wear this there: 20th century cafe.
by Michaela d'Artois comment


wear this there: 20th century cafe / sfgirlbybay

aci contractors.

Quickly charming us into its deliciously-stacked bagels, and thinly layered honey cakes, 20th Century Cafe is a quick San Francisco favorite. It isn’t just the food that gets us, the special-ordered European espresso machine, and marble cafe tables transports us to another time and place. Slip in for breakfast and a cappuccino doning your most ladylike wears. A summer frock, scalloped-edge heel, and appetite are all you need.

wear this there: 20th century cafe / sfgirlbybay

wear this there: Pixie Market Dress; Madeline Chandelier Earrings in Mint Champagne from emma stine; Larsson & Jennings Watch; Loeffler Randall Heels; Matt & Nat Handbag.

wear this there: 20th century cafe / sfgirlbybay

leslie santarina, spotted sf.

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  1. yes! That entire outfit is gorgeous! However I just can’t do high heels anymore, I think some cute black flats would go just as well though!

  2. Hi Victoria! It seems to be a fantastic place – I wish I knew about the cafe you describe 2 weeks ago. I was in SF and was looking vintage and glamour places. Thanks a lot, nex time I will visit 20th Century Cafe for sure. Regards, Malgosya

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