meet the aether cone + a giveaway.
by victoria comment


meet the aether cone + a giveaway / sfgirlbybay

how would you like a great looking speaker that could kind of read your mind? you can speak to it, tell it what kind of music or radio broadcast you’re in the mood for, and voilá it finds just what you were looking for. that’s what the aether cone does. this pretty little aether Cone is a brand new creative and wireless music player that combines voice recognition and machine learning for such a lovely listening experience. If you like what you’re hearing and want something similar, turn the dial a little. If you’re not in the mood for what Cone is suggesting, give the dial a big turn to hear something completely different. genius! to celebrate this wonderful technology, we’re giving away a cone this week!

meet the aether cone + a giveaway / sfgirlbybay

not only is it cool looking in black and copper (there’s also a pretty white + silver one) it’s a smart speaker and sounds great — and i love that. it’s quite a nice gift, too — and perfect for playing no hassle holiday party music since it’s got an 8-hour battery life, and you can play from your rdio playlists wirelessly.

meet the aether cone + a giveaway / sfgirlbybay


to enter to win a the aether cone of your choice, simply:

• follow aether’s really pretty instagram feed.

• comment below, and tell us that you’ve followed, and what you’d listen to on your aether cone.

• please comment by monday, december 15th, 12pm PST.

• as always, be sure to leave a way to reach you via twitter, facebook, email or your website.

• this time the giveaway is for USA / UK / Canada residents only.

• we’ll announce a winner selected by random number generator on my twitter account later in the week of december 15th, so be sure and follow along.

meet the aether cone + a giveaway / sfgirlbybay

meet the aether cone + a giveaway / sfgirlbybay

how the aether cone works:

Speak to it.
Press the center button and wait for the blue light. Then say:
“Play the news.”
“Play BBC Radio” or any other radio station you can think of.
“Play beyoncé” or whoever your favorite artist is right now.
Turn it a little, turn it a lot.
If you like what you’re hearing and want something similar, turn the dial a little.
If you’re not in the mood for what the cone is suggesting, give the dial a big turn to hear something completely different. And, if you’re curious about what cone is playing, you can find out in the Aether app available on itunes.

meet the aether cone + a giveaway / sfgirlbybay

this post in partnership with aether, but all thoughts and opinions are my own. thank you for supporting the businesses that bring you fresh content from sfgirlbybay every day.

292 responses to “meet the aether cone + a giveaway.”

  1. I love this giveaway! SUCH a great speaker.

    I just followed Aether on Instagram and if I win I’ll be listening to Hozier for hours!


  2. I love the style of these speakers. I just found your blog and am thrilled. Even though you are on the other coast, (I am in Delray Beach, FL) it seems to speak to me.

    Since my lovely and adorable cat pushed my last speakers off the bookshelf these would ring in the tunes of Van The Man Morrison, a dash of the Stones, a sprinkle of Nightmares on Wax and lots of Jackson Browne.

    Glad to be aboard and look forward to following you.

  3. I follow aether on Instagram (collifornia)
    I would listen to Beyonce!
    holliister at gmail dot com

  4. This speaker is gorgeous, I love the copper accent and the functionality sounds awesome.
    I followed Aether on Instagram. If I’m lucky enough to win the speaker I’d listen to Chvrches.

  5. I followed on instagram. I would listen to all kinds of stuff, especially some classic rock. Also, the sound of rain when I sleep! I’d love to win this, these speakers are lovely. Thanks Victoria!

  6. What a beautiful giveaway!! I’d love a chance to win. I’ve followed Aether’s instagram and would be listening to my current favorite, Emma Louise!

  7. Followed on the Instagrams! I would listen to the news, definitely. I’m often so out of touch and it would be nice to have an easy way to keep up with the latest.

  8. this is ingenius! a clever sound system and a beautiful one at that. i am planning a building project with my father to be completed late summer 2015, and my proposed kitchen interior plan is screaming for this speaker! with tom dixon copper pendant lights and black stelton knives it would fit in perfectly.

    i would love to listen to dallas green when I’m doing the dishes, the sound of cracking fire on a cosy night in (because we don’t have a real fire, boo!) or the sound of the ocean when I’m practicing yoga.

    I can be reached via email ( or on twitter & instagram (@alivingdiary) and via pinterest

    dying to try one of these beauties!

  9. Consider Aether followed! I will use this to listen to the news and to throw impromptu dance parties to T Swift and Beyonce.


  10. Just followed them on Instagram!! Love the aesthetics of the speaker! I would listen to classical music probably maybe some gregorian chants.

  11. All followed up, and love the idea of this speaker! I would spend my weekends listening to Beirut for the winter months ahead. ~@lauren_alexand

  12. Oooh, keeping my fingers crossed as I’ve had this on my wishlist for a while! Love the design and how portable they are, so I imagine listening to some Joni Mitchell in the kitchen while I cook then brining it along with me to the studio so I can listen to podcasts while working!

    Following along on IG :)

  13. This is so cool! Following on twitter and Instagram. Wondering what would play if I said ” please play non-crappy Christmas music”! If it could do that it would be a miracle machine.

  14. During the holiday season I’d have Sufjan Stevens’s Christmas albums on constant repeat. Any other time, Fleet Foxes is my group of choice.

    I followed on Instagram! Thanks for hosting this great giveaway.
    Twitter/Instagram: @helloawinter

  15. Followed, and I’ll probably still be getting into the yuletide spirit with Vince Guaraldi and Ella Fitzgerald by the time the winner is drawn.

  16. followed and would def. be listening to some justin townes earle, sorry to the kiddo no ‘let it go’ allowed!!!

  17. Followed! I’d use it to stream the ridiculous amount of mix tapes I’ve made since I was a teenager and have just started transferring to digital files.

  18. This speaker is so great looking – hard to find one that isn’t an eyesore!
    I’d be shamelessly rocking new TSwift , some classic Bing Crosby Winter jams, and maybe some Alvvays – a canadian band I’m really into right now.

  19. I am following Aether on insta and have been eying the copper cone for months now. Such a beautiful, not bulky, music player. I would black Chet Faker while dancing in the kitchen.


  20. It is so wonderful to find a great looking speaker that will work as a beautiful accent to any decor. With the added plus of wonderful sound.
    I would love to be listening to “The Civil Wars” on this speaker. Thank you for introducing us to it.

  21. I followed the gorgeous aether feed! And I’ll listen to a bizzare millange of classical, psychedelic rock, and brand 8-bit electronica.

    Thanks for doing this giveaway! This is an amazing product I wouldn’t have known about.

  22. I am now following Aether’s Instagram, so glad I checked it out, it is beautiful! II a celebrating my first Christmas in my home, so naturally I would listen to some updated holiday classics!

  23. Followed (user: lauracastetter)! Would love to win this. I listen to music and podcasts while I work and definitely need a nicer speaker. This one looks awesome!

  24. I followed aether on instagram. I’d be listening to my newest obsession, the Serial podcast on the beautiful speaker.

  25. Followed. What a pretty speaker! This would be great in my new living room. I would play Ryan Adams. Twitter: travelingitch

  26. I have been following Aether in instagram for a small while now but never really had the time to figure out what was unique about it so thank you for clarifying how this works. I think it is so beautiful and would be lovely as a gift of to have for oneself. I am not sure I can be eligible to win as I don’t have a twitter account but wanted to post a comment anyway.

  27. Love the design so much! I’ve followed on IG, and if I win, I will be giving it to my darling husband, who will, no doubt, listen to The Melvins, Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti, and Future Islands.

  28. This is such a sleek little device!! Currently I, of course, would be playing some holiday tunes which decking the halls!

  29. HI there! I’d totally kick out some retro christmas jams while hanging out with my family this holiday season! Oh and I followed them on Instagram!

  30. LOVE this. So spiffy and sleek.

    I just followed Aether on instagram. If I were to receive this speaker, I’d most likely be listening to ladies rocking out, like Rilo Kiley or Bjork.


  31. Hi! Such a cute system! I am now following and I would listen to Florence and the Machine and Wayne Newton’s Christmas album!


  32. I am following aether on instagram and you on twitter! This cone is really fascinating, and I would be listening to lots of Tristan Prettyman, Brooke Fraser, and other amazing female artists.

  33. This is an awesome little piece of technology. I followed – and streaming out of my cone would be the beautiful MØ, or Banks, or Alt-J, or Sylvan Esso (you know all my creative work jam vibes)! Thanks for the rad giveaway!

  34. I just followed on Instagram!

    I just moved to a new apartment after a terrible two years. And it is just down the street from the San Francisco Opera House and Conservatory. It has been years, but I just rediscovered opera, so I will be listening to Wagner and Puccini.

  35. Such a lovely giveaway. I’m in dire need of a new speaker! Followed on IG! I’d listen to Christmas music now then the rest of my music library later :)

  36. I follow on Instagram! –

    I would definitely jam out to some Arctic Monkeys with mine!

  37. I followed! I’ve been looking for an attractive music player, but this is gorgeous. I’d start by listening to Nina Simone. She’s worth a good sound system.

  38. This is a stunning music player. Thanks, Victoria!
    I’d start by binge-listening to Serial following by many hours of KCRW (especially Morning Becomes Eclectic with Jason Bentley)! Following on insta =)

  39. Love this! Just started following Aether on Instagram and I love that too! Oh a little John Coltrane would sound great!

  40. Beautiful speakers, and smart. I am currently obsessed with Yasmine Hamdam and would listen to her and other Lebanese artists.


  41. I followed!

    This would be a great way to listen to some jazz while I work- nothing is so energetic whilst simultaneously not too distracting when you’re writing.

  42. Followed! I would listen to a lot of war on drugs, future island, arcade fire, the list goes on and on!

  43. I’m definitely following on instagram (organicnurse)! Since I am pregnant with my first baby, I would bring this to the hospital and listen to my ‘labor mix’!

  44. this speaker is legit, followed on the IG and would definitely be jamming to some fka twigs or talking heads. probably the latest epi of serial too. <3

  45. I love this! I’m following them on instagram (@itselizzz). I would listen to holiday music, even into January! :)

    Twitter handle is : @elizroser

  46. Followed! Such a cute speaker! I’d listen to a shuffle of merry tunes with friends and family during the holidays and then after use it for parties to keep everyone entertained with some tunes. :)

  47. Love this design and the copper color!!.. Would look great on my desk at work..~ So chic!
    would have some old school 70’s and 80’s disco/hip-hop booming out of this system!!

  48. The cone is to die for! Speaks directly to my black + copper EVERYTHING heart. I would listen to anything and everything- little bit of Paul Simon, little bit of the Decemberists, little Coldwar Kids and a lot of things that make me shake my booty. If I don’t win this, it’s definitely going on my ‘one day!’ wish list!!

  49. I followed! This speaker is so beautiful and simple. It would look stunning in any room! I would listen to the Ingrid Michaelson Pandora playlist :)

  50. I just started following Aether on instagram and if I won then I would listen to the Black Keys, Justin Timberlake, Motown Classics, Adele and much, much more.

  51. Omg! I would listen to my local NOR station, KPCC. I have a radio downstairs, but I can’t hear it when I an upstairs. Thank you. I am following on IG!

  52. I followed (@stephmackler).

    I would listen to the Black Keys over and over again, rocking out by myself!

  53. I’ve seen this on a couple blogs now and I’m obsessed!! Love how stylish it is. I followed on insta, and I’d love to play some classic Paul Simon on it.. my favorite!

  54. Following! Been following/obsessing forever! I would listen to Shovel & Rope’s lay low on repeat, everyday!!!

  55. This would be perfect for days home with my toddler. We love listening to music together. The option to change things up is perfect for settling down from a dance party or grooving to some Bob Marley as we wake up from a nap.

    Followed on IG.

  56. Seattlesarah on Instagram

    Love the pretty copper/rose gold! I would listen to NPR on my aether in the kitchen while I bake Christmas cookies.

  57. Love your blog! I so need this cone, I would listen to Joni Mitchell, Windham Hill, and right now, tons of holiday music! I am so out of touch with music and what’s available for listening to it on. Help me to join the 21st century!

  58. Already followed AETHER!

    Would be awesome to win this, gonna rock Hillsong United’s “NO OTHER NAME”.


    Greets from GERMANY!

  59. I actually found this site b/c i was following aether, and i really like your other posts.

    I would listen to Sampha’s Dual EP.

  60. I’ve had my eye on these stylish cones for a while now. Such an adorably ingenious device! Following on IG and would listen to KEXP and day dream about moving back to Seattle.

  61. Followed @aether in instagram (I’m @tcmboone).

    Right now I’d be mixing holiday classic and pop plus a little 80s plus a little top 40s.

    You can find me on Facebook as Terri Morgan Boone.

  62. Wow, amazing technology! It is so exciting to see these things available now that I could only dream of as a child. I would definitely start out playing some of my beloved Glenn Gould recordings and then probably move on to Regina Spektor or the Punch Brothers. They are always my favorites to try out on new speakers/headphones.
    My email is meerkate (at) gmail (dot) com. Fingers crossed!

  63. I would listen to much npr and around this time of year I love listening to wacky xmas music! I’m following you guys :)

  64. Just followed on IG (@cjg221). My taste in music always depends on my mood, so I would listen to a variety of pretty random music. Email: Carly(dot)J(dot)Gordon(at)gmail(dot)com

  65. I followed. Right now I would listen to sufjan stevens christmas album, but really I would give this to my husband who would inevitably stream hardcore history podcasts while he worked. ;)

  66. I’m quite in love with the copper accent on the speaker

    I just followed aether on Instagram (@brookesierra15) and if I were to win, I would be listening to Arctic Monkeys all day long!

  67. What a beautiful, powerful speaker! I’d listen to lots of Kings of Leon, Cat Stevens, Beyonce, etc… ;)

  68. I followed Aether on Instagram! I would love to give this speaker to my husband for Christmas so we can obsessively listen to the Serial podcast while cooking in the kitchen :)

  69. Oooh this is lovely, I just followed aether on insta!
    This speaker would be the perfect gift for my sissy (she’d either be rocking out to some old jazz or relaxing to the sound of the ocean waves)

  70. Uh…that speaker is GORGEOUS. I’ve followed Aether on IG. I’m with Lisa G. Gotta listen to Serial. Can’t wait for Thursday. I would also use it for a little Jenny Lewis and Blitzen Trapper. I love my alt country.

  71. Love that speaker. Would love to be listening to Old Crow Medicine Shi or Devil Makes Three. I already follow you and I’ve added aether on Instagram

  72. I followed on instagram (@carbinks) and would listen Brooke Fraser’s new album “Brutal Romantic”!

  73. I followed! You’re so right — They’re feed is super gorgeous.

    I would listen to Gregory Alan Isakov, The Kinks, and The Districts!

  74. Followed on Instagram! y handle is @torisimpson_
    That speaker is so cool. I love the copper and black.
    I’d totally be jammin’ to some Jack White with that thing, and some Honey Ltd. too. I’ve been into them lately.

  75. Hi! Thanks for the great giveaway! I’ve been following them for a while now on instagram!! I would probably, mostly listen to some Bonobo !

  76. too exciting! I had to follow so I could jam out to some Beyonce, the Lumineers, Santigold and the beloved Al Green. Thanks for this!

  77. I followed on Instagram (joie_lara)
    I would listen to animal collective or french kicks- they’ve been my fall/winter favorites the past few years!

  78. Thanks for this giveaway! Just followed on IG. Under others, I would listen to SBTRKT, The Album Leaf, and Logic.

  79. Followed on IG! What would I listen to with my aether cone???

    Well of course some 80’s & 90’s r&b/pop. Can’t go wrong listening to some Madonna with my cone top! Maybe a little Color Me Bad and Bell Biv Devoe. What about some Prince or MJ!? So many options for my aether cone.

    IG account: tranbdao

  80. Whoa! I’ve never seen anything like this before. How amazing! — and it’s super stylish too!

    I’ve entered by liking on IG and I think one of the first things I would like to listen to on the Cone is the Walter Mitty soundtrack. Something I’m loving these days!

  81. Gorgeous speaker! I’m following aether’s dreamy Instagram feed. I love the copper accent and I would listen to serial podcast! :)

  82. I followed their feed (@tessfalotico)–so pretty! I’d listen to mellow snowday music all winter long.

  83. I love anything copper and this is just perfect to listen to all my new tunes!

    courtney002 at hotmail dot com

  84. I have been following you guys in every way. There are many inspirations and pictures help me out to sort and etc. Love the works that you guys do to help and inspire them makes me thankful.

    And plus, if I can get a white + copper aether cone it will make me more blessed this year.
    Thank you for what your work and and chance to win it.

    BTW, I amd following instagram and twitter, how can I show to you guys that I am followed?

  85. Just followed on instagram (bidschac). What a beauty!
    I would listen to Radio One in Canada, love their world music program, and also listen to christmas favorites this time of the year.
    bchattopadhyaya at gmail dot com

  86. Great giveaway, and lovely aether instagram feed! I’m digging the new albums by Sleater-Kinney (nostalgic and new!), Third Eye Girl, and Lianne La Havas.

  87. Followed!
    Perfect for projecting holiday tunes while trimming the tree. Springsteen’s “Santa Claus is coming to town” would do the trick.

  88. I’m following (@annieraymond). I listen to music the whole time when I’m home, so I’d get a lot of use out of this little cone. This time of the year, I like to listen to múm. And I must say, I love the conic shape of this speaker. I’m teaching multivariable calculus this semester, and 90% of my questions involved cones :D

  89. I’m folling aether on instagram (amandashaw88). If I won I would use mine to listen to some classic christmas carols by Bing Crosby while doing some baking.

  90. these are beautiful! i would listen to zero 7 while doing yoga and the spice girls while doing laundry, and yanni throughout the day! thank you for the opportunity!

  91. Hello! I just followed on Instagram (betsabean)
    I would love to listen to some Christmas music during the holiday season! and then probably Taylor Swifts new album- obsessed!!

    Thank you for the opportunity, love the blog!

  92. Wonderful giveaway!
    I just followed on Instagram (binimitsch). I would listen to Belle & Sebastian, as I absolutely love them. Plus, I live in Glasgow.

  93. Just followed on Instagram. What a cool product! I’d listen to the new Decemberists album (when it’s released).

  94. love these stylish speakers! i’d listen to upbeat music while cooking. followed on instagram @msolanphoto

  95. Hi there! I would be thrilled to win! I would listen to a little bit of everything! My girls love music too! So I guess, we would listen to “Oh Yes! We Have No Bananas!” which is one of their favorites! I am following on Instagram @airgreenwood

  96. I’m following aether on Instagram (kissenstudio)!
    I have little kids, so I’m sure I’d be listening to Elizabeth Mitchell or Pete Seeger, but after they’re in bed, I’d put on some Kinks or stream NPR while I work!

  97. Hey!!! I Just followed on Instagram @anacats. This is such an amazing giveaway and more for this time of the year :D
    I would definitely be listening to Birdy/Christina Perry for hours <3

  98. Followed via my handle. Been drooling over these things for a while. I’d listen to Jessie Ware’s new album!

  99. Oh I love this gorgeous speaker. It was actually featured on our POPSUGAR live holiday gift guide! I will be listening to She & Him’s “A Very She & Him Christmas” on repeat for the holidays. I’ve also been obsessed with Childish Gambino, CHVURCHES, and you can’t go wrong with alt-j.

  100. Following @aether on Instagram and dreaming of listening to Kings of Leon on that beautiful speaker!

  101. I follow! They have a lovely Instagram feed! I would listed to Stitcher :) and my Tango station on Pandora!

  102. Nice! I’d listen to Christmas music and audiobooks while I work….
    Following on Instagram! Thanks for the chance!

  103. Following! (I’m @_kristinb)
    I’d be jamming out to some of my old school favourites – The Mamas and the Papas, Carpenters, Beach Boys… the good stuff. ;)

  104. i’m following on instagram! i’d listen to some indie folk like first aid kit or the head and the heart.

  105. I followed on Instagram: @chloe_larson! Right now, I would probably listen to Ben Howard (or Christmas music, duh!). Or any Alt Rock or easy listening indie whatever. I’m really up for anything!

  106. ig: ace2e2

    This is beautiful! I’d listen to NPR but I’m no so inspired by all the music suggested, I could listen for days without repeat!

  107. Just started following Aether on Instagram (pretty) and love this speaker. Would listen to Otis Redding, The Wu Tang or Charles Mingus.

  108. Such a beautiful speaker! I am following on instagram! If I won the speaker I’d probably try listening to everything (but likely country most of the time)!!!

  109. Happy to follow aether’s Instagram. (ig: @billybunn)
    Would love to listen to some Tame Impala on one of these bad boys; I’m a sucker for trance rock.
    If I win, you could let me know on Twitter. I’m @billybunns

  110. Happy to be following Aether on Instagram now. On a day like today… working from home in rainy Vancouver, B.C., I’d start the morning listening to BBC World News, and then get cozy (but productive) with some jazz greats like Ella, Stan Getz, The Dave Brubeck Quartet.

  111. Functional and beautiful – the best combination. I am following Aether of instagram (@thecdnpip). I would be listening to Bahamas new album Bahamas is Afie on repeat and CBC Radio 2

  112. followed! What a stunning speaker.

    My playlist is ever changing, but I would play some of my faves from the year in the spirit of year end lists – Lydia Ainsworth, Alt-J and Mø

  113. Following aether on IG. I think it’s winking back at me! I love this speaker and I would listen to some silky sade, velvety r&b, and smooth bossa nova (; Fingers crossed!

  114. Followed! This would be perfect for my new, cute little apartment. I would play lots of jazz and funky tunes from Little Dragon. @angela_flournoy

  115. Followed! I love the lines of this speaker, so pretty to look at and obviously very intuitive. I would listen to some alt country and some good jazz ….

  116. Followed :)
    Oh god, well since I work from home, this would be such an amazing improvement to the vibes while working.. I would listen everything that helps productivity and goes with the daily mood.

  117. This is so cool! I just started following Aether and their feed is gorg. I would listen to Serial with my friends!

    IG and Twitter: heidinest

  118. Love! Been needing something to play music through. I’d listen to any feel-good music to help get me through house chores, packing orders, etc!

  119. Followed!

    If I won, I’d listen to Serial and other fascinating podcasts that make the time go by as I work around the house.


  120. Super beautiful design + functionality! *heart eyes*
    I’m dreaming of listening to hours of Sinatra and Perry Como Christmas music on this pretty little thing.

    katherinehoskins at gmail dot com


  121. Super beautiful design + functionality! *heart eyes*
    I’m dreaming of listening to hours of Sinatra and Perry Como Christmas music on this pretty little thing.

    [Followed them on Instagram @katherinehoskins]

    Email: katherinehoskins at gmail dot com


  122. Just followed aether on instagram! Wow, this is such a beauty! I’ve been looking to buy an iHome or something to play music where ever I want. I would definitely love to play Snakadaktal on this.

  123. I followed on Instagram (@coeur) and actually, I’d love to win this for my boyfriend, who uses my portable speaker all the time and finally broke it last week. That speaker would play a lot of retro music, I can tell you that much. Probably some Nico, the Clash, old French singers I have never hear of, etc. :P (emiliec1111 at hotmail dot com)

  124. This copper and black speaker is gorgeous! If I win, I’d listen to Fink at work and Dauzat St. Marie in the evenings… In the meantime, I’m following on Instagram @heatherstmarie and on twitter @heatherstmarie

    Fingers Crossed!

  125. I followed Aether – amazing design and I love the copper so contemporary. I’d listen to my collection of holiday music right away. After the holidays, the first CD to play would be Van Morrison’s greatest hits. I’m so into his music. – thanks for the chance – Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas

  126. Cutest little speaker I ever did see. I could see it fitting into my home nicely. Early morning dance parties with my little girls. Rocking to some Katie Perry or Harry Belafonte in the kitchen.

  127. I have followed on IG & I would use the beautiful aether cone to listen to Prince, Me’shell N’degeocello & Stevie Wonder!

  128. Oh my word, I have been absolutely dying for one of these! I follow aether on instagram & I’d listen to everything — on this particular morning, I’m thinking DeVotchKa and Beirut and Bon Iver.

  129. Wow. Aether is amazing. Id never heard of it. Following on instagram. Id listen to talk radio, jazz, 40’s and 50’s. Thanks for the opportunity!

  130. I would most definitely listen to the Low christmas album on repeat all day long! Thanks and followed on instagram.

  131. I am totally drooling over the design of the aether cone, and the functions sound amazing! Thanks for the awesome giveaway, I followed on Instagram :)

  132. Followed on Insta. I’d play Vapors of Morphine, Funeral Suits, Nirvana, Willie Nelson, Patsy Cline, Kelis, The Cure, Ten Ton Universe, Future Islands (seasons change-love that song) and Foster the People.

  133. Uh Oh!!!! I responded on day one but don’t see my comment above. Here again, A SHOUT OUT TO AETHER! I’ve been following their lovely IG posts too :) Thanks Victoria – Y

  134. Love the black and brass speaker….my 3 sons and I would listen to 3 Days Grace, Weird Al, and My Chemical Romance. For my hubby’s listening Pleasure, Ozzy O, without any doubt. I followed Aether on IG.