water” from Kai’s shop.

    Thanks :)

  103. I love everything at Clare’s shop but if I had to choose I’d say that Married to the Sea is my favorite. At Kai’s shop I loved After the Storm.

  104. OHMERGAWZ! ‘The Unknown’ & ‘Flower Child’ are both so haunting, exquisite, and so beyond beautiful… they slay my kevlar-coated heartstrings, shucks…

  105. All of their pieces are briliiant!

    From Kai: “New Beginning”
    From Clare: It’s so difficult to choose as I’m in love with all of her work and just received some prints in the mail, but I will say “Dark Seas”

    Thanks :)

  106. Hello,
    Thanks so much for the giveaway!

    My favorite of Kai’s is ‘The Disappearing Boy’, it’s been in my etsy favorites forever.
    I had never seen any of Claire’s works but ‘The Divide’ is what brought me to this giveaway via your post on Pinterest and I think it’s really beautiful . I also like ‘Bloom’

  107. The Beginning from Kai And anything from Clare, whose work I loved since I started following your blog years ago. But if I had to name a print — My Home is the Sea.
    Thanks for this giveaway

  108. wow, so many awesome pieces. I love Claire’s red ribbon but also married to the sea and flower child. Kai’s vessel is great. It is really hard to pick.

  109. I’ve been following Clare and Kai’s work for months, I think it is all absolutely beautiful. I have been obsessed with Married to the Sea by Clare, but love it all. In Every Mind is my favorite by Kai, such great inspiration for an aspiring artist.

  110. I just order Clare’s “married to the sea” but would love “undertow” or “waves”. Kai prints are beautiful and i love “above” and “waves on still waters. Thanks for including Canada in the contest!!!

  111. Clare’s Married to the Sea has been a longtime favorite of mine as well as Red Ribbon. I really love Kai’s The Beginning. I can’t put my finger on exactly why I love it, but I’m really drawn to it.

  112. I’m a fan of Clare’s art – difficult to pick just one, I love all her ‘sea’ art but I’d go with ‘Abstract Three’ !
    Add I didn’t know Kai’s work, but I love ‘Above’.
    Thank you ! :)

  113. I love Kai’s “The Beginning” and Clare’s “Dark Seas”. Both so beautiful and moody. Thanks for this great giveaway!

  114. I just bought my bf Kai’s set The Bottle Empty and The Bottle Full for Christmas — but I think my favorite has always been The Other Field II. I’ve always loved Clare’s Married to the Sea but I think my new top pick is Disguise. So different than some of her other work but so beautiful!

  115. I really love Clare’s At Sunset and Kai’s Of Bristle and Bone and In Every Mind – all such beautiful works that evoke a myriad of emotions! x

  116. I love Kai’s The Reflection…well all of his work, and Clare’s Covered, Married to the Sea, The Cabana. So many beautiful images.
    Thanks for turning me onto them!