aether cone gets connected: a giveaway.
by victoria comment


aether cone gets connected: a giveaway / sfgirlbybay

i shared the very cool looking aether cone speaker a while back. the cone is a ‘smart’ speaker that essentially reads your mind once it gets to know you. you can speak to it, tell it what kind of music or radio broadcast you’re in the mood for, and bam! it finds just the music and podcasts you were looking for — and you can play from your rdio playlists wirelessly, too. the aether cone is a wireless music player that combines voice recognition and machine learning for such a lovely listening experience. not only is it cool looking in white + silver (there’s also a pretty black & copper cone version) it’s a smart speaker and sounds great — and perfect for playing no hassle music since it’s got an 8-hour battery life.

aether cone gets connected: a giveaway / sfgirlbybay

and now, it’s much smarter, because its latest software update includes multi-room features, which lets you have multiple Cone speakers connect to each other and play the same thing at the same time — so you’ll be listening to your favorite music flowing throughout your home or office! If you like what you’re hearing and want something similar, turn the dial a little. If you’re not in the mood for what the cone is suggesting, give the dial a big turn to hear something completely different. genius! to celebrate this wonderful technology, we’re giving away a cone this week!

aether cone gets connected: a giveaway / sfgirlbybay

to enter to win a the aether cone of your choice, simply:

• follow aether’s really pretty instagram feed.

• comment below, and tell us that you’ve followed, and what you’d listen to on your aether cone.

• please comment by tuesday, april 21st, 12pm PST.

• as always, be sure to leave a way to reach you via twitter, facebook, email or your website.

• this time the giveaway is for USA / UK / Canada residents only.

• we’ll announce a winner selected by random number generator on my twitter account later in the week of april 21, so be sure and follow along.

aether cone gets connected: a giveaway / sfgirlbybay

aether cone gets connected: a giveaway / sfgirlbybay

aether cone gets connected: a giveaway / sfgirlbybay

this post in partnership with aether, but all thoughts and opinions are my own. thank you for supporting the businesses that bring you fresh content from sfgirlbybay every day.

358 responses to “aether cone gets connected: a giveaway.”

  1. I would loooooove to have an aether cone! Been following them on instagram for a while and am just so in love with their product.

  2. I followed Aether on Instagram! I would listen to jazz with the windows open and birds singing to celebrate spring : )

  3. Followed on insta. I would listen to bluegrass and folk in my kitchen while I write my thesis and make countless meals

  4. I’d be listening to Sufjan Stevens’s new album! I’ve followed aether on Instagram for a while and love them.

    twitter: @helloawinter

  5. Followed! Soooo in love with this speaker. Would be listening to the new Alabama Shakes album as soon as it’s out!

  6. I followed Aether, and I have to say I’ve had these cones on my wish list for a while! I’d ask for some surf music to get me in the mood for spring and summer. @angela_aliff

  7. ah I would love this! I remember finding the aether website just before they were releasing them and wanting one so bad!! I love any light jazz playing in the background. It makes my house feel so calm and cozy all the time

  8. Followed on instagram… I will be listening to Reba… The Voice has me on an early 90’s country music kick.

  9. Following. Id take down to the fire pit at night with a tall cold one. Relaxation to the fullest! @courtneer

  10. Love love love aether cones! I have been lusting after one for a while. Following in instagram! Fingers crossed!!!

  11. I’ve followed on IG. I would love one. I love a wide variety of music, but I’m thinking some Ella Fitzgerald and Antonio Carlos Jobim at the moment.

  12. following. love the aether; it’s so stunning. definitely listening to the new iron and wine as well as sufjan stevens, with a little of taylor’s “shake it off” each time my little daughter wants to dance.

  13. Followed on instagram. I’d love one of these because I’ve been a loyal rdio customer since the beginning and love that they work in conjunction with each other. I’d christen my Aether with some sweet Survivor- Eye of the Tiger.

  14. Followed! I would definitely be blasting the new Alabama Shakes, as well as any Black Keys or Jack White albums in my sunny backyard. Love this speaker!

  15. following……I would listen to the new = Josh Garrels Album Home
    and of course my toddler son’s favorite Not For Kids Only =Garcia/Grisman :)

    Killing it on the giveaways this past week!
    Thank you.

  16. Followed on instagram! I’ve been dying over the cone for months. I would listen to the new Bright Light Social Hour album, my favorite podcasts and of course, David Bowie!

  17. I would LOVE to win! These look so amazing! Following along on Instagram as @shopunearthed!
    If I won I would listen to some classics with my sons – some Bowie, maybe some Neil Young, probably a little Cure! And the kids really like Imagine Dragons and Fever Ray so I’m positiv that would be in the rounds too!
    My fingers are crossed!

  18. Following now!
    I want to say that I would be listening to lots of cool old music and some new playlists to find new music…..BUT, I have 8 and 10 year old girls, so….Taylor swift. Yup.
    Maybe I could handle it if it’s coming out of this beautiful speaker?!!

  19. Our family would listen to lots of 60’s and 70’s rock and folk with some Sesame Street thrown in for good measure!

  20. I followed Aether! I would love it so I could listen to all of the new music I was exposed to from Coachella and begin to listen to bands playing at Outside Lands in SF. Expand my music repertoire!

  21. Now following on Instagram! My roomies and I would listen to Mumford & Sons on our balcony all summer long with these gorgeous speakers.

  22. I have been following aether on Instagram for awhile and dream of having this speaker! I would totally crank Mad Men pandora station or French Cafe station whilst cooking dinner!

  23. following on instagram! on this beautiful speaker in our new studio we will be listening to our “studio jams” playlist via spottily! woooo hoooo!

  24. I’ve been pining for one of these! I’d get down to some Miles Davis, some War on Drugs and some Beach Boys. A good summer smorgasbord

  25. Oh man! This would just be the coolest … My husband would DIE!

    I would listens to the Walter Mitty sound track or some Rolling Stones would be way cool … Also and of course, The Beatles.

    xoxo, Sara

  26. Followed and so impressed by this stylish speaker! I’d play a little Pink Martini to fill my house with music.

  27. Followed before I knew about the contest because that copper cone… Magic. I’d listen to Haim on repeat on my Aether. It would learn real quick that I’m a fan! I don’t know if it’s because I’m from a family of three girls too, but that sister trio just kills it.

  28. Just followed Aether on IG, beautiful products. It’d be perfect to listen to Toro Y Moi’s “Saturday Love” on repeat. :D

  29. I would love to win the aether cone!! I would listen
    to a little bossa nova & some Stan Getz…..and
    following them on Instagram. :)

  30. These speakers are a dream! I would die to be able to stream Reverberation Radio podcasts throughout my home. If you haven’t listened to RR, you’ve gotta check it out. It’s a weekly mix of dreamy new + old tunes curated by the fellas in the LA band, Allah-Las. 😏

  31. followed and entered!! We would listen to high vibrational healing new age music in our workplace:) @angel_face_botanicals on insta
    @SpaGoddess on twitter

  32. Followed! The speakers are other worldly! I’d love to have one in my house. I’d love to say I’d listen to something really “cool” but it’ll probably be Jimmy Buffet (husbands favorite weekend tunes) or nursery rhymes (the LO’s favorite groove).

  33. followed! oooh my music taste ranges from grimes to the everly brothers so I’d listen to it all… I feel like I could stream some beach boys thoughout my apartment really nicely with this :) thanks!!

  34. Just followed! I would love an Aether cone and would use it to listen to the coffeebreak French podcast and Fip radio on tune in as well as lots of Ella and vintage french music, since I’m learning French at the moment.

  35. I just started following Aether’s chic Instagram feed. These speakers are total beauties and I would love to listen to Beach House on a lazy Sunday afternoon with the spring air coming through the open windows.

  36. Following on IG! And I would definitely listen to my mellow jams playlist on Spotify and some of my favorite podcasts (while my Luna is taking a nap!).

  37. I want to fill my house with these! As soon as I saw your photo on Instagram I followed. Such a cool concept. I would listen to Kate Bush and Sia and Talking Heads and and and!!!!

  38. following on instagram! i’d probably be listening to some spoon. i’m going to their concert in a month and haven’t listened to their new album enough!

  39. I love Aether’s Instagram account and am now following. If this speaker were mine, I would be cranking Colony House…When I Was Younger is my new favorite album!

  40. I already follow them, but would love to hear Melodies Echo Chamber, Tom Waits, Jacques Dutronc, or dome Josephine Baker through one of these puppies.

  41. I have never heard of this “cone” before, but omg can you say LOVE?! *heart eyes emoji*
    If I won the cone I would listen to an ongoing playlist Allah-Las, the Beach Boys, and some Norah Jones mixed in there. Only beachy, happy, sleepy vibes on my playlist! :)

    connect with me via…
    instagram: @mollynellswain
    twitter: @mollynellswain

  42. I’m already following ! I would bust a move to Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, and Temper ( Sweet Disposition ! )

  43. Followed (@dreachiguil)! What wouldn’t I listen to?! Although the first thing I would listen to is good ol’ Frank Sinatra.
    Twitter: @dreachiguil

  44. Instagram Follow? Check
    Lusting in full swing? Check
    Already creating playlists? Check
    First up on deck? Mikky Ekko – his show at the Fillmore in SF the other night got me in the need for a speaker that can accurately portray the melodies and beats that he so carefully crafted in each of his songs. Gimme, pretty please? Emphasis on pretty – esp the black and copper. Wow wa we wa!

  45. Hi! I’m following (my IG: xpilotprojject). I’d listen to nostalgic music, which consists of old soul & 70’s music. Sweet!

  46. This speaker it so beautiful! I would take it to the yard with me to listen to funk while I tent to the veggie beds.
    Crossing my fingers!

  47. Followed! There are so pretty and I would to used them to listen to my native tunes from Mexico.

  48. I just followed them on Instagram! I would love to win one. I think I might listen to some classic rock like Frampton, Boston, or ELO to celebrate! Since today is my birthday I think I might be channeling some good luck!

    Also, congrats on the house Victoria!

  49. Thanks for this giveaway! I have been admiring those pretty speakers for a while now. I followed on Instagram (@rednavylime) and I would love to listen to Beyoncé on there!!

  50. I’m
    Following on Instagram (@monicasmc). I would LOVE to win this beautiful speaker and would listen to some of my favorite bands like Grizzly Bear and Andrew Bird daily with this speaker!

  51. Their Instagram is so lovely! I followed. I would probably listen to podcasts or Sia, my two current obsessions.

  52. I would love love love the black and rose gold aether cone. I’ve been coveting one for some time now and absolutely adore it. You can find me on instagram or twitter @caitlingrayce

  53. i want one of these and have been following aether on insta for a couple months. my current obsession is piano-heavy jazz so that’s what i would listen to. :) @jamieshelburnecrowley

  54. Followed on Instagram! I’ve been eyeing these speakers for a few weeks and would love to have one to boost the random dance parties I have with my littles!

  55. i follow and wish I could trade in all my Bose for aethers! I hate playing DJ so this sounds perfect to listen to everything from Led Zeppelin to Big Sean :)

  56. I followed Aether on Instagram.

    I would love to listen to some Pomplamoose while I cook something with the windows open!

  57. Followed!!

    I have been dying to get a nice wireless speaker like this forever. I just moved to SF and have been listening to my music on my phone speaker (no good!) If I received this Aether Cone speaker I would listen to some old time jazz on it while drinking wine and eating fancy cheese!

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  58. If you follow that little link I shared to my blog you’ll understand what a huge music fan I am. My boyfriend and I just bought our first home together and move into a place next month that requires a lot of painting. I’ve been eyeing this speaker for a while now but having its voice-activated capabilities while we are covered in messy paint would be a huge help. I think the first thing I would listen to is Caribou since we just saw that concert over the weekend and it was fantastic!

  59. It would be soooo dreamy to have one of these beautiful speakers to jam out to all of the Wes Anderson movie sound tracks. They allow me to get lost in the moment and zen out in my creative zone. Thanks for considering me. Xo

  60. As someone exhausted by a current apartment hunt, the idea of being in a new place with tunes I love gives me the strength to carry on! I’ll go with Damien Rice, as I’m catching his Chicago concert tonight. Also: following on Instagram!

  61. Followed! fingers crossed so I can jam out to Disclosure right from the morning i wake up!
    twitter -mons2314
    ig- monsk2314

  62. I followed! I’ll be dancing around to Country Girl by Primal Scream. Well, I will once I’m off crutches! :)

  63. I’ve been obsessed with aether’s cone for so long now! Followed and love the feed.
    I would listen to Sam Smith and Mumford and Sons to help me focus on homework and Ellie Goulding and Beyoncé to get me ready for a night out!

  64. In the morning I would use that gorgeous aether cone to broadcast my favorite satirical news podcasts (current favorites: The Bugle, and The Daily Show Without Jon Stewart) while I get ready for the day with a big smile on my face.
    In the evening I would use the aether cone to play tunes (Beirut, The Black Keys, Sam Cooke) while I prep dinner for friends, or for myself (which generally includes a lot more mid-food prep dancing).

    Regardless, I’m now following aether on instagram which is giving me some serious design envy. If I make it to the big leagues you can reach me via email OR on twitter or instagram (@ashleysather)

  65. I follow aether on Instagram (collifornia)
    & i would listen to Taylor Swift!
    holliister at gmail dot com

  66. Following along both you & aether on IG! In love with both of your feeds. I have been eying these beautiful cones for a long time now, and would listen to LP (incredible artist) and Kings of Leon (among many other of my favorite artists) on the cone if I won. Love this giveaway!

  67. Following. I’ve had one of these one my wish-list for quite a while and would love to finally be able to blast a little Drake, Purity Ring, or my old standby, Fleetwood Mac :)

  68. followed on instagram (laneysmith)! i would listen to my cooking playlist in the kitchen with this thing. :)

  69. Following. The cone looks really cool. I’ve been wanting to try one out. I would put it in my bedroom and listen to upbeat music while I get ready for work in the morning.
    IG: alexrcummings
    twitter: travelingitch

  70. Ooooh! This post perfectly answers my wireless speaker question I have for the loft. TWO speakers that “speak” to each other. Winning one would be half the battle. I would listen to “Chet Baker Sings” first… Thanks, Victoria, for letting me know about this. Had been looking at other less attractive options.

  71. Have followed! I am a classroom teacher and I would love to use this for my classroom. I have a Dr. Seuss themed classroom; red and white!

  72. Follow aether’s instagram feed…check! Would love to listen to Frank Sinatra, Kendrick Lamar, and El Perro del Mar on those beautiful speakers. I like to mix it up in the art studio. :) thank you for doing this contest!

  73. I followed Aether on Insta! Wow I’d love a mind reading speaker, it would transform my space into a cheery springtime dance zone. I’d listen to the new My Morning Jacket album, Canned Heat and some Freewheelin Bob Dylan!

  74. I am following aether on instagram and I would place that aether cone on my nightstand and listen to my murder mystery novels every night before bed. Sweet dreams! ha. @kateeyoko on pinterest

  75. i would LOVE the black and copper one!

    its been a dream of mine to cook in a huge kitchen while drinking wine listening to Lianne La Havas while it rains in the background. kind of like in its complicated.
    which is rather ironic because i cant cook to save my life, i have a small kitchen, i dont really like win (just havent found the right one!) and i live in California. it rarely rains!!!
    but still!!!
    this would be an amazing little piece to the puzzle!!!
    this would be the perfect starter!!! ;)

    good luck everyone! <3

  76. i followed on instagram! i would listen to my outside lands 2015 playlist to get me excited for august! my twitter and instagram are @ayjuhbo

  77. Followed on Instagram (@laurendwoskin) & would love one of these beauties to listen to some smooth bossa nova while I work! 😍

  78. followed! I’m kind ofpodcast freak so I’d be pushing those a lot, plus my Gentlemen of the Road pandora station in preparation for their festival in my new hometown of salida, co. Twitter handle: @meganelombardo

  79. Following! Aether cones are so beautiful. I’d throw on some Billy Holiday and cook up some mussels for a dinner party with friends!

  80. I followed on Instagram! (@paperedpine)
    I’m currently listening to a lot of Lapsley so I’m sure she would be playing 💕

  81. Followed!

    I would love to use these to listen to the spotify “indie cover” station, while having brunch with friends!

    instagram: highonstars

  82. Followed as well!

    I’d probably listen to some Sydney Waysare to relax and then Tove Lo for my workouts. :)

  83. Following! I’d want to be listening to the Beatles but truthfully it would probably be Raffi since that’s all my 2 year old wants these days.

  84. That speaker sounds like some kind of magic..! I’ve liked the cute instagram page and I’d be listening to some Above & Beyond if I won it! x

    Twitter: @vichorrocks

  85. Following! I’m currently loving Matthew Ryan’s new album, Boxers, so that’s what I’d be listening too.

  86. Following! When I first started reading this post, I thought “ooo, exciting, an aesthetically pleasing speaker” but after reading your post the engineer in me is geeking out! Definitely have a research project on my hands now to learn more about this company and their product.

    While researching, I would definitely be listening to WQXR, my chill station.

  87. i have followed their Instagram account. I would love this speaker after the year I have had. Lately I have been listening to a mix that has given me strength after my mother and grandmother died from cancer and to leave a toxic ten year relationship. Songs like “Bright” by Ecosmith and “Fight Song” by Rachel Platten. Music and therapy are the only things that help.

  88. I love this cone, been on my wish list for quite some time… I would definitely be listening to my “Upbeat Summer + Sun” playlist on Spotify!

  89. Followed! I’d listen to one of the fun new playlists I’ve been putting together lately….lots of peppy pop music to get me dancing throughout the house!

  90. Oh I would listen to some old school Pink in honor of her bad-assert. There would be loud and off key singing to go along.
    Fingers crossed!

  91. I have followed their instagram account. I would love this speaker after the year I have had. Lately, I have been listening to a mix that has given me strength after my mother and grandmother died from cancer this past year as well as to leave a toxic ten year long relationship. Songs like “Bright” by Ecosmith and “Fight Song” by Rachel Platton. Music and therapy are the only things that make a different right now. Please help make that possible. <3 Jillian

  92. I’ve loved following aether for a while now. I would throw all my windows wide open, turn up Ella Fitzgerald, open a bottle of wine and raise a glass to my grandfather as I cooked dinner.

  93. I’m already following and would looooove to win this speaker so my yoga classes can listen to some amazing Dirty Gold “California Sunrise”. Pick us on IG!!

  94. Always on the hunt for modern design with a historical nod to bring into my old Victorian house. This is EXACTLY the design style I dream of. It’s totally perfect! I would definitely debut the Aether with a Harry Belafonte dance party with my three-year-old son.

  95. Followed! So beautiful. I would listen to one of my rdio playlists and probably a podcast or two while I hang out at home!

  96. Ive been dying for a cone!!! They are so sleek looking. I can just imagine listening to my jazzy tunes while cooking! I follow on instagram too!

  97. Awesome giveaway. I already follow Aether on Instagram. In terms of tunes, I would listen to some Hannah Georgas, Beck and some soul music.

  98. Followed. Love their feed. I would listen to my balcony playlist (600+ songs!) with friends as we grill out and enjoy the beautiful Chicago summer sunsets!

  99. Following @aether on Instagram!
    I would use those perfect looking Aether Cone speakers to blast songs on shuffle and skip every song until I landed on one I liked because according to my roommates I’m the ‘worst’. =D

  100. Beautiful insta feed – followed
    I’d love to put some City and Color through one if those speakers.
    Beauty and function.

  101. Following @aether on Instagram!
    I would blast some Best Coast on those insanely pretty Aerher Cone Speakers to get me ready for the summer! ☀️

  102. Hi! Following Aether! We’d use it while curating our wedding playlist! Do you Love Me by The Contours, anyone?

  103. Following @aether.
    Listening to old Blue Note, NPR, Beastie Boys, whatever promises to get me through the day!
    Love the look, hope to love the sound, too!

  104. ive followed along (@courtneyvweston) and would be listening to my switcher come all day with different podcasts and the newest Lord Huron album!

  105. I’m following. I love the way those speakers look. I’d listen to the new Sufjan album especially :)

  106. I’m following their gorgeous feed!! And I’d listen to Joni Mitchell all day using the Aether Cone!! It’s beautiful!

    Twitter handle: @elise_keithley

  107. I’m following their gorgeous feed! And I’d listen to Joni Mitchell all day using the Aether Cone!! It’s beautiful!

    Twitter handle: @elise_keithley

  108. I’ve been eyeing a pretty new desk speaker. I’m excited to follow another beautiful instgram account!
    I would listen to my summer jams: Haim, 90s mixes, and my husbands new music. Also, I’ve recently discovered a treasure trove of podcasts from my favorite comedians.

    Flowing both: sfgirlbybay and aether on insta.
    Contact: @heycindylee (twitter&instagram)

  109. What a beautiful feed! Had no idea audio could look so good! If I had that pretty little speaker I would listen to a mix of things to include Chet Faker, Mayer Hawthorne, Joni Mitchell & Banks.

  110. Followed on IG @cherrychero. I would love to blast some Jenny Lewis while working on my kitchen remodel!

  111. Twitter: anna__thomas I would love to listen to Louis armstrong’s greatest hits. I love following them on Instagram :)

  112. Following! I would definitely be blasting some old school rap, Biggie and 2Pac style, while my husband and I demo our 2nd floor!

  113. I followed the adorable Aester IG page and I would listen to the Tiaras, Mayer Hawthorne and my go-to, Amy Winehouse. Twitter: @babsicle_

  114. I’m following Aether and would listen to my 90’s playlist so I could jam out to Portishead, The Sundays, some Erykah Badu and a little bit of Moby!

  115. I love the look of the Aether cone! so beautiful!

    I’d love to use it to listen to a few of my favorites: the national, haim, and the head & the heart!

  116. Followed! I would listen to Elthon John, Mumfords and Sons, The Black Keys and all other artists coming to Outside Lands 2015!!!

  117. Followed on Instagram (@sunshinesandwichblog)! I would love to use the cone to blast Sara Bareilles while I bake caramel pecan brownies and dance around in a thoroughly undignified manner . ;)

  118. Just followed on IG – anabotelho_creative!!! I would listen to Elvis, Pink Floyd, The The, Richard Ashcroft, The Verve, Damien Rice…. all the music I love coming from this beautifully designed speaker – aesthetically enhancing my home and inspiring my soul!!

  119. Joined aether’s insta followers! Hmmm….I would listen to shoegaze and jangly folk and the new Jessie Baylin album, new wave when I’m primping, and bossa nova and the Lauren Canyon crowd when I’m twirling around my apartment on Sunday mornings.

  120. I’ve been following (and drooling over) the aether cone for a while now. I’d listen to the new song, Awake, from the upcoming album of the amazing band Folly and the Hunter.

    Victoria, in case you see this in the sea of comments, can I please ask you for the source of the black and copper lamp on the tulip table? It is gorgeous!

  121. Following! Would definitely prance around to some classic 80s! Thanks for the giveaway…my instagram is @blancavega24

  122. Following! Please pick me. I’ve been lusting after these speakers. Is that weird or what?! But, they’re so sexy. I would listen to the velvety voice of Jobim.

  123. The Aether cone is so gorgeous! I’d love to blast oldies like Aretha Franklin and Sam Cooke so I could have impromptu dance parties throughout my home. Otherwise a little Chance the Rapper of Kehlani might find its way to my ears through the cone :) (following!)

  124. Followed! I would use the cone to listen to the artists I’m planning to catch at Glastonbury in a couple of months: Foo Fighters, Mary J Blige, Florence and the Machine, Alabama Shakes, Young Fathers . . . I could go on!

  125. I’ve followed on Instagram – cute feed! I’d listen to 90s hip hop jams in my kitchen – some Monica & Brandy for cheese, tupac & biggie for crazy flow!

  126. Following (@cjg221). I would listen to pretty much everything aside from folk, classical, and country music.

  127. Following in IG! I’m on a Cocteau Twins bender these days, and I bet they would sound AMAZING through the Aether cone!

  128. Been following Aether since you first wrote about them! Already have a Rdio account and woul listen nonstop!

  129. Following on Instagram! I recently added a Aether Cone photo to my vision board – is this giveaway kismet???!!! I would use it for o listen to NPR podcasts and my “happy music” playlist I listen to each morning to start the day on a positive, upbeat note.
    Thanks so much for the opportunity to win!!!!

  130. following! blasting a little roy orbison always gets me in the mood for summer after a long maine winter

  131. I’ve been following Aether for a while on IG @ingridhmorrison (love their photography!) and saving up for a cone, if I win this one, i can have one in the kitchen and another in the bedroom! woo hoo! anyway, i’d listen to all my favorite Air, Zero 7 and Thievery Corporation jams.

  132. I follow on instagram
    I would listen to Spotify…I love the Your Favorite Coffeehouse playlist. Very soothing.

  133. I would love love love a aether cone! These are the coolest music cones EVER! I would bust out my part tunes getting dressed and at night listen to some soft beats, ie the musical hot waterbottle! @carlysmelendez

  134. I’ve been following them on IG under “dreamydaze”. I’d listen to fun pop music in my kitchen while cooking – Britney Spears, Gaga, Katy Perry, Bruno Mars, etc. Because if you aren’t having a dance party in your kitchen while cooking, you’re doing it wrong. ;)

  135. I followed Aether on IG. What a perfect giveaway! We have a houseful of music loving teenagers with a wide variety of musical tastes so we’d listen to everything from Maria Callas and Pavarotti to Echosmith, Johnny Cash, Morrissey and Led Zeppelin!

  136. Following their beautiful account and I would jam to the force that is Janelle Monae all day longgggg!

  137. done! following on Instagram – looks lovely! I dream of putting this gorgeous super-smart speaker in my kitchen so I can listen to my Joni Mitchell while cooking (sorry neighbors!).

  138. What a lovely Instagram feed!!!! I would listen to CBC and love it all day long!!!! Thank you for the chance to win this great looking piece of technology!!!!


    I’m following AETHER on Instagram.
    I’d choose Early Music, Chet Baker, Leonard Cohen and more great JAZZ!

  140. I followed! These are so pretty and functional – the best combo! I would listen to Courtney Barnett’s new album. Its amazing!!

  141. WOW! that is gorgeous. This would be perfect in my home for when I’m cooking dinner and need a little music (tune me in to a chill indie station please!) or in the bathtub to catch up on some podcasts!

    twitter handle is @ashleyhilde but best way to contact me if I winner (fingers, toes, arms and legs crossed!) is email (submitted in the comment info).


  142. My Instagram username is Captainkegs, and I’ve followed Aether. I would listen to Chet Faker’s album “Built On Glass”.

  143. These are so pretty and functional! I would definitely listen to my throwback playlist (think The Pretenders, Fleetwood Mac, Prince) while I clean… would definitely make chores a little more fun.


  144. Followed! Love how well your cone fits with your decor, it looks great! I would love on for my wee apartment, so I can sing along to Joni Mitchell while I’m cooking. My email is josie (dot) gaitens (at) gmail (dot) com. Fingers crossed!

  145. We’d stream a mix of our family favorites: wilco (me), podcasts (my husband), and taylor swift (my preschooler)

  146. Aether liked on Instagram. :) I’d listen to a little bit of everything, the black keys, coldplay, a little salsa merengue, world music.

  147. Already following! I’m really into my parents old vinyls right now so I’d probably use the new technology to play some old school music!

  148. Followed! And I would without shame be listening to We Built This City on Rock n’ Roll.
    Yes, the 80’s smash by Starship, because why the heck not.

  149. following on instagram via @natalienmatos and I’s listen to some calming music in our bedroom at night without bulky equipment

  150. I’m following Aether on Instagram (via ZebraGlitterCone) … I would absolutely love this beautiful music player so I can jam out to some classic Rolling Stones on the weekends, and then switch it up for my sleepy Indie rock music before bed. This is the most beautiful music player out there! Fingers crossed xx

  151. I’m following as Krista Pagano (kristaaaface). I would be listening to Flume or Odesza! Love the shape of this cone :)

  152. Following Aether! Would love to win a cone. I’ve had my eye on one for a while now. I’d play some Seriel NPR podcast and some Nickle Creek. Thanks for the giveaway!!

  153. Followed :) I’ve been dreaming of an Aether cone and would love to win one. I’d listen to anything on everything on it. Gregory Porter, James Bay and Punch Brothers are current faves.

  154. What a lovely product and IG feed! I think i would end up listening to Radiolab podcasts (or the like) on certain mornings (when making breakfast) or some good tunes in the backyard to relax and unwind. How portable this little guy is makes me very happy! Fingers crossed!

  155. i’m desperate need of a speaker! great giveaway. followed on insta!
    i bet some simon and garfunkel would sound pretty good coming out of that speaker :)

  156. Ahhhh this thing is so cool. I have to tell you I am already following Aether on Instagram based on the first post you did! I would totally listen to a little groovy French 60s Pop (France Gall!) or some full on 70s AM Radio jams (the Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack totally has me on a 70s kick!). What a cool giveaway.

  157. I have loved these for a while now and I am so excited this is open to Canada! I followed on Instagram and would listen to all kinds of music but am loving Blues right now.

  158. So excited to see this giveaway is open to Canadian residents! These are such cool little speakers and I know I’d listen to it until the cows come home! haha. I’m on a big of a funk kick right now (thank you boyfriend) so that’s what I’d be jamming out to.

  159. Followed on Instagram. Someone already mentioned this song, but I love the idea to christen this baby with “Eye of the Tiger” while getting ready for my new job. Thank you!

  160. I’ve been following Aether on Instagram since I found an article about it (sfgirl and decor8) I would love to listen into a music (streaming online music) with my kids and wife in anywhere in our place.

  161. Love the aether cone! Have been wanting one! I follow them on Instagram and would listen to lots of old country music like Willie, Loretta and Hank Williams.

  162. I’m a follower now and I’d love to listen to Fredrick and Filip, Sweden’s funniest comedic duo on their English Podcast!

  163. Following you on twitter. If I won I would be able to listen to my fairly extensive music collection on my computer!

  164. I followed Aether on instagram via @akarae! I’m in the mood for some Otis Redding on this slightly overcast Monday morning.

  165. Followed Aether on Instagram!

    I would be listening to Enya or Yo Yo Ma on days when I just need to relax.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  166. Followed on Insta (atvuong); would listen to podcasts mostly (like catching up on Night Vale!) with some female rap interludes.

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