munchery: making the evening meal easy.
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munchery: making the evening meal easy / sfgirlbybay

since i eat probably as badly as any of us that are way too busy and/or tired to cook after a long day working, when Munchery invited me to try a week of their fresh, seasonal, chef-made meals, i jumped at the idea. the Munchery App has just launched in San Francisco and has quickly become one of the most popular meal delivery services in the city. and, i had heard great things about their food from friends, so it seemed like a great way to eat healthier, with more well-balanced meals (i.e. better than standing in front of the fridge and foraging for food oddities, never feeling quite satisfied). so this past week i’ve been giving Munchery a go, and was more than pleasantly pleased! their food is healthy, delicious, warmed and to the table in minutes. plus, Munchery feeds a person in need with a donation to a local food bank with every order.

munchery: making the evening meal easy / sfgirlbybay

i think when you live alone, it’s nice to step it up a bit at dinner time and create an atmosphere you would had guests or family joined you. adding maybe a candle, or some flowers on the table, or some linen napkins is a nice touch you deserve. but sometimes at the end of the day it’s hard to get that motivated — however, i found that ordering food on my phone from Munchery’s app and having them do all the hard labor, I could easily have the energy to set a pretty table for myself, and sit down to enjoy a proper, well-made meal in the style i deserve after a long day at the computer.

munchery: making the evening meal easy / sfgirlbybay

i tried a multitude of Munchery meals — from sushi and sashimi with tozai snow maiden sake (yep, they bring the beverages, too!) to a delicious grilled five-spice steak and a yummy miso shrimp stir fry with veggies and brown rice. they have gluten, dairy-free desserts that tasted great, too. and i think one of the extra cool things Munchery also provides is variety — so if you’ve got a partner with a different taste palette, or kids to feed, you can order what everyone feels like eating all from the same easy delivery. they have specific kid’s menus, too! Munchery would love for you to try them out — so click on this link for a $15 credit for Munchery and please note – this code is good for every Munchery market: New York City, San Francisco, and Seattle. go ahead, and treat yourself. i think you’ll like Munchery as much as i do. bon appetít!

munchery: making the evening meal easy / sfgirlbybay

• This post made possible in partnership with Munchery but all opinions and thoughts are my own. thanks for the supporting the brands that make sfgirlbybay possible.

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  1. They deliver in Oakland too! Four of us ordered and everything was wonderful. The prices were less than eating our and much more convenient with that new baby.

  2. Victoria! I love Munchery! So happy you like them too. I’ve been using them and referring them to friends left and right. I’m a huge fan of the food, convenience, pricing, design, and compostable packaging. Not a lot of waste compared to some other ones I’ve tried. Thanks for sharing! Love your pics too :)

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