the pink rug co. giveaway.
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A rug giveaway from the PINK RUG Co. | sfgirlbybay

everyone loves a soft, plush rug under their feet, right? so, i think you’re going to really love this giveaway from the PINK RUG Co. — one of my favorite etsy shops! the PINK RUG Co. offers much-coveted, vintage Moroccan rugs with the sleek minimalist style that ruled during the mid-20th century. Modern, timeless and joyfully abstract, PINK RUG Co. carries a hand-selected collection of Boucherouite and definitive custom Beni Ourain rugs that embody the luxurious minimalist style that made regional rugs prized design accessories with Le Corbusier and the modernists. PINK RUG Co. specializes in the most unique and fabulous Moroccan rugs around and we’re going to give away one of these beautiful rugs OF YOUR CHOICE, valued at $800 this week!

A rug giveaway from the PINK RUG Co. | sfgirlbybay


to enter to win a rug from PINK RUG Co. valued at a maximum of $800, simply:

• follow the PINK RUG Co. on pinterest.

• repin your favorite rug from the pinterest board “PRC MOROCCAN RUGS“.

• comment here on the blog letting us know you followed & pinned, by tuesday, july 28th at midnight pst.

• hurrah! this giveaway is worldwide!

• as always, please be sure to leave a way to contact you via twitter, facebook, your blog or email.

• we’ll announce the randomly selected winner the week of august 3rd on my twitter, so be sure to follow along.

A rug giveaway from the PINK RUG Co. | sfgirlbybay

A rug giveaway from the PINK RUG Co. | sfgirlbybay

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  1. I LOVE these rugs! It was really hard selecting a favorite since they are ALL so beautiful. But I have pinned and followed since I want to keep up to date on what’s new with this company!! So nice! Thank you for sharing!! :)

  2. Following and repinned here in Montreal! Lovely, lovely rugs! Thanks for the wonderful worldwide (yay!) giveaway opportunity!

  3. Followed and pinned! What a sweet collection. I just love the Boucherouite Rug — oh how that would transform my guest bedroom!!! ((sigh))

  4. repinned and followed. these are all to die for! however, i repinned the Moroccan Boucherouite Runner Rug because of the adorable baby lying on it :) thanks for sharing!

  5. Followed and pinned the lovely rug named ‘A Series of Delightful Events’ (pinterest name @Jennyroo1). Thank you sooooooo much for sharing. I am in the process of redefining my master bedroom as my very own space following the recent end of a 15 year relationship. This rug would be a delightful step in reclaiming the space as my own. It’s pure perfection!

  6. GORGEOUS! I would love to outfit my whole home with them! I followed and pinned A Narrow Path Through Clear Water.

  7. So hard to have a favorite – I pinned a few and love all of them. So cool to find these and such a great pinterest account also :)

  8. Hi. Followed, pinned “I saw the wilderness in her” and admired the huge choice of wonderful rugs. One of these rugs would make so nice in our garden home.

  9. I follow and have pinned the amateur emigrant rug. It reminds me of the heaps of colorful spices in marrocan market squares. Love it! My twitter name is @Eveliendevos

  10. Geeez! These rugs are just so so beautiful! Total works of art! They make me so incredibly happy and I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to add one to our home! Followed and repinned some faves!
    pinterest: Jenny Holiday
    Thanks so much for the chance!

  11. Pinned, pinned, pinned and followed! (They’re all so gorgeous, there’s no way I could choose just one).

  12. LOVE these. Have admired Pink Rug Co for awhile. Would love to win one of these for the entry in to our new house. Pinned + followed! Twitter: @littlebirdiepr

  13. Thank you for the inspiring blog! All the Pink Rug Co’s rugs are beautiful! Followed and pinned many of the rugs. (They are hard to find in Finland.) :D

  14. Love these rugs so much! Repinned the There is PLEASURE in the PATHLESS WOODS 8’x3′ Beni Ourain!

  15. I followed and repinned – my username is seecreatures on Pinterest, and the best way to contact me is via email ( I’ve been following Pink Rug Co on Etsy for forever – would love to have one of their rugs in my home! Thanks for hosting this.

  16. Followed and pinned. They have the prettiest rugs! The colors are just perfect.
    twitter: @travelingitch

  17. wow, beautiful. On my faves in etsy now and repined and reposted We met in the Weedy…gorgeous rug I could just plop down and read on.

  18. I went a little above + beyond. I am completely smitten by this give away.
    This has been facebooked, Tweeted, Pinterest Pinned… Etsy Favorited, etc.
    Glad we were shown this shop!!

    Followed+Pinned!!! ;-)

  19. Ahhhhggghhh – tooo much choice and tooo much excitement!!
    I already followed you both. I have repinned MEMOIRS of an IMAGINARY FRIEND 7’x4′ Boucherouite Rug to my “Items I need” page. x

  20. Great giveaway, and perfect timing since I just started some serious rug shopping this week! I love the selections. :)

  21. We close on our first house this Friday and what a great addition to our bright & airy space any of these would be! They look so plush and cozy! Pinned & Followed! Xoxox

  22. what a fantastic giveaway. i followed the directions and i love “there is pleasure in the pathless wood.” good luck to all of us! :)

  23. I pinned and followed! Thanks so much for this chance–I’ve been a follower of Pink Rug Co. on etsy for ages and I LOVE the rugs she sells.

  24. Followed and repinned! I love these rugs, they’ve been on my wish list for a long time. Hopefully one day… (dreaming)…

  25. I followed & pinned! I am now officially obsessed with this shop and in love with ten of their beautiful rugs! ♥️♥️♥️

  26. Great choice of rugs! I followed and repinned the “Those WHO DREAM by DAY 8’x4′ Boucherouite Rug. Moroccan Berber. Mid Century”

  27. Followed and pinned! I have been looking at and loving their rugs on etsy for a long time. They are gorgeous!

  28. You twisted my rubber arm. Followed and pinned! Thank you for the chance to win one of these amazing rugs!

  29. wow! They are all so lovely! If only I had all the money to choose all my favorites. Followed and pinned!

  30. The greatest decor staple for any room! Would love to inspire the artists at the studio with a rug like this! Thanks for creating something so gorgeous. Pinned and followed!

  31. So beautiful!!! I pinned a couple and now I can’t stop thinking of them. Swooning….. They would totally make me excited about my space all over again. Fingers crossed. Thank you for the opportunity! xx

  32. Why didn’t I discover this beautiful shop earlier????
    Beautiful rugs! How nice it would be to have a Moroccan feeling at hom with such a beautiful carpet…..

  33. How serendipitous that I happened to be looking at this gorgeous store only yesterday! I am absolutely lusting over these rugs. It’s high on my wish list to own a boucherouite rug. I have followed and repinned!

    @ascarborough :)

  34. These are awesome!!! My father’s family is from morocco but he never visited there. I hope maybe someday i will :-)
    Followed and pinned :-)
    Thank you so much!

    Facefook- inbal yona levy

  35. Followed and pinned. These rugs are so beautiful! Would be such a great addition to my home. Thank you for this opportunity. X

  36. DREAMY!!!! Can’t just pick one. I want to cover every square inch on my home in Pink Co Rugs! I’ve pinned my favorite and I am now lost in heaven following Pink Co Rugs dreamy Pinterest boards. Thanks for sharing and crossing fingers and toes, hoping I’m the lucky winner.

  37. Hi, I have been following all of the pink rug boards for a while, beautiful rugs. I particularly love ‘I SAW THE WILDERNESS IN HER’ (pinned) but I love all the Handiras too.
    Thanks for this competition.
    Good luck to everyone.

  38. So cool that this giveaway is worldwide. It doesn’t happen very often! Thank you Pink Rug Co. Followed and pinned!

  39. Hello and thank you for the opportunity ! Followed and pinned the Little STAR DUST CAUGHT. Really love this rugs. Fingers crossed ^^

  40. Followed and pinned (quite a few) Have been coveting one of these rugs for so long now its just meant to be me!!!!! Unfortunately I don’t have a twitter account…am I the only one?! I’m in Australia so hoping its not too far to ship!!!

  41. I have one picked out, and my fingers are crossed! Looking forward to taking a longer look at Pink Rug’s Pinterest boards and have pinned “A Rebirth of Wonder” to my “Happy Lucky Living Room.”

  42. Thank you for the giveaway! What unique and interesting offerings. I have followed and pinned and look forward to seeing more of PRC Rugs work.

  43. Mmmmmm… I first repinned some with rich green and pink or blue tones but these had already been loved and bought by others. Then the subtle more subdued pattern of an ‘Armful of white blossoms’ drew me in … and also reminded me that here in a very southerly part of the southern hemisphere,the first smattering of blossoms is appearing. I’ve happily followed the Pink Rug Co. and pinned away to see what other patterns might inspire.

  44. I pinned and followed…I love moroccan rugs especially the one i just discovered. I went to morocco and i wish i could go back to pick up a few of these in person!
    thanks Julie

  45. Gorgeous. Followed and pinned! (I just couldn’t get away from Circumnavigating Fairyland… It spoke to me!)

  46. Thanks so much for another great read. I have had a love affair with Moroccan rugs for a long long time now. Especially the Boucherouite. I have pinned and followed and have my fingers crossed!
    Warmest regards.

  47. i am already a follower on pinteretest (‘no9press’) and pinned a rug as well (oh happy day!). Only problem is that i don’t have a twitter account …will you contact the winner via email as well?

  48. Love PINK RUG Co.! I’ve been following them on etsy for awhile. Gladly followed on Pinterest and reppined.

  49. “Spirit Free Flow” is the rug that I pinned. It would make a room! Happy to be following the Pink Rug Company on Pinterest.

  50. Followed and Pinned “Those WHO DREAM by DAY”. Thank you for introducing me to Pink Rug Co. and to their wonderful Pinterest! And following your boards as well; always beautiful to fill up my homepage.

  51. SO excited to see this opportunity to win one of these amazing rugs! I’ve been eyeing a Beni Ourain rug for a while now! I have followed and pinned! Good luck to everyone!

  52. Followed. Pinned. Fallen in love. What an amazing selection! “I Feel in Waves of Sunshine” would look totally stunning in our little one’s nursery.

  53. “An armful of white blossoms” is my favorite today but I love them all and have coveted a rug from PRC for sometime now. We just moved home after being displaced for 9 months and our place is an all white canvas. A PRC rug would look amazing in any room. Thank you for the opportunity to try for one. XOXO
    Pinned and Followed. -gina
    SF CA

  54. Followed + pinned! I just moved into my first apartment and I’m in desperate need of a beautiful, unique rug. I pinned the “Those Who Dream by Day” rug because it would be the perfect addition to my new place :~) You can reach me @vmquintero on Twitter.

  55. So great of you! I have followed and pinned and looking forward to hearing more later. These rugs remind me of some latch-hook ones I made in college—that looked a lot like the hand-knotted kind— in fabrics class with strips of cotton fabric. Beautiful work!

  56. Jeez. Choosing just one was really, really, ridiculously hard. So… I pinned three. And will probably pin more. Because I want almost all of them. Pinned and followed and will be drooling over these rugs for a long time. (Like everyone else, I’m sure) would love to win because I definitely can’t afford one right now.

  57. I am a fiber artist living in LA: I am obsessed with color and texture, so you can only imagine how hard it was to pick my favourite rug from Pinterest. Done, and thanks for the connection to Pink Rug Co! best, Connie

  58. I just followed Pink Rug & Co. and pinned the Amber rug to my “Beautiful home” board :) So excited that I might win one of these amazing rugs, bring a little of my Pinterest to life!

  59. Had spent the morning looking for rugs for my kitchen and office, definitely pinned multiple of these!

  60. Hi lovely Victoria,
    I absolutely followed and pinned. I would die if I won any rug from the Pink Rug co. Thank you for bringing them into my life. Absolutely crazy in love with their collections! Fingers crossed!

  61. followed and pinned as @erjeya, which is my twitter handle, too! easily my favorite etsy shop. thanks, victoria!

  62. I looked through these rugs like it was my job, and repined “light and shadows”. What a cool find, and an awesome blog, this is my first visit, but there will be many more! Best!

  63. Outstanding selection of Moroccan rugs. Beautiful. Difficult to select one….but I managed:-)

  64. These rugs are to die for!!! So beautiful! I am obsessed with the “those who dream by day” rug. It’s on my pinterest wishlist!

  65. Followed and Pinned – just discovered and due to my last rug being ruined by the dog this would be a very welcome edition to the kitchen

  66. A fan favorite. I followed and pinned SECRET GENTLE SOUL. i have tried to buy a rug from this co a few times. By the time I was ready to pull the trigger the rug in question was gone. Wouldn’t it be nice to win one?! Thank you.

  67. I pinned the Boucherouite Mid Century Modern Wall Art Abstract Hanging. It really is like a painting.

  68. Love SF Girl By The Bay for showing me the best in art and design. Loving these Pink Rug Co rugs!! The only rug I would ever consider for me 200 Sq Ft studio apartment! I’m glad I’m following/pinning them on Pinterest now :)

  69. I pinned the riotously beautiful “A Colorful Dialogue Crammed With 4 Months of EXPLORING the MARVELS of NATURE…” Crazy for color and nature! So delicious. Pinned it here:

  70. So incredibly hard to pic a favorite when they are all to die for! The craftsmanship is truly amazing! I have been following these amazing rugs apparently for some time! Swooning over here! I also pinned one of my favorites, because honestly there is no one rug that I love more than any rug with COLOR. and they all have COLOR! Who knows, may be I will be the lucky gal and get the most amazing rug for my birthday which falls on August 2nd. (fingers crossed)

    Blessings and good luck to you all!
    Thanks so much Sfgirlbybay for truly inspiring my day!

    May the best amazing girl/guy win!

    Heather Renae

  71. The selections of Beni Ourains is amazing. I have lusted for one ever since seeing them in person in Marrakesh. The Pink Rug Etsy shop is delightful – love all the titles!

  72. I love all of them. I pinned a couple and followed their board.
    MEMOIRS of an IMAGINARY FRIEND would look great in my house. And . . . the winner is selected on my birthday so that would be kind of amazing to win.

  73. pinned and followed! My house will need to be redecorated to center around the rug. Thank you for the opportunity! Xo

  74. Repinned and following!! I shared multiple rugs. They are all fabulous, I don’t even care which one, I want them all!! Nope, I need them!!! :) Thanks for the awesome opportunity!

  75. Duly followed and pinned! Their shop has been in my Etsy favorites for some time — so much to drool over!

  76. Followed and pinned all my favourites! There were so many gorgeous rugs I couldn’t choose just one!!!! Thanks for the international competition. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to win this all the way across the world in sunny Brisbane (Australia)!!!!!

  77. these rugs are absolutely stunning! i just bought my first house – one of these would be KILLER in the space!!! :) followed + pinned.

  78. Pinned Spirit Free Flow and I’m a follower. My Twitter handle is @buzzyngabe, or I can be reached best by my email. Absolutely gorgeous rugs, thank you!

  79. Followed and repinned! What a treat! I absolutely adore Moroccan decor looking forward to perusing the other pinterest boards now :) x

  80. Following and pinned “I Saw The Wilderness in Her”… I love the way the rugs are named, beautiful names for beautiful rugs…

  81. my favorite rugs and one of my favorite sellers on etsy. i’m about to move and I’d love one for my new place! Followed and pinned!

  82. I got a little carried away and pinned 5. And, yes, of course, I followed, because who doesn’t want to see what they’re pinning? What a fantastic giveaway. Thank you and fingers crossed!

  83. Followed & pinned. Thanks so very much for the opportunity to win one of these gorgeous rugs!!!!

  84. yay! I followed and pinned my favorite rug. You can contact me on twitter at @ktnlo if I am the lucky winner. Fingers crossed because I would love a new rug!

  85. Rediscovering your blog and falling in love with it yet again. Followed and pinned. At the moment my apartment is a mirror to my mental state, which is utter chaos. But, having more motivation now, from your blog, to get it in order, the rug would be a great reward for my efforts and struggles. Thank you.
    Twitter: @Bengica

  86. Followed and pinned! I love these rugs, especially the Azilals. Wish I could afford one for every room!

  87. AH! One of these would be perfect for the awkward open space between my kitchen and living area in my apartment, been looking for the perfect rug for forever. Followed and pinned!

  88. Each one is a piece of art! I followed on Pinterest & Etsy, and repinned one of my favorites on my “front room” board on Pinterest :)

  89. Funny, I just found them the other day and pinned a few rugs. Their rugs are beautiful and fun! Am following now as well!

  90. Love all the colours, would look great in my newly renovated house, I have followed and pinned the Moroccan Atlas rug. Thanks.

  91. I followed and pinned, because these rugs are gorgeous! I’ve never been able to afford to buy these amazing rugs, so this is chance I will not miss.

    Twitter: @eevamatilda

  92. Followed and pinned with pleasure! I have never seen such BEAUTIFUL rugs! I’m in love with these.

  93. Wonderful giveaway; thanks, Victoria!
    I pinned my fave: a beautiful Beni Ourain rug (@izzyluvs) and of course I also followed :-)

  94. I followed and pinned. Thank you for this glorious contest. I can see one of these beautious rugs on my family room floor.

  95. Thank you for the chance of the giveaway! I’ve been a huge fan of PINK RUG for years, how exciting! Followed and pinned Ocean Color Scene – love the deep blues x

  96. Followed & pinned “All summer I made friends with..”
    I’m a huge fan of the pink rug since you first showed the bedroom renovation with a gorgeous beni ourain….

    And I LOVE that it’s a worldwide giveaway <3

  97. I follow The Pink Rug Co on Pinterest! I repinned!!

    I follow sfgirlbybay on Instagram and on Twitter!
    Hoping to win!!!
    Thanks for the opportunity!

    Talk to you soon

  98. i was just showing my husband one of these rugs for our daughters room the other day!!
    I am so in love with them! Pinned and followed

  99. Followed and pinned- and I’m @bashpartygoods on Twitter. I ordered a rug from Pink Rug Co last week for my living room, and I definitely think I need one for our Bash office too!

  100. Modern brownstone living is tricky when it comes to finding the right style. Having just finished restoring and renovating one in Brooklyn, Pink Rug Co captures the charm, elegance, sense of history all with color and pattern – a perfect fit! Followed and pinned at KJoseph and tweeted by @kippyjoseph

  101. Pinned and followed! This is exactly what I need for my dining room. What a beautiful piece!

  102. followed and pinned. I loved them all, it was hard to choose which to pin. I want one for every room in my house. Fingers crossed that I win. :)

  103. Followed and repinned. Moving to SF Bay Area from Denmark, Scandinavia, this Would make A killer start on my new Cali style;-)
    thank! BR , Line

  104. Followed and Pinned! These rugs are amazing, joyful, inspiring. I am in love with the whimsy, texture and name of A Rebirth of Wonder. Oh Yeah! Seeing it light up an all white healing treatment room I am creating.

  105. I absolutely LOVE those rugs! It was hard to find a favorite…but I pinned and followed!
    Thanks :)

  106. I pinned a rug both the wife and I truly loved. If I had to rate these rugs out of a possible 10, I would have to give them a 12.

  107. hola cola! I followed and repinned! Well I pinned twice and had to pull my hands away from the keyboard to stop myself from pinning the entire board. -______________________- Muaha!

  108. Again, I’d love one of these for my new place! Followed and pinned!
    FB: Alexandra Jane Welcome
    IG: @alexandrajane21

  109. Followed and pinned, so incredibly beautiful…thank you for hosting this great worldwide! give away.

  110. Gorgeous! Followed and I pinned so many they are absolutely beautiful. One of these would be amazing in our newly renovated house! Our house has become a dream come true, So stepping on one of these beauty’s would be like walking on clouds! Beautiful!

  111. Followed and Pinned! What unique and beautiful rugs!! I seriously love ALL of them, it’s hard to choose! Thanks for this opportunity!

  112. Followed and pinned! I love “getting lost is not a waste of time”. I’m so glad you introduced me to her shop! Gorgeous!

  113. Followed and pinned. I’ve been obsessed with finding the perfect Pink Rug Co. addition to my new 1950’s house.

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