tips for tulum?
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tips for tulum? / sfgirlbybay

well, i’m bound for tulum, mexico and i’m pretty darn excited. i love traveling somewhere i’ve never been before and setting off for new adventures! rena tom, founder of makeshift society and i are teaching an ace camp workshop, but there’s some downtime, too, so besides some much needed beach days, i’d love to hear any recommendations you might have for me, as well as the rest of the readers who might be headed there soon? i’ve seen so many beautiful photographs from tulum, but i cannot wait for my bare feet to touch that white sand and dive into that turquoise sea! what else should we do while there? shopping, dining & drinking? and particular ruins we should see? whatcha got for me?

tips for tulum? / sfgirlbybay

tips for tulum? / sfgirlbybay

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  1. mojitos at Batey in town and a kayaking tour of the sian ka’an preserve through Yucatan Outdoors

    • I suggest taking the full tour with Sian Ka’an. It is glorious! The food, the ruins, the canals… And another reader suggested Coba and I concur! Rent bikes at the beginning to cover all of the territory with ease. Akumall is wonderful! We stayed in a small hotel and ate in town. We walked everywhere. By here is a protected cove you can snorkel in that is magical. Find every cenote you can! There is also a sisal plantation with a great tour, lighted cenote and fresh, vibrant food. Avoid big resorts, for real. Eat all the paunches you can! Enjoy each and every moment.

  2. Try to go see the ruins at Coba in addition to the ones in Tulum! You can climb to the top of the pyramid, the unrestored ruins in the jungle are amazing.

  3. Looking forward to hearing more! Great pictures! Have not been to Tulum, but would love to go! Sissy, at Blue Hydrangea, just returned, and blogged about her travel adventures, including shopping! This inspired me! If you have not seen Sissy’s blog, Blue Hydrangea, take a look!
    You will be inspired! Have a fabulous adventure!

  4. I’m sure a million people have said this but you MUST eat at Hartwood! The wholefish special of the day is always amazing and the cocktails are crazy good too. Get there EARLY!

    If you visit the Tulum Ruins, wear your bathing suit since you can swim at the bottom of the very steep steps.

    Also, this is an oddball tip but if you happen to buy a super cute screenprinted plastic Mexican market bag that are so popular down there, don’t get your sunscreen on it as it will make the ink rub off and make a mess of everything!

  5. I just got back from Tulum two weeks ago! We missed out on Hartwood but we did eat at El Tabano and Posado Margherita (which is in one of the pictures you posted), both were amazing! The pork at El Tabano was really good and the fresh pasta at Posado was unreal. Visit Coqui Coqui for breakfast or maybe even just to pick up some perfume, I got the Coco Coco and now I smell like Tulum every day :) You will love the decor there as well. The Beach hotel has nice tasteful decor too, worth checking out the lobby. There is a place called Flor de Michoacan that has fresh fruit bars called paletas, definitely stop in for one (or five) of those. Try to go to a cenote (fresh water sink hole) if you can and the ruins are cool, not the biggest around (Coba and Chichen Itza are much bigger but a bit of a drive) – I liked the Tulum ruins because they are right near the water so you can escape the crazy heat by going swimming right below them. Handmade hammocks are an awesome souvenir. enjoy!

  6. Gitano-drinks and dancing-cute little boutique across the street also
    Hemingways-their seafood special for dinner-this is also where we stay
    La posada-literally anything but do love their zucchini pasta
    Amansala-they have amazing heathy food! And cheap
    La Luna at las Estrella’s- great breakfast and lunch with awesome juices
    Coqui coqui-ceviche
    Mateos-go out to the sunset deck for drinks!!!!
    And………….everything at hartwood

  7. We stayed in Acumal ,Xel Ha andHolbox for two different family vacations. Bring strong mosquito repellent and reapply before going out to dinner. Very cute sandy bottom restaurants up and down the coast and you want to keep your legs and feet pretty!! Xcaret is a amazing outdoor adventure park that is built on ruins and a underground cave system we swam w dolphins there and walked w monkeys gotta do that if u have time. Also check out a dry caving tour. There is one very close to Talum, across the freeway on the jungle side. This is good if you get tired of the sun.. More monkeys to. Talum ruins are the most beautiful BRING your bathing suit so you can jump in the ocean at end of hike. Not a lot of shade. I love it down there so much! Have fun and enjoy all the shopping – wonderful textiles. Also a very cute jewelry kiosk at the airport of all places a Mexican designer who’s name I can not remember.. She puts a silver Beatle charm on most of her pieces. Love your blog..

  8. Don’t miss heading into town for a night for dinner:
    Flor de Michoacan is a must visit for palettas in a courtyard. We had one every single day. :)
    El Camello is great for super Mexico-style cheap, so fresh and brightly lit seafood.
    Tacos at Antojitos La Chiapaneca are ridiculously good and laughably cheap.
    Food in general in town is about 4x cheaper and more authentic than the beach side! Enjoy!

  9. The ruins are incredible in Tulum and the history that goes with it -amazing long coral reef just off the shore and as someone else suggested take your suit so you can dive into the azure blue water there.
    Cooperatives with textiles and ceramics abound and the people are so friendly – am off to Mexico City myself tomorrow (for the first time)!
    Have an amazing time Victoria:)

  10. If you have time, go and stay at Isla Holbox for a while, that’s just awesome. Diving/snorkeling the underwater caves is cool and in the town centre, across from the bus station used to be this great chicken place. It’s an orange building and really diesn’t look that appealing but the roast chicken is just to die for.

  11. You have to go to “Cenote Escondido” is a hidden cenote 4 km down the road ahead of Tulum left side, you can check a pic that i took in the link of website,
    greetings from Guadalajara and Enjoy Tulum

  12. just got back from Tulum 2 weeks ago. already missing it. everyone is going to tell you Hartwood and Posada Marg are the best and they are both good, BUT if you want the best Mexican food go to MATEOS!!! BEST salsa, guac, fish tacos, margs, and awesome ambience if you sit up in the trees. loved it. Not sure if you want to hit a yoga class while you are there, tried them all. Favorites were Ahua, Yoga Shala, and Sanara. Enjoy your trip!!!!!

  13. Make sure to go into the downtown for taco carts! At the south end of the main road of shops there is a restaurant on the left side of the road called Los Dos Camellos that is not to be missed.

  14. When I went, the line at Hartwood was SO incredibly long. Luckily, I had a back up choice from my previous research. Ate at Jaguar and it was AMAZING. Also near Jaguar and Hartwood are the most amazing boutiques with handmade clothing and textiles.

  15. I also give a shout out to downtown taco carts and avoid the large resorts. And PLEASE use ocean friendly sunscreen – we need to help the reefs anyway we can!

  16. Hi!

    Just got back from Tulum a few weeks back. The buzzy restaurants like Hartwood and Posada Margherita are fantastic, but be warned of New York style wait times. The lesser know eateries include Chamico’s (a MUST) and Restaurare-the vegan mole was out of this world; I still think about it. In terms of activities, our favorites were snorkeling/kayaking in the Soliman Bay, visiting the nearby Cenote (Tak Be Ah was not very crowed), and coconut papaya scrub massages at Coqui Cocqui. Our favorite place to stay was the stunning Jashida hotel; we rented a car to have more freedom to explore. Hope this helps! Would love to hear if you check any of these places out!

  17. Me encanta saber que te gusta nuestro pais, y esos pequeños lugares como tulum que parecen salidos de un sueño.

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