let there be light.
by victoria comment


brass lighting inspiration / sfgirlbybay

the urbanite.

i’m on the hunt for a new dining room pendant fixture and i need some new wall sconces, too. but there’s so much good lighting out there right now, i’m having a tough time deciding. i’d love something simple, yet elegant and modern. and i wouldn’t mind some brass one bit. here’s a few looks i really love and think would work well with my pitched beam ceiling, too.

brass lighting inspiration / sfgirlbybay

amber interiors.

brass lighting inspiration / sfgirlbybay

schoolhouse electric’s vega 5 chandelier.

brass lighting inspiration / sfgirlbybay

kk living.

copper lighting inspiration / sfgirlbybay

locust metal pipe pendant lamp from urban outfitters (above + below).

brass lighting / sfgirlbybay

pendant lighting inspiration / sfgirlbybay


park studio lighting / sfgirlbybay

park studio L.A.

brass lighting inspiration / sfgirlbybay

joseph de leo photography for the new york times.

brendan ravenhill cord pendant / sfgirlbybay

brendan ravenhill cord chandelier.

brass sconces via DLF / sfgirlbybay

love these wall sconces by nightwood at the ostrich farm restaurant via designlovefest (above + below).

brass sconces via DLF / sfgirlbybay

studio PGRB light fixture

handmade brass pendant light fixture from studio PGRB.

14 responses to “let there be light.”

  1. Funny how all your options have been in brass. I feel the brass trend!
    For the dining table, my personal favorite is the one by Lindsey Adelman…however, I know it is super $$$$. I also love the orderly option from the Amber Interior’s picture. I can’t wait to see what you decide!! Hope all is well with you!!

  2. the last one is best! my rule, when in doubt go with the simplest one, style tends to hold up over time. but they are all nice, i agree!

  3. These are all gorgeous! I love when a light fixture is strong enough to be a conversation piece. Right now, we have a big pendant lamp made from recycled bike parts by http://www.straightgauge.com ~ except that its refined and unique and we get tons of comments about it all the time. I wish it were in brass tho!

  4. Hello,

    We love your blog! We’ve been contacted by several of your readers about the last light fixture in this article that was incorrectly credited to us studio:PGRB. I just wanted to give you a heads up so that the proper owners get the credit for creating such a beautiful fixture.

    Thank you,

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