some BIG news + a giveaway.
by victoria comment


art giveaway from minted / sfgirlbybay

minted’s gone big! huge! minted’s marketplace of indie artists has recently launched oversized art prints (quite on trend!) to their ever-expanding online art collection. from unique illustrations to bold graphic prints and dreamy photographs you can now order the big print at sizes all the way up to 44″ x 60″! minted invited me to choose a few favorites and frame one up for my guest room, and i selected violet intertube by artist annie seaton. i thought it would be fun to create a beachy vacation vibe in my guest room, and this print fit the bill. you can select from a variety of frame types — white, wood, black and even distressed wood stains. to celebrate this BIG news, we’re giving away a $530 gift card to shop minted collections — big and small. the winner can select any prints you like!

Minted Large Print Giveaway / sfgirlbybay

Minted $530 Gift Card Giveaway / sfgirlbybay


to enter to win a $530 gift card to shop minted’s art marketplace, simply:

• visit minted’s art marketplace, and choose your favorite print.

• comment below, and tell us which print you’d choose.

• please comment by monday, august 10th, 12pm PST.

• as always, be sure to leave a way to reach you via twitter, facebook, email or your website.

• yay! this giveaway is worldwide! but if an international winner is selected at random, they must cover shipping.

• please note, use of $530 gift card must include shipping costs.

• we’ll announce a winner selected by random number generator on my twitter account later in the week of august 10, so be sure and follow along.

Minted Large Artwork Giveaway / sfgirlbybay

Minted Artwork Giveaway / sfgirlbybay

• this post in partnership with minted; but all thoughts and opinions are my own. thank you for supporting the businesses that bring you fresh content from sfgirlbybay every day.

328 responses to “some BIG news + a giveaway.”

  1. I love ‘FLOAT’ because it reminds me of Palm Springs : ), which is my happy place just outside of L.A. where I go to relax and refresh!

  2. Soma or Aquae, both by Kelly Ventura. Without noting the artists’ names, my eye keeps noticing her works.

  3. It’s so hard to pick just one, but I really like the one titled “Blue Cactus” because it reminds me of when I lived in Arizona as a kid! I’d love to win this so I can finally put up some art in my home office – the walls in here are huge, and in need of some seriously large art!

  4. Hovering Union by Misty Hughes is the perfect piece for our empty spot in the living room. We’ve been looking for a large piece with black and white that will work well against our Weimaraner walls, and this is it. I love the composition.

  5. I love Black Cactus by Baumbirdy and Palm Springs by Pandercraft. I need new art for my new apartment in Palm Springs, and these would be perfect!

  6. Oh wow! Montana Respite is so, so beautiful. It gives me the same butterflies I’d have in my tummy when my parents would drop me off at camp!

  7. What an awesome giveaway! I love Minted and have several of their art prints in my house. We’re having our first baby in November and I’d love to do an oversized print in there. “Penguin” by Betty Hatchett would be great in a big size I think, as would “il Polipo” by Kathryn Davi. (Though selfishly I’d love “Flower” by Alexandra Dzh for our bedroom.) ;)

  8. I just love “float” it gives me such a happy warm feeling when looking at it. amazing.

  9. I LOVE Billows by Denise Wong in ‘Sodalite Blue’! Such a beautiful combination of colors!

  10. I love Flutter Watercolor by Andi Pahl. I need some new art for my office and this would be so helpful!

  11. I LOVE the Men in Red print outside the Lourve in Paris. It would look fantastic above my TV in our living room. :)

  12. Hmm. Torn between Jaime Derringer’s Composition 4, Dora’s Floral and Vista1 – Mountaintop

  13. I’m moving in a week and have my eye on soft, moody landscapes for the bathroom. First of October by Kelly Money is very, very perfect.

  14. I’m moving to my new flat in Murcia, Spain soon! A print of “Home,” by Christina Flowers would inspire some seriously creative apartment-nesting!

  15. I live in Savannah on the river, and always love subtle water inspired decoration. Alethea and Ruth has some great pieces that would fit perfectly but Graphic Bubbles No. 3 is by far my favorite!

  16. Winter Solstice – my youngest son was born just after midnight on the Winter Solstice. He lives in New Zealand now with his son and I live in Australia. This is not only a beautiful image but it would also remind me of him ( and his name is Tom)

  17. I’m a mountain girl at heart, so I’d pick Land of Infinity by Debra Butler!

  18. I am so down for
    Three Cars
    limited edition print by Celisse Muller
    This print would like look awesome in my kid’s room.

  19. Ooh this is a good one. My bedroom walls are very bare. I would choose Surfers at Sunset or Beauty Reflects Beauty.
    twitter: travelingitch

  20. I love the Tidal Basin By Day by AMK, just moved to DC and I think this one would be perfect!

  21. I love the simplicity of this print. It reminds me of my travels – where I have been and where will I go next?! Field of Waves by Papersheep

  22. We are in the process of redecorating our living and dining room and realizing a wall is very bare. Would love to fill it with Blousy by Katie Craig.
    Twitter: @LisaDini

  23. i would choose “float”. There is nothing better than floating away and losing yourself.

  24. There is such great art offered on Minted. I choose La Luna limited edition print by Keri Chubb. I love the symbolism of the moon image. The power and romance that the moon has represented since ancient times is so meaningful to me. I would love to have Keri’s image in my home.

  25. Two of my all time favorites:
    Fields of Blue (Pacific Ocean) Wall Art Prints by Lindsay Ferraris Photography
    Life on Mars Wall Art Prints by Matthew Sampson

  26. Too many lovely prints to pick just one, my top three are:
    Watercolor Inkblot 1 by Kristen Smith (beautiful colours that match my bedroom palette)
    Hummingbird by Sara Shashani (my favourite bird)
    Ruffled Feather by LChantel (always loved peacock feathers)

  27. Wow there are some amazing art prints at Minted! It’s so hard to chose but my gut is telling me that to select Float by Betty Hatchett. This would be so gorgeous in my bedroom… after all what’s better than the feeling of floating when you want a peaceful night’s sleep?


  28. there are so many beautiful prints but would have to go with Golden Palm Tree by Jane Wilder!

  29. wow, tough choice! I could scroll through that site for hours. but I love some mineral art so I might go with Mineral 02 by Lily Hanna.

  30. I think I would pick Sail by Julia Contacessi – but it would be a pretty hard choice if I won!

  31. What a wonderful giveaway, Victoria! I am a huge fan of Emily Jeffords’ work so her Mornings Away fine art print would be my pick.

    Twitter: @netherleighblog

  32. I would pick Golden Palm Tree Wall Art to hang at the end of my bed and remind myself of my native California sunshine in my newish Pacific Northwest home!

  33. Set Adrift reminds me of fireworks on a summer’s evening – would love to have this on my wall!

  34. qing li’s dancing in the light with the “painterly” filter. It was a difficult choice but I liked the delicacy, color and composition of this print in particular.

  35. I love ‘mornings away’ by Emily Jeffords. I have loved her stuff for a long time and know just what wall I would hang it on!

  36. I’ve been looking at Minted art for months, and it would be wonderful to finally have a print in my home! I really like Scribbles in Blue by Yao Cheng.

  37. Oh so hard to choose! I love “Tangerine” by Alexandra Dzh and “Water Levels” by Leslie M Ward to name a couple

  38. I love the “Breathe” print by Emily Denis. It is so serene and it would be amazing in a larger size. I’ve been looking for something to fill a spot in our living room and this would be amazing. Especially on frantic winter days when summer calm seems forever away.

  39. how am I just hearing about this?!?! I love art and this is so accessible! Can’t choose a fave but might go with an abstract print for me and a children’s nature something for my girls!!!

  40. What a hard decision! The Golden Palm Tree would look GREAT in my living room.

    • i don’t have twitter. hopefully, you would let people know via the email provided, too ..

  41. Just spend a good two hours combing through that site with a fine tooth comb, and there are SO many great options, My favorite would have to be Staredown By Amy Carroll, I would get it big to go over my desk as a focal point of my office. But I also loved Strawberry Crepes by Naomi Eggers, Point of View by R Studio, Chicken Run by Betty Hatchett, and Glasses Girls by June Letters Studio so it would be a hard choice..

    You can reach by email or on twitter @thesnelsonator

    excited about this, great giveaway for a lucky person!

  42. The Yellow Horses print would be PERFECT in my dining room. I’ve always had such a fascination with photographs of horses and this is no exception! @allizonsaid

  43. I really like moodiness of First of October by Kelly Money. There are so many great pieces to choose from though. So many good ones!

  44. ‘4 Robins’ is STUNNING!
    I would paint my bedroom a really deep moody charcoal to showcase it.

  45. I would choose ‘Hammered Digits’ by Misty Hughes. I love the rustic look of the print, but especially the number 22 on it. All but two people in my family have birthdays on the 22nd and there are 4 anniversaries plus some other oddities associated with the numbers, 17 too. Such an impossible choice though!
    The best way to reach me is email at buzzyngabe at yahoo dot com
    I’m also @buzzyngabe on Twitter

  46. “Corner Bar In The Neighbhorhood, New Orleans” caught me off-guard, in the *best* possible way.
    Thank you,& Minted!

  47. i love “float” by Betty Hatchett. Gorgeous!

    I’m so excited to see your new place. Hope you’re settling in well!

  48. I love “Sail” or “Oyster Blue” … though I’ll probably change my mind again, so many great prints to choose from!

  49. I really like the print, “Waiting…Malibu”. My youngest daughter is a surfer and I’ve watched her for hours, waiting for the perfect wave.

  50. A fellow minted artist posted your blog on my facebook wall. I am absolutely blown away by your fantastic guest room. Thank you for liking my work!!
    Your room looks like my room only better. I will use your design as inspiration for a mini makeover of mine.

    Again, Thank you!!!!

  51. It’s so hard to choose just one favorite, but I’m loving the “Rainforest” limited edition print by Cass Loh–especially with a whitewashed herringbone frame!

  52. I would love to hang Gesture by Kelly Ventura in my daughter’s new “big girl” room! Thanks, Wendy

  53. Eee! Any photography prints by Amy Carroll would bring my Minneapolis life right back to my home roots growing up in Wisconsin. Thank you for this opportunity :) Sohail at

  54. I love “Let”s Go” by SylvieCeres Designs. It takes me to a serene place away from my hectic day.

  55. Anything by Emily Jeffords, I love her stuff! I have a new house to decorate, I would love to win this giveaway!!

  56. So happy to have now discovered Minted! My current favorite is Mid-Summertime by Emily Jeffords, but it will probably change if I look at the site again tomorrow :)

  57. Way too difficult to pick just one…

    But I really love Ides by Joe Barka. It would go well with the other painting we have in our living room!

  58. My favorite art print is “Paris is always a good idea.” Because it always is. I would gift this print to my eldest son who studied there in college.

  59. So many beauties to choose from! I would love to own “I’d Rather Wear Flowers” by Aspacia Kusula.

  60. Any of the limited editions, especially Cloud Tempest and Cloud Observation. Thanks for such an amazing meander on the internet and the giveaway.

  61. Seriously, we have to pick just one? Okay, I love about four hundred of them, but I’ll go with Field of Waves by Paper Sheep.

    But then, Carolina by Angela Marzuki is stunning, too. Argh!

  62. I would choose Family Crest: Great Blue Herons by Betty Hatchett.

    rusthawk at gmail dot com

  63. I love this giveaway! My blank walls could use this win. I would choose “Pool Illumination.” Fingers crossed!

  64. I love this site, wow. The art is so diverse, it will take me forever to go through it all. But, as a first-sight choice, I may purchase the Jill Corbin prints or some by Stephanie Goos Johnson, her landscapes are amazing.

  65. I really like all of Emily Jeffords’ work but today I’m totally into Life On Mars by Matthew Sampson.

  66. I opened up just about every piece of art on the page, twice, leaving my top choices as last to close. Each time I ended up with Glass Bottles by Holly Whitcomb as the last tab open. It’s simple but incredibly beautiful.

  67. I love this site, wow. The art is so diverse, it will take me forever to go through it all. But, as a first-sight choice, I may purchase the Jill Corbin prints or some by Stephanie Goos Johnson, her landscapes are amazing.

  68. Ahh, LOVE LOVE LOVE the surfer’s sunset print!

    Thanks for a great giveaway!

  69. absolutely impossible to know for sure what i’d choose but i know i’d definitely get a small print of “bear and autumn leaves” for my kitchen, which is brown. i’m pretty drawn to whimsical type prints and i love all of the animal prints that minted has! (that giraffe in the sweater print….no idea where i’d put that, but it’s hilarious.)

  70. Beauty Reflects Beau by Jennifer Hallock is to die for. Her mix of blues is so calming and breathtaking.

  71. So much beautiful art. The one that speaks to me is Arise by Kelly Johnston. It’s tranquil, serene and ethereal. All of the qualities I am trying to inbue into my home.

  72. So many too choose from that would look perfect once my house renovation is complete.
    I loved Peony bottle by Betty Hatchett

  73. Missouri
    limited edition print by Stephanie Nowotarski
    – I can see it over my couch next to my daughters self portrait. X

  74. I am a Bay Area native who now lives on a farm in Northland, New Zealand. Suffice to say the country life is a major change from my city origins! Christopher Morben’s, “The Commute” print would help bring me back to the place I left my heart, that will always be home, San Francisco. Thanks for this awesome opportunity. X

  75. I am in the middle of a living room refresh and my sofa NEEDS a huge print over it instead of my old gallery wall! I’d pick Highway Wildflowers by Kelli Hall.

  76. I love the Glass Bottles print. It represents finding beauty in simplicity according to the description – really neat!

  77. My love for Minted artwork is OUT OF CONTROL. Every time I visit the site I find a new piece to adore. I also JUST received my order of fabric from Minted and I cannot WAIT to get at it! If I were to pick my fav piece at this very moment, I’d go with Betty Hatchett’s “Float”. Oh it makes my heart skip! xo

  78. It’s a tough call, I’m stuck between Land & Sea No 3 and Consuega with a natural wood frame.

  79. i’ve never entered a blog contest before, but now i HAVE TO :D what an incredibly generous giveaway! no way i could select just one, i spend HOURS on minted dreaming of buying all this art ;D EVERYTHING is gorgeous, but i would definitely just check out with what’s already in my cart! :D the gold foil “tower bridge” by jody wody, “eiffel tower in the rain” by julie wan, “winged heart” by eve schultz, “watercolor inkblot 1” by kristen smith, “chronicle of cameras” by erin niehenke, “rooftops of paris” by TS Designs (BIG for over my fireplace), and “a little kinder” by hannahcloud DESIGN, (BIG for over my bed) <3 thank you thank you thank you <3 (twitter: @shellybort)

  80. I love Under The Microscope print by Kayla King. Thank you for the chance to win an amazing giveaway!

  81. I love the “All is quiet” by Jenni Kupelian – it reminds me of when I was in Iceland, so peaceful & so quiet…

  82. This really is “big” news! I am absolutely in love with “Mountaintop” in mountain blue by Michelle Waldie. Especially in a large scale.

  83. Fields of Blue by Lindsay Ferraris. Thanks for the opportunity. Been reading your blog for years and I’m amazed at how it updates and stays fresh and interesting but still maintains the core aesthetic and point of view.

  84. Ive been looking for some new art for my walls, funny i came across this post! I love abstract art- so I am going to choose Abstracciones Vol. 3 by Aspacia Kusulas.

  85. sun bleached palm trees because it would go perfectly on a blank wall in my kitchen next to my window that looks out over some palms…

  86. There are so many I like — can we change our minds if we win?
    I like the one called Lost in the Fog.

  87. I’m digging Annie Seaton too! I’d pick “Waiting, Malibu” to incorporate with my husband’s ocean photography in our kitchen. (Our compromise on “beach decor”.)

  88. Wow! I love this site and what a great time to find it as I just moved into a bigger space with oh so many walls to decorate. I love “desert diptych.”

  89. I’m always impressed by people who have a talent with watercolors and V E R Y M A R T A has some absolutely beautiful works I would love to hang in my new home, especially her abstract land series!

  90. I absolutely ADORE Tangerine, by Alexandra Dzh. It would be perfect in my new family nest :)
    Thank you for the give away !

  91. Thank you for bringing me back to Minted! I had been lusting after almost all of Paper Dahlia’s work, but now that I’ve browsed a bit…I think I’d choose Sylvia Ceres’ Marbled Wake, because we live in the mountains and I miss the ocean so much.

    Thanks for an amazing giveaway!

  92. I have a ton of pieces in my favorites with the frames picked out and everything! What an exciting giveaway! I love everything by Kelly Ventura and I’d love to have the gemini and scorpio foil prints in my bedroom. Thanks for the chance to win!

  93. Definitely the American Idyll 2 by Annie Seaton. Dog and girl – just like our home! It would have the top spot in our master bedroom for sure. But oh so many nice things – I could find so many with which to decorate my new office and kids play room! Stunning!

  94. I love so many of them, but Mornings Away caught my attention. I need more wall space!

  95. It’s SO hard to only choose one! But Monochrome Sky by Lindsay Ferraris is stunning!!!

  96. So many great prints! I’m a fan of the photography, like California Dreams by Alexandra Nazari.

  97. I have picked no less than 10 that I really like a whole lotta. Most all are beachy type pictures for my vintage beach cottage.
    So, many talented artists here.
    IF I must only pick one..I “think” it would be La Mer..reminds me of the docks in Florida of old, very vintage.
    But, I love many of the seashore bird pics, the picture you picked, seashell pictures, pineapple, Healer picture..Really wanted to pick Float and may yet.
    Thanks for the intro to the site
    floridagld (at) yahoo (dot) com
    @vickievirt (twitter)