my new happy place.
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my new happy place / sfgirlbybay

this is just a temporary fix until i find a real home for this beauty, but i couldn’t help share my new vintage daybed. isn’t she pretty? i found her at elsie green’s flea market booth at alameda a few months back and fell instantly in love with the unique bamboo frame — and so i had to make her mine. laurie found it in Lyon, france and it is from the 1950’s — probably used in a child’s room. and since today we were doing a photo shoot together, laurie from elsie green very kindly delivered her to me. she needs a twin-sized mattress, but because i’m impatient that way, i piled on a bunch of blankets to the frame and rearranged the office space to give her a nice sunny spot by the window. this is definitely my new happy place. it’s an ideal place to lie and read, and enjoy the afternoon breeze!

my new happy place / sfgirlbybay

my new happy place / sfgirlbybay

my new happy place / sfgirlbybay

my new happy place / sfgirlbybay

• all photos by victoria smith for sfgirlbybay.

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  1. If you ever want to sell that beauty, Keep me in mind!
    I’ve been looking for one for our babe to graduate into – but that’s a few years away. Maybe you’ll be ready to let her go by then? Haha!

  2. Your comment about an afternoon breeze just makes me sad. We have no end in sight to winter here in Ohio. The green outside your window is amazing. Please appreciate it! :)

  3. What you really need is a military cot mattress…. Check out army/ navy stores. It will conform to the shape of the daybed better. You can even stack two and rotate them for even wear and maximum comfort.

  4. Victoria, such a beautiful space, as always! good luck with the house hunting. Where did you get that amazing phone on the wall, of the people walking? Gorgeous.

  5. FYI – Corner of 21st and Clement – Aladian has the best prices for mattresses. They are department store floor sample and never been used. Albert is the lovely owner and will bring it to you too!

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