make mine rattan.
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decorating with rattan / sfgirlbybay

KK living.

ever since i scored this 1950’s vintage bamboo daybed, i find myself more and more into rattan these days, and so i wondered what’s the difference between wicker and rattan. i did a little digging and via home edit, i discovered that Rattan is a specific material, hence rattan furniture is crafted out of rattan only, but wicker furniture may be crafted out of different materials such as bamboo, straw and even rattan. so, i guess i like both! i like it added to a room for a very bohemian, vibe, but just in small doses and paired with more modern pieces — and these rooms are the perfect inspiration for getting the look.

decorating with rattan / sfgirlbybay


decorating with rattan / sfgirlbybay


decorating with rattan / sfgirlbybay

daniella femina; ethanollie; ledansla; all items loaded.

decorating with rattan / sfgirlbybay

la casa decoto on etsy.

decorating with rattan / sfgirlbybay

julie ansiau photography (above + below).

decorating with rattan / sfgirlbybay

decorating with rattan / sfgirlbybay

la biciazul.

7 responses to “make mine rattan.”

  1. Oh, man. I’m right there with you. I love rattan (not so much wicker, but I think it’s because of the style that wicker is usually in). And I think mixing it with other kinds of styles is definitely the way to go. LOVE your rattan day bed, btw!

  2. I just picked up a love-seat rattan chair on the side of the road yesterday! Thanks for the inspiration on how to style it nicely in my greenhouse!

    Hope the move is going well – we have also been without internet, maxing out the data usage on our phones :P But still thankful to use it as a hotspot!

  3. Your daybed exceeds all the above pieces in terms of beauty. I became a little confessed with rattan myself since spying yours ! So bohemian and lovely. Thanks for reading my mind about the difference between rattan and wicker too !

  4. I also love rattan. Maybe because it makes me think of summer and summer is so short here in Montreal. I would love to find a day bed like yours or a small child chair.

  5. Thank you for promoting rattan and I love several of the chairs (probably because they remind me of several that Sika Design manufactures)! It is a wonderful material for furniture because of how strong it is and how eco-friendly it is. Many people often confuse rattan and bamboo furniture, but they have very little in common because bamboo is hallow and is not nearly as durable.

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