Friday Finds
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To kick off 2015 and celebrate the first birthday of Friday Finds, I thought I’d write down five things I plan to live by this year (and beyond). Though they may sound like glorified new year’s resolutions (cheesy is how I roll), my intent is for them be a source of encouragement, not enforcement. I’d love to hear yours if you’re inclined to share. Here’s to the new year!

Friday Finds from Annie Teng / sfgirlbybay

Top to bottom, left to right:

1. Pare down. Learn to live with less. Dress simply.
5. Eat mindfully. Slow down and savor. Cook.
3. Keep learning. Delve deeper into something you know. Pick up something new.
4. Listen better. Spend more time with loved ones, furry friends included.
5. Seek adventure. Get out of your comfort zone. Travel.

Happy Friday,

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  1. I make this kind as well – small in number and short in wording – much easier to remember. Lean Back – don’t offer (too much) unsolicited advice to my adult children; Participate – attend the meetings of groups I voluntarily belong to; Breathe; Just Do It. But I think I will add Mindful eating, and Seek adventure. Thanks!

  2. I pick a word at the beginning of each year to define my main outlook. Last year, after a terrible December and too much pressure, it was CLARITY. This year, ready for a change, it is LESS. It applies to everything I do this year. Well, that is the idea. It really helps, especially if you are in a muddle or trying to make a decision.

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