dream house: shopping made easier with boards.
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using trulia's home boards / sfgirlbybay

while i’m shopping for my dream house, i’ve found it incredibly helpful to virtually ‘shop online’. without a site like Trulia, it would be a nightmare to try and view all the houses for sale out there, especially those in los angeles, since i don’t yet live there. and now, Trulia’s created a tool that’s even easier for me to sort through my favorites, and share them with my mum, my realtor and friends in the local area to get their opinions. they’ve started ‘boards’ much like Pinterest, so you can categorize houses by price, by neighborhood, or anything you’d like — and you can do this on the Trulia website or on their mobile app.

using trulia's home boards / sfgirlbybay

my saved trulia boards and houses.

Trulia Boards are the new, simple way to organize, narrow, and share your favorite homes, and you can Create boards with friends, family, or by yourself. And, they’ve got a sweepstakes happening right now — Create a board by April 30th for a chance to win $25,000 — in cash and a One Kings Lane gift card! oh, and if you want to take a fun, quick personality quiz, try Trulia’s Buyers-Diggs Test to help you figure out what type of home is perfect for you, and where. big surprise — i’m the lounge lizard who likes being at home!

using trulia's home boards / sfgirlbybay

I’ve created boards by area, to keep my head straight and to share them with my mum, who’s helping me shop since she lives in los angeles and can go to open houses and check out the properties before i fly down there unnecessarily. i’ve also created a board for san francisco — just in case by some miracle there’s a house here i might be able to afford. i’ve also created a board for dream houses — homes that i can’t afford, but definitely admire and like certain design aspects of. i think it’s great to see what other people have done to upgrade a kitchen, bath, landscaping etc. and since so many homes are ‘flipped’ like this these days, there’s a wealth of knowledge and ideas out there to save to my dream house board for my own home renovations, since i’ll probably be buying a fixer.

using trulia's home boards / sfgirlbybay

these Trulia Boards are also incredibly useful for me keep track of comparable houses (or what realtors call ‘comp houses’) in the neighborhoods when it comes to having a home i’m interested in appraised, and what similar comp houses in the area are going for. i also like to have an idea of what offer they ultimately accepted on the homes i’ve had my eye on — often these days over-asking price, so it helps me gauge what i’m up against in this competitive market. i’m learning so much about real estate, which i’ve actually found to be fun, and kind of empowering as a single woman buying my own home, and i’m really enjoying sharing this newly gained knowledge with you. so, all in all, Trulia has created these boards as a wonderful and invaluable tool for home shoppers like me, and perhaps first time buyers trying to learn the sometimes daunting aspects of home shopping!

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• This post made possible in partnership with Trulia but all opinions and thoughts are my own. thanks for the supporting the brands that make sfgirlbybay possible.

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  1. I’m moving to LA too, next week! ;) What’s your profile URL to see your Trulia boards? All the links take me to Create a Board. I’m so excited for you and the next chapter!

  2. Wow, that’s a great way to organize houses and share with your realtor and mom. So much better than sending a link, which is the most common way. And how much easier to go back and look at what you liked versus trying to remember which house had the great patio and which had the horrible kitchen. Trulia will definitely have the competition stepping up their game. I have learned so much from your blog about SF where my daughters moved to after college and moved from when it was time to buy a house. Thank you for including Oakland, too. Good luck! Since you hooked me many years ago, I will continue to read your blog wherever you find your new home, Victoria.

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