it’s the big huge summer giveaway!
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sfgirlbybay's big summer giveaway

okay you guys, we’ve been working on this for a while now, but i’m super excited to invite you to join our BIG HUGE SUMMER GIVEAWAY! we’ve compiled a bunch of really great products to keep you cool this summer, and one happy winner is going to win them all! woohoo!! or should i say, cowabunga!?! we are very fortunate to have had all of these very fine folks have sponsored our summer giveaway prizes, and here’s what you’ll win:

sfgirlbybay's big summer giveaway

• a beautiful Hollie and Harrie Sombrilla Beach Shelter of the winner’s choice.

• 32 Popsicles from Goodpops — a month’s supply of all organic healthy goodness!

• a lovely Earth Tu Face Skin Stick to keep your skin nice and hydrated.

• a very restful D of Home Hammock Duracord Rope Hammock in Oatmeal — zzzzz!

• a copy of the Coastal Living’s Beach House Happy Book to read in your hammock.

• 3 cases of 16.9oz Zico Chilled Juice Blends to quench your summer thirst!

• the fabulous AW by Andrea Wong Baguette Beach Bag to stash all your beach supplies.

• a plush Âme Bath Towel to dry yourself off after a cool swim!

the giveaway is now closed and a winner has been announced on twitter. thanks for entering!

to enter to win the entire summer prize package, simply:

• follow @sfgirlbybay on instagram.

• comment here on the blog sharing your favorite summer pastime, by friday, july 24th at midnight pst.

• so sorry, this time the giveaway is for U.S. residents only.

• as always, please be sure to leave a way to contact you via twitter, facebook, your blog or email.

• we’ll announce the randomly selected winner the week of july 27th on my twitter, so be sure to follow along.

Good luck everybody and happy summer from sfgirlbybay!

269 responses to “it’s the big huge summer giveaway!”

  1. so much fun!! my favorite pastime is being outside doing nothing for so long that i literally lose track of time. :)

  2. I live in Palm Springs, so we take summer seriously…it lasts about 10 months! I love being in a pool or heading up to the mountains to cool off. And hammocks are a necessity!

  3. I didn’t even realize I wasn’t following you on instagram, so I’m happy to finally be on board! My favorite summer pastime is walking on the beach with my family. Here in Port Townsend, WA, there is no shortage of beautiful beaches to explore.

  4. When I was younger I would always spend my summer days lounging in the pool on huge floaties, and as it got darker I would relax on the hammock with my mom! I definitely miss those days and long for my favorite summer pastimes now that I’m a busy adult ;).

    Thanks so much for this opportunity!
    Sea Foam & Diamonds

  5. My favourite summer pasttime is reading at the beach, lying on a towel and just reading for ages. I normally slather myself in SPF 50, and a huge hat and under cover, read, then swim, repeat all day, stopping only for lunch – fruit salad always tastes amazing at the beach, and maybe a late evening bar-b-que.

  6. I cherish the weekends to either go to a new place in DC/Baltimore or to head to the coast! Since I’ve been going to school and working part time these past 4 years, it is so great to have two solid days that I can count on to get away with friends! | twitter: @imemmapitt

  7. I love heading to the outdoor pool, going on picnics and hitting up garage sales!

  8. Following you at @qphisto! My favorite summertime pasttime usually involves water: sprinklers, fire hydrants, beach, pool, lake, river. Anything to cool off.

  9. Reading in a hammock with my favorite “cheater’s margarita”: San pellegrino lemon soda with tequila. Delicious! Bonus points if said hammock has a view of the ocean. Heaven.

  10. I love love love reading novels on the beach. The lighter and the fluffier the read, the better! Thanks for sharing! Fingers crossed for such an amazing bunch of prizes! And yes I follow on Instagram @jennyroo1

  11. We beach camp with neighborhood families– there are 50 of us, and we go for almost a week, and each family is assigned a meal or two. This year will be our 10th visit to a Wyoming reservoir where we camp, fish, swim, boat/ski and kayak.

  12. Every summer my family spends a weekend or two at our lake house. We boat, tube, waterski, cookout, launch fireworks, and eat really good food. I wish summer would last all year long!

  13. I live in Seattle and sunny summers are a gift for the Lord! It has been in the glorious 90’s and I love taking my kids to any local lake. We are surrounded by the most amazing greenery and water, Summer in Seattle is paradise ;)

    Ursula @ {lovely quick crafts}

  14. My favorite summer past time is playing in the water in a bikini. I don’t care too much if it’s a pool, a lake, a pond, the ocean, a sprinkler… Just to be half naked in the sunshine makes me stupidly happy. ♥

    IG: @aprilnicoleart

  15. The summer is for reading and of course hanging in the sun with my two awesome sisters!

  16. BBQ’s and the Beach!! There’s nothing better than being outside all the time in the summer and the yummy food that comes with it!!

  17. Staying up all night reading a great book without having to worry about being exhausted the next day…those were the days!

  18. Wow, what a great treat. There are so many favorite past times to vodka tonics pool side after work to home made popsicles made with yogurt and summer fruits, love early morning hikes with balmy winds and outdoor camping with my son in the backyard. Outdoor concerts are fun too. so many…

  19. This is very cool. My favorite summer activity is sitting on the beach, staring out at the water, and reading for hours.
    twitter: travelingitch

  20. Wonderful giveaway!
    I love swimming at the lake with friends or going to a local farmer’s market.

  21. My favorite pastime in summer is our neighborhood block parties in our village. We block off our street, everyone brings a dish to share, and the wine flows freely. The kids get to run around and sidewalk chalk the street and play while the adults gather and talk and make new friends. We stay up late and watch the bats come out and then the stars. It is wonderful.

  22. My fave summer pastime is taking little weekend getaways around the Bay Area with my girlfriend. One of our faves is heading up the coast to Tomales Bay for oyster shucking fun! We grab our pups and just drive!

  23. My FAVORITE summer day of the year is when we get 20 buddies together and go tubing down the river. It’s a 4-hour slow ride with good friends, easy drinks, and sunshine ~~

  24. So cliche, but – my favorite summer pastime is going to the beach. Although if I won that hammock, lounging in it would quickly become my new favorite!

  25. this is such an amazing giveaway! I love nothing more than traveling near and far during the summer! Best way to spend the summer is getting away from all the hustle in life and relaxing somewhere new :)

  26. My absolute favorite thing to do in the summer is head north to the lakes of Minnesota. Reading in a hammock by the lake, floating in the water, eating the most delicious grilled food, and roasting smores by a bonfire are the activities that define summer for me!

  27. My fav summer pasttime is watching baseball games with my dad and hearing stories about when he used to play during his high school days. I also love watching the fireworks for the fourth of July.

  28. My favorite summer pastime is doing anything outdoors, running, hiking, biking, eating. It’s all better in the summer sunshine.

  29. Roadtripping around the South with my fiance is my favorite summer pastime as of late! Chattanooga is next on our list.

  30. My favorite summer pastime has got to be biking with a couple girlfriends to an clearing outside of our neighborhood that overlooked a small river stream. We had a “favorite boulder” that we’d sit out on and have a picnic. It was the perfect summer excursion!

  31. In the summer time I love to sit outside at restaurants and bars – a cocktail always makes the 90 degree heat seem not quite so bad!

  32. While I love going to the beach, my favorite pastime that we are able to do several times a week, is have a cocktail and an easy, yummy summer appetizer when we get home from work, while we play the kids outside, or watch them bike or run through the sprinkler! It’s so lovely to enjoy the long evenings, listening to the boys laugh and enjoy one another’s company!

  33. My favorite summer pasttime is definitely hosting BBQs and campfires in the backyard.

  34. Just the thought of the above is taking me away from the webinar I’m currently trapped on in my office, and to a very relaxing place with no technology to get to me. All natural goodness to put into my body, while relaxing and getting a great dose of vitamin “D”. :)

  35. reading in the shade in the garden is my favorite way to enjoy the summer. with my pup snoozing next to me.

  36. My favorite summer activity is to get up very early on a Sunday morning and walk the boardwalk with my husband while all is still quiet. We then go to the farm and stock up,go home and relax in the yard for the rest of the day!

  37. What’s summer without some excellent music festivals!!! And with this prize package, I can be fashionable AND well prepared. :)

  38. my favorite summer activity is reading a book in the sun with a huge glass of iced tea!

  39. I live in LA and am originally from Chicago…part of me misses the humidity of Chicago summers (just during the evening!), when it was warm and sticky and smelled like honeysuckle. I guess my favorite new summer pastime has to be outdoor movies at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery! Nothing beats wine, cheese, amongst good company and a film.

    I follow you on IG and twitter. Fingers crossed – such a lovely giveaway!

    (t: @maggieclancy ig: @maggieeclancy)

  40. I love going to the lake with my dog and my husband! I also love going on dinner dates to lovely restaurants with delish food, awesome drinks, and patios! Dining al fresco for the win!

  41. Visiting dear old friends in New England at least once every summer and enjoying some beach time :-)

  42. Sitting out on a beach towel reading a book and falling asleep in the sun to the sound of waves :)

  43. Sitting on patios with great drinks! No matter the time of day or location. Whether it’s the patio in my own backyard or the outdoor section of a restaurant… I’m a happy girl!

  44. This is so rad! I grew up in a very small town in Pennsylvania and one of my favorite childhood summer memories was when my parents took me and my brother and sister to the drive in theatre. We watched Indian in the Cupboard and I thought it was the coolest movie ever. I hope I win, thanks!! :-)


  45. My favorite summer pastime is reading books on the beach and taking a dip in the warmish (for SoCal) water when I get too hot. It’s the best!

  46. We invented this pastime when our dog was too old for big adventures: Take comfy lawn chairs, pre-mixed gin and tonics, and books to the local park, sit far in the outfield and watch the baseball/ultimate/soccer teams play.

  47. My favorite summer pastime is swimming! Give me any body of water, a pool, a lake or the ocean, and I’m a happy camper.

  48. driving kids around to camps, relaxing afterwards by the pool with a gin and tonic, long shady walks!

  49. Pool, ocean, river, lake … anywhere there’s water is where I want to be all summer!

  50. I live in SF now, but I grew up in Sacramento where it’s super hot in the summer. I loved getting a late dinner somewhere with outdoor seating and having cold cocktails on a hot summer night.

  51. My favorite summer pasttime is sitting outside reading while the sun sets and doing yoga!

  52. My favorite summer pastime…always involves water. I am a toes-in-the-sand kind of girl, which can only be improved with a strong cocktail and a good book.

    Nothing better than the sound of the ocean to carry all the stress of every day life away; it is just what the doctor ordered!!

  53. My favorite summer past time is swimming and spending time at the beach. I live at the beach during the summers, it’s heavenly….

  54. baseball games, all-nighters, hitchcock marathons, farmer’s market trips, watching the sunset over the water, and california road trips!

  55. WOWZA! WOWZA! WOWZA!!! These are amazing! I don’t have an instagram account but I hope I could still be considered! Will follow on twitter! <3

  56. Summers in the Bay Area involve long drives, camping under the stars, and s’mores!

  57. Favorite summer pastime: spending my days at the beach, swimming, tanning, picnic with friends and family, and evenings were spent around a bonfire watching the sunset laughing about the events of the day! Love summer time with family!!

  58. Early mornings at the beach before its too hot in south florida and then lazy days.

  59. Going up to Lake Michigan and camping for a weekend with all the girls in my family!

  60. Wow, what an amazing giveaway! So generous of all of them! My favorite summer activity is definitely having fun with my friends on the amazing beaches along Lake Michigan, especially Grand Haven, such a cute place.

  61. Outdoor concerts / picnics!! Pretty blankets, cute outfits, getting together with friends to share picnic food while music plays in the sunshine – the best!

  62. I love to spend hours in the kayak with my kids. They always point out the coolest stuff!

  63. Favorite summer past time are the snow cone truck riding through the neighborhood, the beach and finding shark teeth that had washed up.

  64. I’m from MA and for me summer revolves around the beach…it makes everything better from morning coffee to evening cocktails. The ocean relaxes me like nothing else!

  65. My favorite summer pastime is to stay up late by the campfire with close friends and family, tell stories, and watch the fireflies in the distance. The best part about Texas summers are definitely the nights!

  66. I’m in Louisiana, and we spend as much time as possible in the water. We pack the cooler and head to a pool, lake or farther south to the beach, as often as possible!

  67. I love relaxing on my back deck while watching my dogs chase fireflies in the yard. (following on IG via @cjg21)

  68. My favorite summer pastime is reading a book in an outdoor location, like a park or outside a cafe or by the lake. I’d probably bring a yummy cold beverage with me too and wear big sunglasses. Thanks so much for doing this giveaway!

  69. My favorite summer pastime is definitely picking up a book and spending hours in its pages! I hardly ever find the time to spend a good long chunk of time reading but the long summer days make it a little easier!

  70. Favorite summer pastime for me is just lounging in my backyard with a (gin) cocktail and a good book!

  71. watching my sweet baby girl explore the outdoors and giggle with delight when she finds something new :)

  72. My favorite summer pastime was growing up in Florida, with questionable lake water sports. This includes hydrosliding (aka knee boarding, pre wakeboard) days and being dragged behind a boat on a large cylindrical float with three other kids hanging on for dear life by a rubber handle. This floatation device would go air born and flip over smacking all riders at full speed into the wake. Luckily, mom made balongie sandwiches on white bread and a side of Cheetos and yoohoo to keep the sugar rush going strong. 90’s kid stuff. Those who lived through this recall the smell of a fresh plastic float and sunblock covered friends ready to slide across the water for dear life.
    @melanieryanart – IG/twitter

  73. wow- this is a really sweet give-away! current summer activity mixes duty with fun and that’s giving the dogs a nice bath and then we all jump in the pool.

  74. Huge summer giveaway indeed! Spending the summer by any body of water with my family makes for a good time and great memories. Favs are floating in our blow-up boat and stand up paddling. Thanks for the daily inspiration. Welcome to so cal.

  75. Favorite summer pass time is spending weekends at the Russian River BBQing and sipping rosé

  76. Favorite summer past time: splashing around in the pool with my daughter! She’s just learning to swim and she loves every second it of it, too. :)

  77. Favorite summer pass time is spending weekends at the Russian River floating, BBQing and drinking rosé! t & ig: @amymarie415

  78. For most of my adult life, it was lounging in the shade (to protect my fair, fair skin) and reading, but it’s shifted significantly since having a kid. Now it’s playing–with the kid–in the pool or at the beach or inside on a rainy day. Just play. Unstructured, silly play–the kind I had forgotten I was capable of (and in need of too, probably).

  79. My favorite summer day is going to our springfed river and fighting the current while staying cool!

    This is a perfect giveaway! Thank you!

    Twitter: dawnhouser

  80. I’d have to say I’ve been enjoying all the summer produce popping up in stores and farmers markets. I’ve been picking up new things all the time to try out new smoothie recipes! It’s HOT in Central Florida, so anything that cools you off sounds pretty great :)

    twitter: @lrnsls
    instagram: @lrnsls

  81. after our new england winters, doing ANYTHING outside feels like a dream, but especially swimming and beaching!

  82. Following on Instagram via @natalienmatos, I love going to the beach in the evening and just watching the waves or lounging outside with a good book

  83. Summer is my FAVORITE season for the time on the lake, going to the dog beach/park, rooftop drinks, and summer festivals. zoveg at yahoo dot com

  84. My favorite summer past time is grilling outdoors and watching my kids enjoy the season like I did as a kid – running and playing. I follow you on Instagram and Twitter as @ErinLoves2Run.

    Thank you for the wonderful giveaway.
    ErinLoves2Run at gmail dot com

  85. I’m from Boston, so summers are extra precious. My favorite thing to do is head up to Crane beach and relax in the water and sand for hours. We like to stop by the local farm (Russell Orchards) to pick up ice cream for the drive home. When we’ve made it back to Boston, the best way to finish the day is definitely with a lobster roll dinner outside!!

  86. On the porch or under an umbrella reading a great summer book. Found your site through pinterest, so glad I did.

  87. Just being outside in the yard, on the patio, sitting in the sun on the deck. Anything OUTSIDE!

  88. I love being out on the lake during the summer and then stopping by local mom & pop ice cream shop for their cappuccino milkshake for the ride home!! (@scallieg on IG).

  89. i love soaking up the suns rays as my summer pastime…. Sometimes at the pool, sometimes at the beach, but mostly in my teeny back yard.

  90. Fave summer activities are lounging by a mountain river, and cooking with summer produce.
    contact: jorising@gmail
    I follow on Insta but email is a better bet to reach me.

  91. Walking outside in the evening just as the sun goes down. The cicadas and crickets are singing their lovely evening songs and my stress level disappears. :)

  92. I love bike rides around town…especially when they end in ice cream! (@liz_spahn on twitter)

  93. I always enjoy the summertime plays around LA. Particularly Shakespeare in the Park, Griffith Park that is. You take a picnic, some friends, and you’re surrounded by trees, the plays usually go on into the night and you can hear coyotes while the cast of actors performs that night’s act. It’s quite fun and something I look forward to every year. oh and it’s FREE! ;-)

  94. Super fun! We live in WI, so summer is a treasure here. We spend it outside, walking to the lake to collect sea glass, looking at fireflies, taking bike rides, kayaking, eating ice cream outside. Anything to be outside!

  95. Summer is my favorite time for exploring! Anything from last minute getaways to nearby places (or faraway, but generally more thought out) to backpacking an oldie-but-goodie!

  96. My favorite way to enjoy summer in Sacramento (where it gets very hits) is to sit outside enjoying friends with a summer cocktail when the Delta breezes kick in and cool the evenings to a lovely temperature. Heaven!

  97. One of my favorite summer pastimes is getting together with friends, having a few drinks! Also love the opportunity for small weekend getaways in the summer!

  98. I love sitting on my parents’ back porch at golden hour. Hopefully one of the cats is around and will come sit on my lap. There’s a beer in hand, and the hot weather has tempered. Aaaaah. The good life :)

    (insta: @skygazing)

  99. I’m usually content to nap under an umbrella and listen to the waves, or stand at the waterline and let the water lap over my feet, but my favorite thing to do is definitely something my family and I would do on Cape Cod during the summers we spent there when I was younger. We would walk all the way down the beach to the inlet where the ocean water flowed in and out of the marsh. We would walk down there about an hour after it had switched from high to low tide so that the water would be flowing out to sea. We would then walk inland along the inlet’s banks until we were about a half mile inland, and then we would float on the current out the inlet to the ocean. We would stop along the way to look at crabs and birds, float face up to relax, or float face down to feel like we were flying.

  100. making bruschetta with fresh, sweet summer tomatoes and sipping rose out in the park!

  101. My favorite summer pastime is spending time with friends on roof top bars…oh, and camping. :)

  102. Love that towel!! :) I love working in my yard in the summer, then grilling and eating on the patio when I’m done.

    Following on Instagram as susitravl and my Twitter ID is @susitravl

  103. Summer in the Deep South requires water. SUP boarding on the lake with dogs is a favorite. As is a trip to the beach and just hanging out at the pool. All about the water….

  104. Outdoor everything: movies, naps, dinners, showers (if I’m lucky). I basically just avoid being inside four walls for the duration of the summer season (to be honest, for most of the year). @KaceyDeamer

  105. my fav summer activity is definitely spending all day floating the russian river in a cheap inner tube and drinking cheap beer.

  106. I like to start off the day munching on avocado toast from Frog Hollow at the Ferry building, looking out to the Bay Bridge. Then I make my way to Dolores Park to read and people/dog watch while sipping on a drink from Bi-Rite Market. After a quick nap, I’ll drive up to Point Reyes with some friends to shuck/BBQ oysters from Drakes Bay and roast marshmallows over a campfire before calling it a day.

  107. I adore swimming in the sea and having a picnic lunch on the beach and soaking up the sun!

  108. My favorite summertime ritual is sitting on the deck with my beau and my dog, watching the light fade, after a day in the sun.

  109. i love to bob around in my sweet little above ground saltwater pool – best $$$$ I ever spent!!

  110. I love sitting in my back yard with a good book and a glass of wine! Road trips with my sidekick are a close second!

  111. Escaping the desert and spending some quality time with Pine and Juniper trees.

  112. My favorite summer past time is picking blackberries from my garden and sitting on the porch watching the fireflies at twilight.

  113. OMG, I love summer as the epitome of the best season of the year…Here in Wisconsin, we receive many different temperature during summer, but they all sure beat mean ole winter. Tonight, its about 60 degrees and tomorrow we are expecting about 90. When its possible, I love to enjoy the nights sitting at a bonfire enjoying a libation or two with friends. On my own, I enjoy being able to stay up late with the sun!

  114. My favorite thing to do is spend time with my family and run around with my little cousin as the wind blows through our hair on a hot but breezy day

  115. I’m loving a good mix of sweating it out on blissfully shaded trails and getting in some porch hang-out time with my ladies

  116. My favorite summer activity is definitely going up to my family’s house in Vermont – a week of swimming in the lake, reading on the dock, and eating pounds of fresh fruit from the farmstand.

  117. my favorite summer pastime is gathering up all the fresh fruit from farmer’s markets/pick-your-own farms/roadside stands and enjoying it fresh or baked into a pie!

  118. Cold lemonade and a good book on the front porch while the kids play in the yard. Bliss.

  119. a glass of rosé on the deck at dusk with my dog is my favorite way to end a summer day. Thanks for the giveaway.
    IG/twitter: @acommonsilence

  120. There’s a beach near my house and I love going and sitting there right before sunset with lemon infused water, a good book and of course, my camera! Sunsets on the beach are the best!

    (Following in instagram under @frxnch.kxss and it’s best to email me at

  121. My favorite part of summer is sitting on the deck when things cool down and watching our daughter chase lightning bugs.

  122. I love a road trip with my family. This summer we camped in Bryce Canyon and stayed in cabins on the north rim of The Grand Canyon.

  123. Watching trees move with a bright blue sky from the perspective of a hammock! and maybe a little glass of hibiscus tea.

  124. Grabbing a pile of books, a mixture of new reads and olden favorites, a HUGE blanket, snacks galore, and heading to the beach. Even better if my husband and pooch are with me. <3

  125. Laying out a blanket in a nice patch of grass with a good book, getting lost in the story, then eventually a nap with the sun warming closed eyes and resting until waking, stretching and moving on to the next chapter.

  126. Summer in San Francisco is an oft foggy proposition so I head across the bay to Oakland to soak up the sun and eat yummy salsa my boyfriend makes with tomatoes from his garden.

  127. My summers are spent in awe of Mother Earth and Father Sky! I spend as much time as my schedule allows out exploring and adventuring.


  128. born and raised in Michigan, I’m a total water baby. You’ll find me reading by a pool or fly-fishing at a river’s edge several times a week, but my heart really belongs to lakes with docks!

  129. Thanks for the opportunity to win!
    My favorite summer activity is to do ordinary chores in my swim suit, so that when I get hot (the Central Valley of California is always hot) I just jump in the pool, towel off, and keep going. It’s the only way to garden in the summer!

  130. Summers here on the West Michigan lakeshore are a dream. My personal favorite pastime is heading out for a long walk around my downtown neighborhood. There are historic homes and buildings to appreciate, odd industrial artifacts to photograph and, of course, the lovely lakeshore to soothe and calm the spirit. Pair that walk with an ice cream cone and you have the perfect summer treat!

  131. My favorite summer pastime is our family stroll each night at dusk. It’s only warm enough to do this with shorts and sandals, lingering well past my toddler’s bed time, a few months a year and we sure soak up every last bit of each warm, sunny day!

  132. I live on a Maine island and my favorite summer pastime is the same as my favorite winter pastime – hiking the rocky shoreline and beachcombing!

  133. I love searching garage sales for fun vintage treasures!

    Instagram: @norma_watson
    Email: clogzilla(at)yahoo(dot)com

  134. We love to relax in the backyard swing and read books in the evening during Summer.

  135. Living in Houston in the summer means hitting the pool pretty much everyday! Birthday parties (for my boys), adult parties, or just hanging with friends and family.
    Thanks and happy summer! :)

  136. Summer is the best time to read in a hammock and enjoy the warm breeze. We also love to walk the dog along the beach where he can run around. -@gendubs

  137. Summertime favorite is water park time… I feel like an awesome kid again, just more boobage :)

  138. Biking riding alongside the ocean in Santa Monica and Venice. Nothing like the wind in your hair and some man powered wheels under your feet. xo.

  139. Summer is when my mom is on school break and we can have day adventures like thrift store shopping, fish taco lunches, and tour model homes. Nothing beats that!

  140. My favorite summer pastime is reimagining my home decor, lunching with my kiddos and reading on the porch.

  141. So fun! My favorite summer past time is reading a book with an iced coffee in hand while sitting in the sunshine.

    @kissmyash_22 (twitter)

  142. My new favorite summer pasttime is riding my bike! I’ve been doing it a lot more lately for errands or just for fun — this past weekend while visiting friends in Minneapolis, we even rode our bikes to this retro movie theater. It felt like we were in the movie “Now & Then.” :)

  143. making ice cream, backyard parties, swimming in the open water of Lake Michigan, now that’s it’s finally warm enough!

  144. the smell of the wild grasses. Sitting in the sun. Sleeping with all the windows open in the house. walking around in the evening while it is still light.
    I’m 2littlewings on instagram & twitter–I follow you both places.

  145. Time not only passes in the summer but it flies by, really. So, if i’m trying to slow it down in any way i’ll probably be outdoors. My absolute favorite thing to do is simply take a walk in the sun, admire the trees and how green everything is. Going on walks is also the best time to listen to a new playlist or album and gives me a great excuse to take a longer walk, haha. Nothing better than enjoying summer days by taking in nature ((:
    insta: monicahruby

  146. What a lovely collection! My favorite summer activities are tied with listening to the symphony in the park and reading in the shade with a glass of lemonade nearby.

  147. My favorite past time is when we had small family get-togethers when I was a kid. My brother, cousins and I would run around with sparklers and catch as many fireflies as possible. We all loved playing with light!

  148. I love taking small day and weekend trips throughout summer! Tasting coffee from all over, seeing new landscapes, swimming, and shopping in the AC.

  149. Lazy afternoons with a good book, followed by cocktails with friends by the lake.

  150. every summer, I go to my friend’s family cabin at pinecrest, california, with a big group of friends and we spend a weekend there, hiking, swimming in the lake, and lounging before school starts up again in the fall.

  151. My favorite summer activity is to take walks on the beach in the early morning or late at night. So beautiful!

  152. What an amazing summer giveaway! My favorite summer activity is an early morning spent in the garden with my thoughts completely to myself. The rest of my day is happily, busily filled with long drives, activities and great conversations with my houseful of teens!

  153. awesome!! Thanks for this! reading an engrossing book in the shade either at the beach or in the mountains is just the best summer time activity!

  154. My favorite summer past time is back to being a teen on my grandparents farm in Colorado. Every weekend I had to mow with the ride on mower (a huge, old hunk of metal from when ride on’s first became popular). I’d throw on a bikini and some Hawaiian Gold, grab my portable CD player, and a big straw hat and get to cutting! I liked making designs in the grass and stopping in the middle of their fields to stretch and lay out without the rumble of the mower. When I’d finish I was able to head inside, grab a glass of cold well water, and pass out on the couch, awoken by my Grandma no less than an hour later. <3
    I can be reached at

  155. we go to NC every other summer and swim and frolick in the ocean- it is some of my best memories. also, any outdoor activity with friends and family!

  156. Since I’m based in Northern California, there is no dearth of gorgeous beaches that I love to hit up and laze around on just soaking in the sun and allowing the ocean breeze to do its thing.

  157. Like any good southerner, I love spending inordinate amounts of time on a screened-in porch, chatting about life with a fan and the birds as background noise.