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silver lake's YOLK shop / sfgirlbybay

One of the most cheerful shops around, YOLK has been a Silver Lake boulevard staple for over a decade. Shop owner Chilouyi bought the shop three years ago and has maintained some Scandinavian influence from the original owner but spruced things up with her own taste. She personally greets each customer — many local repeats — shopping the adorable variety of children’s apparel and toys or searching for the perfect gift among her selection of practical-with-a-hint-of-sass home objects. There’s something really fun about strolling through a shop, turning items over and reading a “made in l.a.” stamp. English designer William Morris advised “have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.” YOLK offers the opportunity to fill your home with just that: objects that are beautiful and useful.

YOLK shop in silver lake / sfgirlbybay

home accessories at YOLK shop / sfgirlbybay

silver lake YOLK shop / sfgirlbybay

textiles at YOLK shop / sfgirlbybay

kid's apparel at YOLK shop / sfgirlbybay

children's books at YOLK shop / sfgirlbybay

L.A.'s YOLK shop in silver lake / sfgirlbybay

silver lake's cute YOLK shop / sfgirlbybay

accessories at silver lake's YOLK shop / sfgirlbybay

blankets at YOLK shop / sfgirlbybay

apothecary at YOLK shop / sfgirlbybay

moroccan towels at YOLK / sfgirlbybay

golden state tote at YOLK / sfgirlbybay

wrapping paper at YOLK / sfgirlbybay

YOLK's homewares / sfgirlbybay

cactus at YOLK / sfgirlbybay

YOLK / sfgirlbybay

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