i spy: tropical pink.
by victoria comment



nourished journal.

it is super kooky busy right now. i’ve just moved, have a lot of DIY stuff going on around the new pad, and i’m in the midst of planning two fun back-to-back events — one here in L.A. and one in S.F. and blogging as per regularly scheduled. so i feel a little bit overwhelmed. not in a bad way, but chaotic. when that happens, it soothes my mind to play a little i spy — to see what i might see without a lot of rhyme or reason. i hope you’ll indulge me and come along for this ride — today i’m feeling tropical pink. you know — that glamorous beverly hills hotel kinda pastel pink with banana leaf patterns thrown in for good measure? yeah, that.


clockwise, l to r: mango; london’s sketch restaurant, via refinery29; mirella bruno; cfda; the beverly hills hotel.


nuevo estilo.


the lane.


clockwise, l to r: terri planty; olivia rae james; in another life we are cats; whimsical agnesiga; the beverly hills hotel.


oracle fox.

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  1. And so you should indulge a little, I can only begin to imagine how crazy things are. Pink is very you and I want that peeling pink wall with ivy please!

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