non-perishable goods + a giveaway.
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giveaway from non-perishable goods at sfgirlbybay

i’ve long been a big fan of non-perishable goods and so, when designer shay carrillo sent me a sneak peek at their new collections of limited edition, bespoke pillows we thought y’all might like a giveaway! non-perishable goods makes gorgeous textiles and carries a great selection of lovely, but also very useful home accessories as well. non-perishable goods pillows are entirely hand-crafted using only natural fiber materials including linen, wool felt, vintage wool, vintage textiles, recycled cotton/hemp, repurposed denim, leather, cotton & paper — all of it uniquely gorgeous. so this week we’re giving away one $150 gift card to be used any way you like in the non-perishable goods webshop!

giveaway from non-perishable goods at sfgirlbybay

to enter to win a the non-perishable goods $150 gift card, simply:

• follow non-perishable goods really pretty instagram feed and/or sign up for their newsletter.

• comment below, and tell us that you’ve followed along, and what you love at non-perishable goods.

• please comment by monday, may 4th, 12pm PST.

• as always, be sure to leave a way to reach you via twitter, facebook, email or your website.

• yay! this giveaway is worldwide!

• we’ll announce a winner selected by random number generator on my twitter account later in the week of may 4th, so be sure and follow along.

giveaway from non-perishable goods at sfgirlbybay

giveaway from non-perishable goods at sfgirlbybay

giveaway from non-perishable goods at sfgirlbybay

giveaway from non-perishable goods at sfgirlbybay

giveaway from non-perishable goods at sfgirlbybay

giveaway from non-perishable goods at sfgirlbybay

150 responses to “non-perishable goods + a giveaway.”

  1. Subscribed to the mailing list (carly(dot)J(dot)gordon(at)gmail(dot)com). Love the GATHERED GOODS | MEXICAN MOLINILLOS | HOT CHOCOLATE FROTHERS.

  2. I love non-perishable goods !!! I’m following now on Instagram as well. I love all their gorgeous textiles and accessories especially the woven nettles pillow with black poms and neutral woven Peruvian pillow with and without poms! Would love to get a gift card as I’m just finishing a house remodel which has left me minimal decorating funds! :). Thanks !!

  3. This is some serious eye candy. I followed on instagram as mshelliee and my twitter account is mkchoix. I’m loving the one of a kind kantha pillows!

  4. Hi,
    I’ve followed their Instagram account.
    Fingers crossed

  5. I’ve liked them on Instagram and I’m in love with their feed. I’m moving in September and these gorgeous creations would be amazing for my new space. I love the pillows with pom-poms. Pom-poms make everything better.

  6. I signed up for the newsletter!
    Thanks for the introduction to another great company – today I’m loving the african mud cloth pillow with poms!

  7. Followed on instagram – what a beautiful feed.
    I love their use of natural fibers – goat wool sounds exquisite!
    Pillows, pom-poms and awesome colors make me swoon.

  8. I followed them on Instagram. I appreciate their use of natural materials, and I love the mudcloth pillows with pom poms!

  9. already an IG follower of Shay’s, now a newsletter subscriber too. i’ve been lusting after the napkin bundles since she ran a beautifully piped collection for Alder & Co (so wish i had snapped up that colorway :( then) — totally loving the napkin bundle I saw at heath yesterday, and believe it somewhat synchronistic that this giveaway popped up in my feed today. fingers crossed!!

  10. I follow on Instagram and subscribe to the the newsletter. I am in love with the RAJASTHANI GOAT WOOL PILLOW | YELLOW DOTS WITH POMS ! I’d put it in my recording studio…

    Thanks for introducing me to this store, SF Girl!
    xx St. Heather

  11. WOW! I am loving the goat wool pillows and the instagram feed as well. New Insta-follower right here. Crossing fingers!

  12. I love non-perishable goods and am now following them on Instagram. Finding pillows that I love is difficult but theirs always have character and soul.

  13. Wow, what a great new find for me today! I’m so in love with all of this. While pillows are definitely my favorite thing to collect and the hmong hand cross stitch pillow (orange and blue) is to die for with it’s little pom poms … I’m REALLY in need of a new bag, mine is falling apart. I just haven’t been able to find the perfect one…o wait, there it is… “gathered goods | india clutches, leela” <3

  14. I love so much of it, but the limited edition kantha pillows are my favorites! And, I just followed their Instagram feed.

  15. I’m not sure how I’ve survived this far in life without all this woven & tassled goodness. I would get that early american woven saddle blanket pillow, african mud cloth AND several indian camel saddle tassels in a heartbeat :) THANK YOU!

    (following religiously on Insta!)

  16. I followed the Instagram! (@de_yn) I love the Japanese Sashiko pillow and the goat wool pillows.
    twitter: @lymphbizkit

  17. I am following on Instagram (@ErinLoves2Run), and I love the LIMITED EDITION | GEOMETRIC LAOTIAN PILLOW WITH TASSEL. Thank you for the wonderful giveaway.
    ErinLoves2Run at gmail dot com

  18. I love her everyday napkins, all the color combos are so fun. I am also excited about the new earings in found goods.

  19. I absolutely adore the gathered good kantha blanket in sabuja which would make a beautiful throw for our bed. Just started following on Instagram.

  20. Oh my goodness…everything is so beautiful! Hard to pick a favorite but I find myself most drawn to the Mexican hot chocolate frothers and the Kantha blanket “Gopana.” Gorgeous! Thanks for the giveaway!

    P.S. Followed on Instagram, and you can reach me via Twitter @jadeandfern. :) Fingers crossed!

  21. Oohhhh!!! Love. Love. Love. Mostly all the tassels! I love the bright colored tassels on the neutral colored pillows. Loved them on Instagram.

  22. Thanks for providing this awesome giveaway! I’m all about the vintage kantha blankets! Fingers crossed! good luck everyone!

  23. I’m following along on Instagram and would LOVE to win this giveaway. I saw the new pillows in person over the weekend and would really like those rainbow pillows.

  24. I follow their amazing Insta and already receive their newsletter. A truly inspiring company; I feel like I take mini trips around the globe every time I visit their site. Xo!

  25. I have been following Shay’s Instagram feed for a couple years. I love everything she does and would be happy to have anything from non-perishable goods. However, I am particularly fond of the pillows and blankets. @hazeldewey is my twitter id. Fingers crossed that I win this one!

  26. i followed them on instagram! im in love with the peruvian pillow with pompoms
    my instagram and twitter are both @ayjuhbo

  27. Just love these earthy colours and warm colours. Fabulous. It is my birthday today too!!! Would love to win one. I am in the UK and most giveaways are for US only. I have signed up for their newseltter too.

  28. Hi, I follow them on Instagram(@chloecjoly) and I’m in love with every single one of their pillows. They perfectly match my home decoration :)

  29. I love the bold woven stripe pillows, but I see that they’ve sold out. My next favorites are the dinner towels. Great colors and fabric – I’d love to have two of each! I’ve signed up for the newsletter and am following them on Facebook too. Great contest opportunity – my fingers are crossed.

  30. Subscribed to newsletter!
    Her products are beautiful and the heart & hope of her business is beautiful too!
    Thanks for making me aware of her lovely shop!

  31. I love the juxtaposition of bright tassels with woven prints grounded in natural earth tones!! They are brought together with a wonderful sense of harmony. The art to creating that pairing is beautiful.

  32. It was hard to pick just one thing! But I just adore those everyday napkins in denim. It would be perfect for my beach house. (followed their Instagram!) xo

  33. I’m following along on Instagram (my handle is @funeral). I really love their colorful blankets; they would be a great addition to my very white living room.

  34. Following and added to the newsletter :) I really LOVE EVERYTHING if I need to choose I would pick the LIMITED EDITION | WOVEN NETTLES PILLOW WITH BLACK POMS, GATHERED GOODS | HAND MADE HAMMOCK SWING and all the blankets…this is so hard lol

  35. I love Non-Perishable Goods! I knew I recognized them from two of my favorite Austin boutiques – Spartan and Take Heart. My favorite on their website is the limited edition Rajasthani Goat Wool Pillow with the orange dots, and I signed up for their email list. Thanks for all your beautiful giveaways!

  36. I’ve subscribed to the newsletter and love all of Non-Perishable Goods unique pillows — especially the natural wool with indigo dots, the warm woven floor pillow, and the children’s huipil pillow.

  37. i subscribed to Non-Perishable Goods newletter and i just love everything they have! what i love most is the HUANLE handmade shoes! i wish they came in my size! thanks, victoria! :)

  38. Love, love, love it all. I have been admiring everything from afar (in the UK) for a number of years. I would be very excited to own a Laotian clutch or a beautiful kantha pillow.

  39. Hi Victoria,
    I love their stuff. The pillows with earth tones, browns, and pops of pink detail are just gorgeous. I signed up for their newsletter.
    Thank you for curating and bringing us such gorgeous beauty from the world around us, and the interwebs. Such a pleasurable treat to enjoy each day.
    From another San Fran bohemian chick (children’s book author :-)
    Rachel (Victoria) :-)
    rachelvrodriguez at gmail (dot )com

  40. Ohh that bold woven stripe pillow is stunning!! I seriously hope I win this one! My instagram account is @shelnine681. Also signed up for their newsletter…just in case :)

  41. Followed on Instagram and now officially in love! I love th bright and eclectic Kantha blankets–especially the Sabuja!

  42. i signed up for the Newsletter @ Nonperishable Goods, & stayed for awhile. simply amazed by the stories of how each pillow is made, country of original origin for the fabrics! I would love dearly to have any of them! To be frank, my budget wouldn’t allow one, yet I’ve learned a lot about various fabric types tonight. I aim to only have quality, beautiful things, which are useful, & spark joy in my home. Nonperishable Goods pillows certainly would fulfill my goals. =^_^*=

  43. I love the shibori tea towels, the kantha blankets… its hard to choose a favourite, everything is gorgeous! I’ve followed on IG as wintergreenwoods.

  44. Oh man thank you for turning me on to this company! I love the bold woven stripe pillows for the coloring, but I can’t say no to tassels + indigo dyed pillows.


  45. I just followed them on Instagram! I love their feed and the way they planned their posts to look like bigger photos :) I love their pillow cases and their blankets, especially the Kantha blankets. Those blues are so vibrant and complex and yet not jarring, and they look so soft! I’m a sucker for pretty blankets <3

  46. Subscribed to their newsletter which was way overdue after following them on Instagram for a while.
    I love their hand-made hammock – what a beautiful piece!

  47. Everything on their site is perfect…but I’m a sucker for those stripes: LIMITED EDITION | BOLD WOVEN STRIPE PILLOW

  48. I love their pillows, especially this one: The limited edition | rajasthani goat wool pillow | yellow dots with pink
    Digicats {at} Sbcglobal {dot} Net

  49. I follow by email:, and on Instagram: despinavnt
    I adore:
    – gathered goods | kantha blanket | sabuja
    – limited edition | rajasthani goat wool pillow | yellow dots with poms
    – gathered goods | green stone earrings medium
    – limited edition clutches | dark laotian
    – limited edition | woven pattern and stripe pillow with black poms

  50. I follow you on twitter @judethomas21 and Non-Perishable Goods on Instagram- @jude2101.

  51. Just started following their IG account, and I’m obsessed with those pillows! Anything with a pink tassel is lust-worthy! :)

  52. signed up their newsletter and I love their agate earrings extra large
    brendawitherspoon at hotmail dot com

  53. LIMITED EDITION | KANTHA PILLOW A followed Angie stevens Facebook and Pinterest Instagram gandastevens

  54. Subscribed to the newsletter & followed on Insta. I don’t want to miss what they are sharing!!

    the KANTHA BLANKETs are bringing tears to my eyes because they are so beautiful. And the BOLD WOVEN STRIP. forgettabouddit. I’m so in love. this is actually my dream pillow.

  55. Love non-perishable goods ! Especially their Peruvian pillows and Mexican hot chocolate. I’ve joined their newsletter and added lots of items to my Pinterest : )

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