collecting art: hiro kurata.
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hiro kurata at 20x200 / sfgirlbybay

i’ve been in love with the colorful work of Hiro Kurata for a long while. hiro is a japanese painter who grew up in both Japan and the United States, whose been residing in New York since 1999, when he entered Parsons School of Design to earn a BFA. lucky for us his work is part of 20×200’s RIDDONK sale this week along with some other really amazing artists. if you’re looking to add to your collection — this is the week to check out 20×200! you can also view more of hiro’s work here.

hiro kurata at 20x200 / sfgirlbybay

“Creation is like praying or meditating. It is a way of expressing one’s soul, which leads to rejuvenation or relief. My goal is to create works that reflect my surroundings and the era we live in.” — hiro kurata

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