sunday in the city.
by victoria comment


long beach's retro row / sfgirlbybay

this sunday was a cornucopia of color! i hit the long beach flea market with bri, erika and arian and for the few hours we could handle the heat, a good time was had by all. we scored a few great finds and then erika showed us the way to the most delicious mexican restaurant i’ve eaten at in a while, lola’s. their creamy cilantro salsa was insanely good (i even had to bring some home!). since it was smack dab on retro row on 4th street stretching between Cherry and Junipero in long beach, we visited a bunch of really great vintage shops, too. you could say we got our fill of treasure hunting this weekend — at least until next time!

long beach flea vintage maps / sfgirlbybay

long beach's retro row shops / sfgirlbybay

retro row in long beach / sfgirlbybay

vintage finds in long beach / sfgirlbybay

succulents, long beach flea / sfgirlbybay

long beach flea, tupperware / sfgirlbybay

long beach flea market / sfgirlbybay

retro baubles, long beach flea / sfgirlbybay

retro row fruite stand long beach / sfgirlbybay

retro row, vintage prize ribbons / sfgirlbybay

long beach antique market / sfgirlbybay

long beach vintage shops / sfgirlbybay

long beach retro row / sfgirlbybay

• photos by victoria smith for sfgirlbybay.

6 responses to “sunday in the city.”

  1. LOVE this type of post. Each image is delicious but all together it’s a feast. Thanks for brightening up a wet and dull Irish Monday !

  2. ahaha. i had to laugh immediately as isaw the flea market stand with all the tupperware. it reminds me of my grandma and her former tupperware parties. her kitchen cabinets still explode. xx lisa

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