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one of my dreams is to finally visit cuba. i’ve has this old book about havana homes forever and every once in a while i get it out and fantasize about making the trip. and now, thanks to new travel regulations, perhaps i’ll be able to one day. which is why i loved this story in t magazine about american-born Pamela Ruiz and artist Damian Aquiles’ home in havana. the two met when she came to cuba for an ad campaign and now share this incredible home together, hosting salons for talented artists from all over the world — a lifelong dream of pamela’s to promote the arts. i can only imagine one of these evenings in their havana home — just as amazing as the house itself. that melon-colored palette just screams cuba! but the two had a long struggle bringing this old villa back to life, and the story in t magazine is an uplifting one — a good read, indeed. not to mention the dreamy house.






Stefan Ruiz photography for t magazine.

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  1. This is definitely a must-read! What an evocative house. The summer before the revolution, my husband’s family vacationed in Miami (he was 12). They planned to take a day trip to Havana, but my late MIL decided it would be too much for his 4-year-old sister. The day-trip was cancelled and a few months later that opportunity was gone for nearly sixty years. One of his dreams for as long as I have known him, forty-seven years, has been to take that trip to Havana. I hope our health holds up so he can realize that dream when the restrictions finally loosen enough to make it possiblen. The money is already in the bank!

  2. Being an ex-pat American who now resides in Toronto I have had the good fortune to go twice to Havana. What a magical place but I encourage you to go as soon as possible because a lot of what is magical about the city will change with the American onslaught of visitors.

  3. What a gorgeous house! I’ve always wanted to go to Cuba, I’m so glad I’ll have a chance to. Now I just have to save money for it :) I’m off to read the article now and find out the back story — the best part of so many renovation stories.

  4. Cuba is an amazing country and this home is stunning, but, as a Canadian who has been there, this home is obviously not the norm. There has been incredible poverty there because of the regime and the embargo. Let’s hope this is a taste of what the future will be like there!

  5. Yes
    we have just returned from Havana
    This beautiful home is not for the average Cuban but rather for a very financially comfortable person
    We stayed in many Casas during our stay in Cuba Nothing like this mini mansion
    I can not imagine a Cuban who would own this

  6. I’m so suprrised with this interior . In the good way. I’v been traveled a Cuba 4 times already . My husband is form Cuba.. I know a lot of cuban interiors.. they are so much different than this.. here I love this place :)

  7. these photos are lovely. But, being American, and having been to Cuba 2 years ago, this was hardly what we saw. There was a lot of poverty and it was , at that time, a 3rd world country. These homes must be of the few and far between . But, get there soon, before it changes too much. We went thru a Canadian company.

  8. I had the good fortune of going to Cuba in January of 2014. I went on a people to people visa through the US government. I got to meet with several artist and business owners. Damian Aquiles’ was one of the artist we got to meet with and tour his and Pamela’s home. It was amazing and beautiful in person. Unfortunately, they did not allow you to photograph their home due to the fact that someone had sold pictures of it to a gallery here in the states. But they did allow you to photograph the artwork. So I do have some wonderful pictures of the art. I will say that all the artist homes we toured were amazing. Cuba really celebrates their artist. It was an amazing place and I am glad I got to go before it starts to change.

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