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Sprout by HP / sfgirlbybay

a while back i was invited by HP to test drive their new immersive computer platform — which is a fancy way of saying that Sprout by HP is a new creativity station blending the physical and digital world we live in. one of the things i found it most useful while putting together my book see san francisco, was the ability to play around with the page layouts with just the swipe of an image. the majority of my book consists of collages of images — four-up on a page, and it was tricky to figure out which images looked best together in terms of color and content, so i experimented with Sprout by HP rearranging the images until i was satisfied with a complementary collection of images on each page.

Sprout by HP / sfgirlbybay

Sprout by HP also lets you grab an object from the physical world, manipulate it in the digital world, and bring it back to life — in 3D! pretty cool! but for me, i relied heavily on Sprout’s built-in hi-res camera because it replaces the need for a scanner — you simple lay your image on the touchpad, touch the camera on the monitor and boom! it scans your images right there on your desktop, and then with a swipe the images appear on the touchpad’s blank canvas, allowing you to resize, move, and manipulate images with the touch of your finger. such easy manipulation of images for the book — something that would have taken days to figure out, was made a whole lot easier by just swiping the images in and out of the layouts. simple, but such a time saver! this week, HP invited me to giveaway see san francisco, published by chronicle books to 5 lucky readers!

Sprout by HP / sfgirlbybay

to enter to win one of 5 copies of see san francisco, simply:

• comment below, and tell us what you’d most like to see when visiting san francisco.

• please comment by tuesday, august 18th, 12pm PST.

• as always, be sure to leave a way to reach you via twitter, facebook, email or your website.

• yay! this giveaway is worldwide!

• we’ll announce 5 winners selected by random number generator on my twitter account later in the week of august 18, so be sure and follow along.

See San Francisco Book Giveaway / sfgirlbybay

Sprout by HP / sfgirlbybay

Sprout by HP / sfgirlbybay

Sprout by HP / sfgirlbybay

• photography by Lily Glass for sfgirlbybay.

• This is a sponsored post in partnership with Sprout by HP, and all words and opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that help keep sfgirlbybay going with fresh content every day.

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  1. I’ve been wanting to catch a game at AT&T Park for a long time, but your images make me want to see so much more! @ABSchoenrock

  2. I would love to see the architecture and colours of buildings, cars and nature. I want to see that because I’ve been to an array of cities but they all differ from eachother a lot. I’ve never been to America, and it would be such an honour to! My twitter is: melissabellex
    I want to read posts, see how people dress, everything to be honest, even the air.

  3. I used to live in the Tenderloin area of SF while I was in school. Although that area can be sketchy, I always hold a special place for that city in my heart. I’d love to walk around my old neighborhood…

  4. I always love the boutique restaurants like Brenda’s Soul Food. So tasty, and the dishes and interiors are so photo worthy!

  5. Just got back from a trip to San Francisco, and in my opinion as an engineer, the Golden Gate Bridge is a must-see!

  6. Ah! Never been to California so I would obviously have to hit all the touristy spots, but would love to see some local faves! :-) IG: @planningforparis_erin Twitter: @planning4paris

  7. I’d like to see the architecture and visit the Alcatraz cause I didn’t have time for it last I was there!

  8. I have not made it there but I would like to see the bridge in person and the “Full House” house.

  9. I’ve never been to the west coast but I am dying to visit SF and see the fog covered Golden Gate Bridge and the eternally perfect weather!

  10. Ooh – I’ve not been in San Francisco. Unless you include being at the airport for a few hours. What I was able to view from the plane was the Bridge and thought – How amazing would be to cross it one day. That would be the highlight of my trip for sure. But then again – Alcatraz, Chinatown, riding the cable cars…So much to see and do.

  11. i lived in SF for 6 months and didn’t learn about the hidden slides until after I left. That is my first stop (well, after Tartine) when I go back next month for my first time since moving back to the East Coast. Can’t wait to revisit as a tourist!

  12. Being a Southern California native, visiting San Francisco is sort of like visiting your cool older cousin whom you believe you only share a last name in common with, but then realize that what makes them cooler is that they know where all the good coffee shops are at ;) I think the thing that I’d love to see most when visiting San Fran apart from coffee shops, and farmers markets would be the view Skyline Boulevard has to offer.

  13. I’ve traveled all over the world and San Francisco has always been at the top of my list of places to visit, but for one reason or another, I haven’t made it. I love to eat local and see all of the museums. And I’m dying to ride a cable car!

  14. So, I would love to go back and see city hall in SF. My husband and I were married there 7 years ago and have since moved to Australia! We have loads of family in Marin and cannot wait to see them again of course. SF will always have a special place in my heart as it is home to so many great memories for me.

  15. San Francisco is at the top of my list of places to visit. I want to see it all. And quite coincidentally my eldest now wants to live in San Francisco [I swear I was no influence in that]. Must be because a lot of our favourite shows and films are set in this city.
    Your book looks amazing. Fingers tightly crossed.

  16. Honestly, I’d just love to walk around and see the amazing street art, the architecture and take everything in!

  17. The times I’ve spent in San Francisco have been spent on the western and northern edges. I would most like to see the central, southern, and eastern areas in future visits. I’ve loved it for many years and I always return, so hopefully I can check off my bucket list.

  18. Actually, what I’d most be excited about is the light there and documenting my travels in photos! I don’t know what element contributes to this, but every picture I’ve ever seen of San Fran has a magical, pure quality to it and it just seems to be so bright and crisp! Seriously unlike anywhere else. I’d also love checking out the art scene there. I’ve heard there are some killer galleries!

  19. I love to eat around the mission and see what new place is up!
    Also, a walk in the presidio and billy goat hill swing!

  20. Next time I go to San Francisco, I can’t wait to wander through Golden Gate Park. I’ve only been there for a music festival but would love to explore on a normal day!

    Twitter: @kaitkucy

  21. I’m always searching for the best coffee spots, foods I can’t get at home, and trails to hike (cuz I love food.)

    OH, and of course I’ve gotta find the most instagramable places in and around the city!

  22. I live in Western Australia and am visiting San Francisco in October. I really want to read your book to find out the hidden treats in the city and explore the streets soaking up the different architecture on all scales. I love getting past the main attractions and finding what the locals love and which shops/cafes and placed they frequent. A city is not just about the geography but also the people that live in it!

  23. since i’m not that far away, i love driving up and exploring neighborhoods and looking at the architecture and see how it varies from neighborhood to neighborhood. finding an open house and getting to peek at older houses makes me swoon!

  24. I live near SF but have only been there on one occasion. After driving in circles for the better part of the day I finally gave up on finding those amazing coffee shops and bakeries I’d heard about, and settled for bad Chinese food… And left with food poisoning. I thought I had sworn off SF, but your images of the city are so gorgeous and inviting that I think I may need to give it another chance. Maybe finding those bakeries (using a better navigational system).

  25. Honestly, my favorite thing to do in San Francisco is walk around and check out the different neighborhoods, but I’m more often found in various art and science museums around The City.

  26. Climbing the Lyon street stairs and taking a picture at the top is on my long long list of San Francisco to-do’s!

  27. First and foremost! Wow! That computer is amazing, I hadn’t seen anything like it before.

    If I get the chance to visit San Francisco, I would absolutely love to go to the highest peak and admire the city. I would also love to visit some trails and walk among nature

  28. I would love to visit the Conservatory of Flowers. I’m sure I’d add many more places to the list after looking through your beautiful book.

  29. I’m lucky enough to call San Francisco home, but my favorite day is breakfast at Mr Holmes then a walk along ocean beach then coffee at trouble. I’ve still never been to Tartine and that’s the top of my list… Mmm pastries ;) x thank you for coving our beautiful city in your wonderful new book! @CaroRooney

  30. I would love to visit the Sutro Baths and Mr Holmes bake shop since I missed them on my first trip to San Francisco.

  31. Well, I’ve never been to san francisco but since i love movies, i would like to visit places where movies have been filmed. Visiting places such as golden gate and ride cable cars and take pictures of colourful houses would be nice. Is san francisco a green city? It would be nice to see some parks and outdoor places.

  32. i would love to stroll and nibble my way through San Francisco’s Chinatown! i would start by taking a selfie under the Dragon’s Gate entrance.

  33. The Ferry Building for good eats :) I always make sure to stop by one of my favorite ice cream shops too – Smitten, Humphry Slocombes or Bi-Rite!

  34. I’d love to just wander the streets and discover beautiful hidden places; also cute places to eat and drink a good coffee would be great! :) San Francisco has been on the “must see” list for a while now!

  35. Lands End is my favorite place to visit in SF, plus all the amazing restaurants. On another note, I love the black hassock with white stitching in this post. Can you please share the source? Thank you!

  36. I’d love to take a nice long walk among the colourful houses and design shop and restaurant windows, see how local people actually dress and live. I’m a big fan of New York but so far that’s been my only destination in the US so I’d love to see something totally different. I’d probably be drooling over the street food as well…for more visiting ideas I’d love to get to know your book!

  37. I am a South African living in The Netherlands and I long for the hills and undulations of the cityscapes. More so, I would so enjoy all the gorgeous florist shops, eataries and gift shops I have read about on your website. Holding thumbs that it might be my lucky day.

  38. First stop: California Academy of Sciences. Then I would use your beautiful book as my design guide to the city. Oh to see the colours, lines, shadows, wildflowers, the coastline, the architecture…eye candy overload!?

  39. Hi! I’m from Poland. It’s far far away from San Francisco but I had been in SF once, during the ISMD 2007 conference in Berkley. I spent 3 days in SF trying to visit the most popular tourist attractions such as Golden Gate Bridge, Golden Gate Park, Japanese Tea Garden, Ghirardelli Square, Chinatown or Union Square but the most amazing was a panoramic view from Twin Peaks.
    BTW, the book looks beautiful;-)

  40. I want to see and experience the trams. I live in Melbourne Australia and we too have trams. It is a great way to see a City and all of its sites and sounds. Since watching the Streets of San Francisco as a girl it is a City I have always wanted to visit. First through the pages of a book like yours and secondly in real life.

  41. I would love to meet with Windy Chien an artist that i love. I would love to visit local stores selling handmade goods from local makers. I would love to attend Renegade Craft fair and so much more. I have been there one 4 years ago and i loved it very much.
    Julie from La Fabrique Deco

  42. Wow what a wonderful opportunity to dive into world of sfgirlbybay!! I would love to see all the beautiful design and architecture, something my interior designer heart desires.

  43. I arrive here in July and I found you and your blog when I discovered your book in a local library here in SF.
    It’s great and I love your suggestions.

    My SF tips are for sure local bakeries and brunch restaurants (Tartine, Branda’s, Nopa…)
    then I would say the Golden Gate Park (don’t miss the conservatories of flowers and the California Science Academy) and Chinatown

    I am soniafigone on twitter,

  44. I live in SF but am moving to LA soon! When I visit I am definitely stopping by the Mission, especially Lolo which has great food! My twitter is @eva_recinos!

  45. It always takes my breath away to approach from Oakland, on the Bay Bridge, and just seeing “the City”. The skyline, the Bay, Alcatraz, all of it! Then IN “the City”, the uniqueness of the architecture of the old buildings, the people on the streets! Then there is the dining (oh my!), but that’s another story!

  46. I want to see everything/one as they pass by the parklet outside of Four Barrel On Valencia. Whenever I’m in SF, I post up at opening and watch the city hatch with sun. The garage opening across the street, briefcases and bicycles, the same sunglass-clad man with a Doberman who I’ve seen on every visit over the past two years, freshly hosed sidewalks, and convincingly-native tourists. I want to see it all…over, and over again.

  47. I have visited SF a couple of times and just love roaming the city and surrounding neighborhoods! But there’s so many great eateries, shops, and sights I haven’t had the time to really take in and would love inspiration from your book!

  48. Would love to see the DeYoung and the Presidio and of course the ever lovely Golden Gate Park. Looking forward to reading your book!

  49. I’d like to check out the San Francisco scenes and buildings that Alfred Hitchcock used in ‘Vertigo’ and see what they look like now.

  50. What would I not see?! I love SF and would like to visit The Presidio, Golden Gate Park, walk through neighborhoods of Pacific Heights, the Mission, and the Sunset. I could go on and on, I miss San Francisco!

  51. My friend is a huge SF fan so I’m sure she’d take me to the best places. I think I’d want to see Chinatown though too, you took the most beautiful Instagrams of it I feel like I also have to see it for myself!

  52. If… WHEN I make it back to San Francisco, I want to go to Heath Ceramics. I regret not bringing something home with me last time. Thanks from Nova Scotia.

  53. There are so many places to see but the iconic Golden Gate Bridge is a must, preferably in the early am.

  54. i love to hit the pavement and see the architecture and the special Victorian homes …San Francisco (one of my FAV cities) is a great city for walking – people watching is a favourite pasttime when travelling…you learn a lot about a city just by hanging out, walking, eating and observing in their neighbourhoods!

  55. I will be leaving San Francisco after 7.5 years of living here and would love this book as a keepsake. Some of my favorite places/shops to visit are the Flower Conservatory, Twin Peaks summit, Legion of Honor, Loved to Death, Flora Grubb + Paxton Gate.

  56. from Holland to SAN Fransisco, what a dream!!! I’m curious to San Fransico’s colours. You captured them so beautifully! And ofcourse to the bridge, architecture en cable cars. Fingers crossed :-)

  57. A few years ago I explored North Beach and sampled some of the greatest focaccia, almond biscotti, and Italian fare. I’d like to return, watch the tai chi in the morning at the park and then do a progressive breakfast/lunch resampling all of these amazing delights.

    Thanks for sponsoring the giveaway. I love San Francisco!

  58. im dreaming of the magical fog, enveloping the city, the city filled with passionately creative and individual characters!

  59. I love going to the ferry building farmer’s market on Saturday mornings. If you get there early enough, around 7:30am, you can get a good cup of coffee from Blue Bottle, snag the top picks of fruits and flowers, and then relax by the water before going home. It’s so serene and refreshing :) The book looks lovely, thanks for an opportunity to win a copy!
    Twitter: @dontcookcrepe

  60. Yay for worldwide giveaway! I’m Canadian and I’ve been to San Francisco twice. It’s one of my favourite places and I always want to go back. One thing I seem to have missed, didn’t know it existed at the time, or I had different interests, is the Ferry building marketplace.

  61. I always love trying to be a local when I’m travelling – the touristy stuff is awesome but the real heart of a city is the stuff you don’t see straightaway. I’d love to do the obvious stuff like the Golden Gate Bridge and the Full House house, but I’d also want to find the best coffee shop, the coolest new bar and the most fun new food trend.

  62. I’d love to check out some of the local shops you’ve highlighted. And that park that’s on the other side of the Golden Gate bridge!

  63. San Francisco is one of my favourite cities to visit, and its been a long time since I last went… I would love to eat at Burma Superstar again, and walk around the streets of Mission, its such a fascinating neighbourhood.

  64. I can’t wait to visit the SFMOMA when it reopens next year, but until then, I’m hoping to visit Heath Ceramics sometime soon.

  65. I would love to see the colorful architecture throughout the city and also spend some time roaming the hills on the cable cars.

  66. I would love to see all of my husbands favourite places from when he lived and went to culinary school in Sanfransisco! Everything about Sanfransisco is vibrant and lively, and I can’t wait to see the book. Thank you!!

  67. I have been going to San Francisco since I was a toddler to visit my grandparents. Once place I can’t remember ever visiting but would love to is the palace of fine arts. My grandpa is a SF native and told stories of running around the grounds when he was a kid.

  68. Of course the beaches are must see for me. I was always fascinated by their manually operated cable car, would love to ride it.

  69. Woohoo, worldwide contest! I’m from Manila and was finally able to go to the US for the first time last May. I was in the SF for over two weeks and now I can’t help reminisce about all the laidback spots. Since it was still chilly then, I’d love to go back and walk all over Mission and Valencia again, especially to buy from Bi-Rite Creamery and take it to Dolores Park and just while the time away there since we weren’t able to do that. Oh, plus buy and gorge on some pastries from Tartine Bakery since we were too full from all our foodie walk that day. :)

  70. Pick me! Pick me! I love your blog and I’ve never been to San Francisco so really I’d love to see absolutely everything but especially the Golden Gate Bridge and cable cars. :)

  71. Would love to see Paxton Gate and visit lots of bakeries and the de Young :) The book looks so colorful and fun

  72. We visited San Francisco last year during our road trip along the West Coast and it ended up as my favorite stop along the way.
    If we were to visit SF again, I’d love to take in the local scene, have a coffee/food tour, that kind of thing.
    Or just sit on a bench and take in the view and architecture of the city, while browsing your book. :)
    My twitter/instagram is kellysteenlandt.

  73. of course seeing Golden Gate Bridge I’ll bring my lovely camera as always so I can take a lot of Picts here. searching local food is my favorite too.

  74. I would love to explore all the colorful neighborhoods and eat my way across the city at local restaurants.

  75. I would take in the city by cable car, head to chinatown for lunch, and end the day down at the pier. I would also go to a baseball game, if time permitted.

  76. Thank you for the contest! I’d love to visit Alcatraz, and to take a photo walk around the Mission. Also, I’d love to eat tacos and have a margarita in the Mission too!

  77. We are about an hour south of San Francisco. My favorite thing there is going to dinner in Chinatown or on the Wharf! I also love Coit Tower for the view.

  78. I’m torn, it’s either a walk across the Golden Gate Bridge or taking a hire car and re-enacting some of the car chases I saw on the San Francisco movies and recording their faces when I hand the car back with no bumpers …… hmmmm, it’s a close call !

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